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					                   NEWSLETTER No 96 – SEPTEMBER 2012
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                                            at the Fisherman’s Village end of Bangrak
                                   58/11 Moo 4, Bangrak, Bophut, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84320
                                              Telephone: 077 770-1 Fax 077 447 777

I was not sure whether to write about this or not, but then decided there would be some useful information which might
actually help people rather than put them off. I am talking about Dengue Fever. Similar to Malaria in a way in that it is a
virus transmitted by mosquitos. Until recently I have never experienced it except at third hand. It started one night with
headaches, sweating, inability to get comfortable, sleepless, back ache and very sensitive skin and a gradually expanding
red rash and red palms and soles of my feet. My first thought was, is this Dengue, but I had heard such horror stories about
the pain and agony of the disease that, whilst uncomfortable, it did not seem that bad. After a couple of days I was also
getting very tired quickly and by the fourth day any movement was an effort – at which point I went to the hospital for a
diagnosis. “Did my bones and joints hurt?” – No. “Was I being sick?” – No. So I did not have all the classic symptoms. The
blood test proved otherwise – positive. What was of greater concern was that the platelet count was 65,000 when it should
be between 150,000 and 400,000. This is one of the side effects of Dengue Fever. Dengue being a virus cannot be treated
with antibiotics and has to run its course and you address the symptoms. Pain with analgesics and it is important to keep
fluid levels up by drinking copious amounts of water. The platelet deficiency is a little harder to rectify quickly but plenty of
vitamin C intake with tablets or fresh fruit and increase the intake of food that is rich in omega-3 fatty acid. Walnuts,
spinach and flax seeds are some of the options that help in strengthening the immune system thus helping the bone
marrow to create more platelets.

Day five and I really feel bad, but it is Monday and I have an important appointment and must be in the office. I force myself
to get up and go. As it happens that in itself did a lot of a good and as the day wore on I felt a great deal better and by the
evening was feeling quite good, except for very itchy skin. Next morning, after the first good nights sleep in days, woke up
with very stiff knees and the still annoyingly itchy skin, but again as the day wore on felt better although getting tired
towards late afternoon. I seem to have got away with this quite lightly. Some people I know have ended up in Intensive Care
for days. It has taken me a couple of weeks to get my strength back. Just hope I do not get one of the other three more
serious strains!

Another Cruise ship has joined the regular visitors to Koh Samui. Now a regular stop for the P&O Dawn Princess and
Ocean Princess, as well as Costa Victoria, Volendam and Silver Shadow. Thai company Eastime Shipping Limited has
teamed up with Profit Summit Deluxe Cruise Limited, a Chinese cruise ship operator, to run the service twice weekly,
departing from Laem Chabang on Mondays and Fridays at 6:00 p.m. with the MV Ocean Dream.

The P&O Aurora World Cruise 2013 has also confirmed a stop in Koh Samui on 23rd March 2013.

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We are fortunate in being allowed to offer what is probably the best sea-view land with full infrastructure in Samui.
Situated on a ridge on the south-west of the island, these individual plots of land have magnificent sea views across to the
mainland and also to the Five Islands. Some plots have the benefit of views to both the east and west. All services are
installed including a concrete road, underground three phase electricity, filtered water supply from the estates own
reservoir and high speed Broadband fibre optic cabling for internet, telephone and television services. Whilst you are free
to design your own villa within certain reasonable parameters, there is a range of designs available for inspiration.

 Ko Samui Properties have been fortunate in being involved with this land for some time as Project Managers of two of the
  recently completed villas and can therefore guide you through the acquisition and planning of your dream home on this
                magnificent land. Please see further details on our web page here – or contact us direct at

See also in particular the following New Listings and Price Reductions – CTRL + click to follow the link:

                     NEW LISTING
                     7 and half Rai Beach Land on an island near Koh Samui – Baht 14 million/Rai
                     Available at Baht 14,000,000/Rai

                     NEW LISTING
                     Almost One Rai of hillside land in Bophut Hills
                     Available at Baht 5.8 million

                     NEW LISTING
                     2.28 Rai of hillside Sea view land in Choengmon
                     Available at Baht 38 million

                     NEW LISTING
                     3 Bedroom detached ocean view villa in Choengmon.
                     Available at Baht 27,000,000 or long term rental at Baht 75,000/month

                     NEW LISTING
                     Beach Resort in North Chaweng.
                     Enquire for details.

                      PRICE REDUCTION
                      Luxury 6 Bedroom Sea View Villa / Spa Resort
                      Previously Baht 210,000,000
                      Now available at Baht 150,000,000

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                             PRICE REDUCTION
                             1 Bed Apartment in Bophut
                             Previously Baht 3,100,000
                             Now available at Baht 1,750,000

                         PRICE REDUCTION
                         Large 3 Bedroom Villa with pool in Lipa Noi
                         Previously Baht 18,000,000
                         Now available at Baht 14,750,000

           For Festivals around Thailand visit the Tourist Authority of Thailand website.

Samui Express is on line and you can find them here

Samui running out of power                                                                    Phuket News      16 August 2012
PHUKET: The chief of Koh Samui’s Regional Electricity Authority District Office says that power use is sky-rocketing on the popular
island, resulting in frequent scheduled blackouts in some areas.
Residents are being urged to reduce electricity usage.
On Tuesday it was reported that Koh Samui Regional Electricity Authority District Office (REA) manager Sornchai Jaturonlaks had
announced that power would be cut in some areas between 6 and 10 pm.
“Power use has shot up to 105 megawatts but only 90 megawatts can be distributed, and that naturally has an impact,” he said.
“For that reason, we request our brothers and sisters in Samui to co-operate in reducing electricity use and to understand that the
Samui REA is forced to cut power to some areas during August.”
The power cuts are necessary, he said, “so that the majority of the island continues to have power.”
The cuts will continue until next March at the earliest.
Mr Sornchai explained that if a project to bring power from Khanom district, the northern-most district of Nakorn Sri Thammarat,
finishes in March as scheduled, “sufficient electricity will be available to completely meet demand on Samui.”

Feasts on the isle                                                                The Nation         25 August 2012
No chef is an island on Koh Samui - at least, not during the second Samui Fine Dining Festival, where kitchen maestros create a
symphony of gastronomy in harmony and foodies find paradise on a plate. For two mouth-watering months from a glittering gala
launch dinner on September 1 to the flavoursome finale on October 31, Samui's finest restaurants and an elite gathering of
international chefs unite in the name of culinary innovation and daily dining sensations.
Every day, each participating restaurant will present a superb individual fine dining menu with paired wines from Bt2,200 to Bt4,000.
Restaurants, hotels and resorts who have come together to put Samui on the fine dining map include Akaryn Samui, Akyra Chura
Samui, Banyan Tree, Beach Republic, Samui, Da Pasquale, Dining on the Rocks, Four Seasons, Full Moon, Intercontinental, Le

FICO gets third of Evolution Capital's shares                  The Nation         17 August 2012
Fico Corp announced yesterday that its shareholders, the Srichawla family, are acquiring a 33.7-per-cent stake in Evolution Capital.
The transaction, which will be completed by the end of October, also involves Evolution - a listed company - becoming the exclusive
franchisee in Thailand for Domino's Pizza and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.
Fico's shareholders will transfer their food division, Fico Foods, and 50-per-cent stake in a joint venture with Evolution for the
development of the Marriott Samui project, to Evolution in return for the issuance of 353 million new Evolution shares at Bt1.75
Fico Foods owns the Thai rights for Domino's Pizza and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and is overseeing an aggressive roll-out of the
two brands in the Kingdom.

Read the full article here

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Samui Island Marathon in September                                                         Bangkok Post       26 August 2012
The three-million baht Samui Island Marathon will be held on Sept 23, organisers said yesterday.
Sponsored by Bangkok Airways, the third edition of the event will be staged at Nathon Pier on Koh Samui in Surat Thani with more
than 2,000 runners expected to take part in.
The winners in all categories will receive big prize money. The overall winner from Thailand or an Asian country will receive the
Princess Cup _ the trophy donated by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.
M.L. Nandhika Varavarn, Bangkok Airways vice president for corporate communications, said that about 1,800 runners joined last
year's tournament and the number should be higher this year.
"We hope to see more Thais and Asians this year," she said.
"So only Thais and Asians are eligible to win the Princess Cup."
Sanctioned by the Sports Authority of Thailand and the Asian Athletics Association, the event features five categories from full
marathon to fun run.
For more information, go to or

DSI's Samui land probe into Suthep's son nears end                                  Bangkok Post       18 August 2012
An investigation into charges that a son of Democrat MP Suthep Thaugsuban illegally occupied land on Khao Phaeng mountain on
Koh Samui is expected to be concluded within a month. Pol Lt Col Prawut Wongsinil, chief of the Department of Special
Investigation's consumer and environment protection division, said DSI officials are reviewing key evidence against Tan
Thaugsuban. The evidence includes aerial maps of the controversial plots which were submitted by the National Anti-Corruption
Commission, he said. The DSI has accused Mr Tan of illegal land occupation based on evidence that his plots are located on land
that has a slope greater than 35 degrees. Under the law, individuals are not allowed to occupy such land.
According to Pol Lt Col Prawut, four people have been charged in connection with illegal illegally occupying this land on Surat
Thani's Koh Samui. Aside from Mr Tan, the suspects are his authorised representative Banjerd Laopiyasakul, and Samart Ruangsri
and Pongchai Fathaweeporn from whom Mr Tan purchased the land. Pol Lt Col Prawut said investigators are probing suspected
irregularities involving a road project leading to Mr Tan's land plots. He said the DSI has found that the road project in question was
privately funded and later handed over as property of Koh Samui municipality. He said it is unusual for anyone to hand over a
private road to the state, adding that Mr Banjerd admitted to the DSI that he was responsible for the road project.
Pol Lt Col Prawut said the DSI's suspicion was aroused because some road projects undertaken by Koh Samui municipality are
close to and could benefit the value of Mr. Tan's land plots.

Island joins candlelit walk for Buddhism                                                  Samui Express 30 August 2012
                                 HUNDREDs of Koh Samui residents, locals and foreigners alike, joined a candlelit procession
                                 during the Asarnha Bucha Day in a move to preserve the teachings of Buddhism. Mr. Prasert
                                 Jitmoong, Koh Samui district officer, led government officials, businessmen, students and other
                                 residents in the candlelit procession held on Aug. 2 at 7:30 p.m. within the chapel of Wat Jaeng.
                                 Asarnha Bucha Day, the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, is considered the most sacred occasion
                                 in the 2,500 year-old Buddhist religion because it marks the enlightenment and entry into nirvana
                                 of the Buddha. As one of the most important tourism sites in Thailand, Koh Samui marks the
                                 occasion with special activities each year, enjoining the participation of both tourists and locals.
                                 About 95 percent of Thais are Buddhists.

Burmese tapped to monitor dengue outbreak                                       Samui Express                13 August 2012
The Koh Samui Hospital has sought the help of volunteers from Burmese migrants’ group on Koh Samui to closely monitor dengue
outbreak among them. Health officials said hemorrhagic fever, more popularly known as dengue, has been spreading fast in Tambon
Bophut, mostly victimizing Burmese migrant workers. Dr. Chalermphong Sukhonthaphon, director of the Koh Samui Hospital, held
meetings with Mr. Kampanat Klinsaowakhon, Koh Samui senior district officer, and public health agencies to design a plan to control
the spread of dengue. With the theme “Guidelines to prevent and control hemorrhagic fever disease,” health officials noted the
disease is fast spreading in crowded and dirty residential areas. Improper waste disposal by residents causes many water sources to
be contaminated. Often such contaminated water becomes the breeding ground of mosquitoes, which are the main carrier of the
dengue virus. Dengue symptoms include very high fever for two to seven days, anorexia, red-face, headache, nausea, vomitting and
sometimes abdominal pain. Some patients may also show red blood spot on the trunk, arms and legs, nosebleed, scurvy and their
stool becomes black due to bleeding. Health officials said sometimes dengue may cause patients to experience shock that could
lead to unconsciousness and eventually death. They asked the Burmese migrants workers to keep their surroundings clean and help
in the early detection of the disease to protect themselves.

Weeklong jazz festival to start Oct 14                                          Samui Express                 13 August 2012
AFTER its resounding success in 2010 and 2011, the Samui International Jazz Music Festival will be held again this year on Oct.
14-20. Over 3,000 visitors are expected to fly to Koh Samui to attend the festival.
Koh Samui has certainly earned its reputation as an international leisure and travel hotspot. For years now, new and returning
visitors alike have loved to come and experience the warm and welcoming hospitality on the island.

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Festival visitors will experience an intimate and exciting atmosphere that will give each one of them the unique feeling of really being
up close and a part of the action. The third Samui International Jazz and
Music Festival attracts renowned international and local Jazz musicians performing in various styles spanning the Jazz spectrum.
The line-up is exceptional and the six beachside locations are stunning, providing perfect surroundings for relaxed jazz melodies
served with a cocktail on a tropical night.
For the third year, 40 exceptional Thai and international artists from 10 different countries will come to Koh Samui to perform. They
include Paulette McWilliams, a Chicago native who has been on stage and performed with artists like Quincy Jones, Michael
Jackson, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross.
Her discography reads like the who’s who in music history: everyone from Sammy Davis Jr. to Placido Domingo, with every genre of
music in between. She is expected to perform on the main-stage of the festival on Oct. 19. Entrance is free.
Also performing is Peter Beets, a world-class jazz pianist from Netherlands who has shared the stage with jazz greats like Chick
Corea, Wynton Marsalis, and Dee Dee Bridgewater.
The Karen Devroop Jazz Quartet of South Africa is also scheduled to perform during the festival. Their quartet’s repertoire spans a
very broad spectrum of styles and genres ranging from Bebop to Latin and contemporary Jazz.
Organizers said that more music highlights and the exact venues and times will be announced later. An entrance fee of Bt500 will be
charged during the five days of concerts at hotel venues, such as the Amari Palm Reef in Chaweng on Oct. 14, the Rocky Boutique
Resort in Lamai on Oct. 15, The Library on Oct. 16, Nora Buri Resort & Spa On Oct. 16, and the Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa on
Oct. 18.
Two nights of concerts – Oct. 19 and 20 –to be held at the ‘Main Stage’ on Chaweng Beach at the beachfront of Amari Palm Reef
Hotel, will be free to visitors.

Samui Hill fun run set for Sept. 2                                                  Samui Express
THE Samui Hill Challenge Fun Run will be held Sept. 2 at the Panya Dee School in Chaweng Noi.
Registration of the six-kilometer run will start at 6 a.m. on the day of the race. The race starts at 7 a.m.
Aside from the six-km race, there will be another two kilometer fun run for all ages.
The entry fee to join the race is Bt250. In return, the runner gets a free breakfast and a T-shirt.
The first male and female participants to complete the race will win Bt5,000 and a trophy each. The second and third finishers will
each get a trophy.
All proceeds in the run will go to Green Island Project and Samui Rescue Foundation.
Registration forms will be available at New Start Beach Resort from Aug. 1. For more information contact, Mike on 081-676-4671
(English) or Ning on 089-474-4671 (Thai) or email

Ko Samui upgraded to city municipality                                      August 2012
Four years ago, the board to consider draft laws had already decided that Ko Samui municipality (เทศบาลเมืองเกาะสมุย) - which covers
the whole Samui island - should be upgraded from sub-district municipality status to city municipality status. However surprisingly,
the actual upgrade published in the Royal Gazette then just upgraded it to a town municipality, just one step higher in municipal
status and not directly at the highest status.

Since I haven't seen it mentioned in any of the recent board meeting transcripts, it was now again a surprise when Khun Wisarut in
the 2bangkok forum posted the link to the NathonCity website, which has the fax with the upgrade order in their news section.
According to that scan, signed and send on August 12, the upgrade becomes effective September 14, the day after the term of the
current council and mayor ends. Thus normally there should be a new election for both council and mayor within 45 days, but this
depends on whether the Election Commission will be able to draw new constituency boundaries within that time - with the upgrade
there are now 24 councilors elected in four constituencies instead of 18 councilors in three constituencies.

It is somewhat strange that four years ago Samui was denied the city status, not it received it even though there was now also a
change to a special administrative area like Pattaya in the discussion. I don't know any of the internals - maybe those who blocked
the full upgrade last time are not in power anymore? Or drafting a law for a special administrative area couldn't be done quickly
enough to be able to use the end of the terms for the status change? Or the city status was now granted to stop the request of
becoming a special administrative area, which would mean even less of the tax income of Samui would go to the other parts of the
province and country.


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