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University of Maryland School of Law
The article talks about the University of Maryland School of Law that which is among the top law schools in the US. You also get to know
about the admission process, courses offered, and the university’s role in job placements. The university provides outstanding learning
opportunities to students who want to excel in a legal career.

The University of Maryland School of Law came into being in              The University of Maryland School of Law provides outstanding
the year 1816; however regular classes started in the year               learning opportunities to its students. The curriculum is
1824. One of the oldest law schools of the country, Maryland             traditional as well as current allowing students to learn
law school offers comprehensive and innovative courses and               required skills and attain necessary knowledge in any area of
a lively learning environment. Maryland law school is among              law they choose to practice.
five other professional schools on the University of Maryland,
Baltimore campus. This law school is a significant part of the           Courses Provided
legal community in this area.
                                                                            •       A Maryland law degree combines several key law
Admissions                                                                          components; the curriculum is comprehensive and
                                                                                    includes Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts,
The admission decisions are made by the Admissions                                  Torts, Property, and Criminal Law. Students can
Committee at the University of Maryland School of Law on                            specialize in any of these areas as the course advances.
a rolling basis. During this process, the members of the                            The University of Maryland’s J.D. (Juris Doctor) Degree
Admissions Committee evaluate the caliber of applicants by                          Program offers a full-time day program, a part-time
scrutinizing their academic record, experiences, and skills.                        day program, and a part-time evening program.
The Committee prefers applicants who are willing to help their              •       The Maryland Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree provides
peers in professional development thereby contributing greatly                      advanced legal education to law students who need
to the law school. Students who wish to take admission in this                      to specialize in a particular area. This is a rigorous
law school can visit the campus during the fall semester and                        program for those who are keen to know more about
also attend one class. During their law school tour they can                        pressing legal issues.
also discuss about legal education with other students or staff.            •       The University advocacy offerings help students
                                                                                    develop necessary skills like effective writing,
Academics                                                                           persuasive presentation, intellectual flexibility, and the
                                                                                    ability to anticipate the other side’s argument.
The curriculum at the University of Maryland School of Law
is exceptionally rich in both theoretical and practical courses.         Career Development Guidance
Law students of this university have clarity of thought and
exceptional analytical skills too that help in a successful legal        The University of Maryland School of Law also has a Career
career. They have a 12:1 student/teacher ratio that is very              Development Office (CDO) that offers professional assistance
beneficial for students. This allows the faculty to give due             to students and alumni in finding suitable employment in the
attention to every student and also work on a one-on-one                 legal profession. Since the Career Development Office has
basis, if need be. The university has the best law professors            good understanding and association with the best law firms
who ensure that the university graduates are bright and                  of the country, they can help students get outstanding jobs at
dynamic.                                                                 the start of their legal career.

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