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									    Hire Wedding Car and Make Your Wedding Day Special
Modern wedding ceremonies may differ from culture to culture but one practice is almost universal.
That universal practice is about reaching the wedding venue in a motorised transport by both the
groups of the bride and groom. The choice of transport may differ. Many societies prefer to use
their own cars. In affluent societies, however, it is customary to hire a wedding car even if they have
luxury cars of their own.

Below are the advantages of hiring a wedding car. Let us first list some disadvantages of using
personal cars:

        On the wedding day, nobody from the wedding party would be in the right mood to self-
        drive the car.
                                              If the wedding party is large, it will require many
                                              personal cars.
                                              Before the wedding day, the cars will need thorough
                                              washing, cleaning, decorating and tuning.
        It will be a headache to coordinate all cars.
        Each car will need an efficient driver familiar with the route to reach the wedding venue.
        Any intentional or unintentional traffic violation or an accident can delay wedding
        You would not like to arrive at the venue (especially if the distance is far) in a fatigued mood.
        The biggest problem will be finding parking for the whole procession.

If you hire a wedding car, you will be saved from facing the above problems. Listed below are
some of the advantages of hiring a wedding car:

        The wedding party will arrive in a chauffeur-driven car in style.
        A normal luxury car can accommodate not more than four persons. If you hire a limousine, it
        can accommodate 6 to 12 persons or even more (depending on the limo chosen).
        You can travel in ultra-luxury limousines such as Chrysler 300C, BMW and Hummer and get
        the feel of it.
        Added benefits include on the dot arrival, complimentary drinks, flowers, hi-fi music and
        You are free from traffic and parking woes.

Exotic Limo offers wedding car services in Melbourne at affordable rates and has a range of
limousine cars such as Chrysler 300C, BMW and Hummer to choose from. For more information on
hiring wedding cars, visit http://www.exoticlimo.com.au/

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