Ribbon Embroidery of Dharma Wanita UB

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					Ribbon Embroidery of Dharma Wanita
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Ninik Chairani, SH. guides one of the participants.
The participants are seriously sewing

That morning, Friday (20/11), some mothers were looked serious sewing margins organdy
ribbon of material. Dozens of these mothers were attending ribbon embroidery training
taught by Ninik Chairani, SH in Dharma Wanita (the civil servants wives association)
Room,Widyaloka UB. They persevered with needles and ribbons of different colors and then
combined it stage by stage. In the training, Ninik began to introduce various types of ribbon
strung together along with all the tools to be used in embroidery. The ribbons by Ninik, can
be embroidered on the scarf, clothes, mukena or cushions.

Dharma Wanita Chief of UB, Enny Yogi Sugito in her opening, she addressed through
training expected for ribbon embroidery, mothers of Dharma Wanita UB can be more skillful
in creating various forms of handicrafts that are useful to enhance their beauty. She further
stated that with the acquired skills, they are expected to be a provision for members of
Dharma Wanita UB for ribbon embroidery entrepreneurship to increase family income.
According to plan, this ribbon embroidery will be contested at the celebration of Mother's
Day which is celebrated on December 22, 2009. [tet]

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