Maggie Gallagher of MeTherapy Launches DEEP OSCILLATION�Therapy on Thursday 1st November 2012 in Nottingham City Centre by kalai7


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									Maggie Gallagher of MeTherapy Launches DEEP OSCILLATION®Therapy on
Thursday 1st November 2012 in Nottingham City Centre

Launching DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy: the new state-of-the-art therapy to
will lift and rejuvenate tired skin and also ease away aches and pains,
that normal massage alone can’t always reach.

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, UK, October 31, 2012 -- Why not go along to
the MeTherapy Open Evening on Thursday 1st November, between 6pm and 9pm?
To reserve a place please call 01159 599 339....The team at MeTherapy
look forward to welcoming you. Drinks, canapés and an array of cup cakes
will be served during the evening.

Overview of the evening:
A Heaven Skincare Review
Artistic Nails have arrived
Mini treatments to try on the night
Exclusive offers: Heaven Skin care, MeTherapy & Moroccan Oil hair care
Heaps of good ideas for Christmas!

Clinically proven effects of DEEP OSCILLATION®
Anti-fibrotic, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying effect
Improvement of Muscle Tone, Mobility, Tissue Quality and Trophicity.
Reduction in Bruising, Haematoma, Oedema, Pain, Skin Irritation
Relaxation of muscles and stimulation of a dynamic wound healing

DEEP OSCILLATION is a unique non-invasive, non-traumatic, “hands-on”
massage therapy is applied through vinyl gloves or through varying sized
applicator heads, which also enable self treatment.

Gentle and relaxing, electrostatic impulses penetrate 8 cm through all
tissue layers; skin, sub-coetaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph
vessels, with clinically proven effects in the connective tissue, where
the body’s natural Collagen is produced making it ideal for natural anti-
ageing treatment.

The deep resonant vibrations created cause a
systematic attraction and release of the tissues, which has a profound
effect on the body’s lymphatic system. Defined as a ‘state-of-the-art’
therapeutic technique, which neither produces heat nor electrical
stimulation to achieve results (safe over implanted pins and plates),
this therapy can now be found on Harley Street, within the Premier
League, NHS clinics with several private therapists using for sports and
complementary treatments. Used post-surgically, it significantly reduces
pain, swelling and is effective for haematomas, removing excess
inflammatory matter, fluids and protein solids. It boosts the natural
healing process, with less resultant and softer scar tissue.

About Maggie Gallagher of MeTherapy:
Prior to the set up of MeTherapy Urban Day Spa in Nottingham city centre,
Maggie personally ran a chain of Health and Beauty Clinics in the North
of England. Qualified to instruct in fitness, dance, beauty and diet
management, Maggie prides herself on her client listening skills, getting
to the core of client needs for beauty, health and relaxation.

Word of mouth recommendation, coupled with her compassionate and holistic
approach to health and well-being means that MeTherapy is leading the way
in modern, natural techniques for health and beauty. An insiring range of
Made In England, everyday use, Aromatherapy products have been developed
by Maggie. This stylish range of natural aromatherapy products were
inspired by Maggie's belief that "small changes can make a big

Adding DEEP OSCILLATION® to the therapies on offer at MeTherapy has re-
affirmed the company ethos of only using non invasive, natural and gentle
techniques to improve the body as a whole. Treatments on offer at
MeTherapy: Aromatherapy, Looking Glass Hair Lounge with Gareth Moore-
Baldwin, DEEP OSCILLATION® massage for remedial and general, massage,
Facials, Manicure, Pedicure, Massage, Non-surgical Lipo Suction,
Waxing/Tinting and Spray Tans, Holistic Therapies available: Crystal and
Chakra Cleansing, Hopi Ear Candles, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology

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PhysioPod UK Limited
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Daybrook, Nottingham NG5 6AS
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