December 13 - River Delta Unified School District by zhouwenjuan


									                   RIVER DELTA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT

                           December 13, 2011

1)   Call Open Session to Order – Board Vice President Schauer called the Open Session of the
                    meeting of the Board of Trustees to order at 5:00 p.m., December 13, 2011, in
                    Rio Vista High School, Rio Vista, California.
2)   Roll Call of Members:
                           Alicia Fernandez, President (arrived at 5:20 p.m.)
                           William Schauer, Vice President
                           Seann Rooney, Clerk
                           Marilyn Riley, Member
                           Sarah, Donnelly, Member (arrived at 5:45 p.m.)
                           David Bettencourt, Member
                           Katy Maghoney, Member
     Also present: Rick Hennes, Superintendent, Sonnya Kale, Chief Business Officer.
3)   Review and Approve Closed Agenda
     a)     Board Vice President Schauer announced items on the Closed Session Agenda.
            Member Bettencourt moved to approve, Member Riley seconded. Motion carried 7:1.
     b)     No Public Comment on Closed Session Agenda items received.
4)   Closed Session: Board Vice President Schauer adjourned the meeting to Closed Session
     @5:02 p.m.
5)   Open Session was reconvened at 6:35 p.m.
     a)     Roll Call was retaken with all present.
     b)     Pledge of Allegiance was led by Board Member Sarah Donnelly.
     c)     Report of Action taken, if any, during Closed Session (Government Code Section 54957.1)
            i)      Regarding student discipline including vote on the individual case to approve
                    decision [Education Code Sections 49070 (c) and 76232 (c)]:
                    (1)    Regarding Student Case #1112-321-001 -- Motion by Member
                           Bettencourt, seconded by Member Rooney, to approve the
                           recommendation of the Administrative Student Discipline Panel for a
                           suspended expulsion. Motion carried 7:0.
            ii)     Report of Other Action, if any: Board President Fernandez reported no other
                    action was taken by the Board.
6)   Annual Reorganization – Election of Officers:
     a)     Under the provisions of Ed Code Sections 35143 and 50171 the Board is to conduct
            reorganizational duties including the election of Officers for 2012.    Member Schauer
            moved to maintain the current slate of Officers, Member Riley seconded. Motion carried
            7:0. The slate of officers is now: Alicia Fernandez, President, William Schauer, Vice
            President, and Seann Rooney, Clerk as well as the SCOE Board representative for the
            calendar year 2012.
7)   Review and Approve the Open Session Agenda – Motion by Member Schauer and seconded by
     Member Bettencourt. Motion carried 7:0.
8)   Public Comment:
     a)     Ms. Katy Rivera presented her Guide for Teen Pregnancy and Parenting which she
         wants to request to be placed as a resource on our District Website and at the Wind
         River School. She gave Board members disc copies of the resources she wishes to
         have placed.
     b)     Virginia Dougherty, student at Delta High, stated she felt she was representing the
         achieving students as she expressed concerns about how the current Delta High
         School administration is treating the “achieving” students. She felt the current Delta
         High administration is coming down hard on the achieving students while ignoring the
         poor/inappropriate behavior by the other students.

     c)     Thann Dougherty, Virginia Dougherty’s mother, expressed concern about the lack
        of response to her phone calls regarding some discipline issues involving her child. She
        also had concerns about the number of AP classes offered at Delta High School as
        compared to other high schools. She feels she will be a regular at the Board meetings
        regarding the AP issue and will continue to be in contact with the principal regarding
        those courses.
9)   Reports, Presentations, Information
     a)     Board Member(s) and Superintendent Report(s) and/or Presentation(s) –
            i)     Board Members’ Report(s).
                    (1)    Member Donnelly reported she had visited D.H. White Elementary and
                        observed what went on before and after school. They are still working with
                        Solano County to get Safe Routes to School implemented at that site.
                    (2)    Member Riley noted that she and Member Maghoney will be doing
                        Muffins and Coffee for the Rio Vista High School Staff and will be hosting for
                        Riverview Middle School this Friday from 7:45.
                    (3)    Member Rooney stated he had a very nice visitation at the Mokelumne
                        High School and the Community Day School.
                    (4)    Member Fernandez noted that she and Member Riley are continuing their
                        site visitations and enjoy seeing not only the staff but the students.
                    (5)    Board Self-Evaluation Process continued – Mr. Hennes moderated the
                        discussion continued from the November 8 School Board meeting. He
                        reminded the Board that this should be an annual process and the process
                        is valuable.
                           This self-evaluation process will be continued to the January 2012 Board
                        meeting for choosing and discussion of the Norms as well as presenting and
                        discussion of their survey/self-evaluations. At that time, the Board will
                        identify some goals/expectations for the 2012 year to assist in rectifying any
                        acknowledged deficiencies.
                           Board President Fernandez summarized that the purpose is so the Board
                        is operating under a common vision, moving forward as a team, versus as
                        individuals because we do represent the district as a whole and not just our
                        own Trustee Area. Mr. Hennes noted this is not to infer that the Board is not
                        doing so now; but by Board By-Law 9400, the Board must do a self-
                        evaluation annually to ensure the Board continues with and/or develops the
                        most effective governing goals possible.
            ii)    Committee Report(s)
                    (1)    AP Course Committee Meeting – Mr. Hennes covered the committee
                        goals: trying to align the high school AP courses, offer as many AP courses
                        as possible (knowing that some may be with an on-site teacher and some
                        would be on-line visual or distance learning, i.e., APEX), and aligning the
                        rigors -- the homework assignments, what seems to be fair and equitable,
                        and what are the expectations. By law we cannot deny any student
                        entrance into an AP class but we can make sure that parents as well as
                        students understand the rigors and expectations of the course before they
                        sign up. One of the difficulties at Delta High School is that there is a $350
                        fee for the kids to take an APEX course. If we have not explained the rigors
                        well enough and a student who signed up decides to drop the course, the
                        district loses the $350 fee and we had spent almost $8,000-$9,000 last year
                        on APEX courses. He introduced a generic AP website from a student’s
                        point of view but it would be good for parents as well. The web site is
               (then “search” Advanced Placement). He
                        noted that he had provided the committee with samples of various AP
                        course descriptions from several small and large school districts in
                        California. They found that it is pretty standard to have rigorous summer
                        assignments for AP classes. It was very rare to find any AP classes that did
                        not have extensive work assigned to students.

             iii)  Superintendent Hennes’ Report(s)
                     (1)    Mr. Hennes noted that he has finished his second quarter site visitations
                         and walk throughs of all school sites.
                     (2)    The WASC is completed at Delta High but it will be a few months before
                         we get the results. The process went well. The only area of concern for the
                         WASC panel was that there should be a little healthier self-study and self-
                         review, but they understood this was a transitional year with a completely
                         new site administration.
                     (3)    The District is continuing with the next round of Strategic Schooling
                         training with Ms. Knox with the emphasis on Writing.
                     (4)    Under the leadership of Kathy Wright, the District had its first GATE
                         development meeting working on a new GATE plan to be adopted by the
                         end of this year and in place for the beginning of next year.
                     (5)    Starting last week at Delta High we have had the site Christmas
                         performances. Tomorrow night is Riverview’s performance and the next
                         night is Isleton’s performance.
                     (6)    Walnut Grove had a QEIA audit and they were 100% perfect in
                         compliance with that program. He congratulated Amy Eggers and her staff.
                     (7)    Schools and students will be getting a three week break beginning
                         December 19—which is much deserved. He hopes the teachers have a
                         good holiday and a good rest and will see them back on January 9.
      b)    Business Services’ Reports and/or Presentations on: Routine Restricted Maintenance,
            Deferred Maintenance, Maintenance and Operations, Transportation Department, Food
            Services Department, District Technology, and District Budget – Sonnya Kale, Chief,
            Business Services
            i)     Monthly Financial Report – Sonnya Kale presented. Board President Fernandez
                   requested that formulas for the various percentages be noted. She also noted
                   she appreciates the new format for the report.
            ii)    ADA/Enrollment Report – Sonnya Kale presented. District-wide enrollment
                   decreased by 8 students compared to the same month last year, decreasing from
                   2,060 to 2,052. District-wide enrollment has decreased by 10 from last month.
            iii)   Maintenance, Operations Report – Jimmy LeGrande presented. Rio Vista High
                   had some vandalism on the football field. Some unknowns drove around on the
                   field near the goal posts. He stated the ruts are not too bad but they did damage
                   to the goals posts at that end. The car (reported stolen) was deserted on the field
                   and had to be towed off the field. He noted that the CDF Fire Crew will be able to
                   provide us 3 days the first week of winter break at Rio Vista High, and 3 days of
                   work the second week at Isleton, and 2 days the third week at Bates. The boiler
                   at Isleton was repaired today. Mr. Hennes stated that the stairs to the Rio Vista
                   High School Theater will be put in beginning Monday.
            iv)    Transportation Report – Jimmy LeGrande presented. The Courtland Bridge will
                   be closed beginning January 6 for three months or so (into April). This will cause
                   a great disruption to the transportation to/from Bates to/from the other sites.
      c)    Special Education Services’ Reports and/or Presentations
            i)     FCMAT (Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team) Draft Study
                   Agreement for Special Education Services – Norm Lee presented noting it was
                   important to perform a review of the district’s program. They have proposed 10
                   areas to review. This will allow the District to develop a Special Education
                   Master Plan which will enable the new director to have a blueprint to follow. This
                   will be an action item in January for a vote.
10)   Consent Calendar
      a)    Minutes
            i)     Regular Meeting of the Board, November 8, 2011
      b)    Receive and Approve Monthly Personnel Reports
            i)     December 13, 2011 Report
      c)    Receive and Approve District’s Monthly Expenditure Report
              i)   November 2011

d)   Receive/Approve services contracts and other routine business as required:
     i)    Superintendent/Personnel/Educational & Special Education Services
           (1) For approval of the 2009-2011 contract between the California School
                Employees Association Chapter #319 and the River Delta Unified School
                District -Rick Hennes
           (2) For approval of a Rio Vista CARE 2011-12 professional services contract to
                provide Intervention Counseling Services to a district student, cost not to
                exceed $1,122 paid by Special Education funds and to be reimbursed by
                SELPA—Norm Lee
           (3) For approval of the General Agreement for Nonsectarian School/Agency
                (Point Quest) for the 2011-2012 school year at a cost of $128.03 per day
                plus $17.04 transportation per day and $95 per hour for speech services,
                not to exceed $33,000 paid by Special Education funds—Norm Lee
           (4) For approval of the General Agreement for Nonsectarian School/Agency
                (North Valley School) for the 2011-2012 school year at a cost of $158.47
                per day, not to exceed $32,000 paid by Special Education funds to be
                reimbursed by SELPA – Norm Lee
           (5) For approval of the amended General Agreement with Learning Solution
                Inc. for behavioral assessments and consulting services for the 2011-12
                school year at a cost of $85 per hour and additional costs not to exceed
                $29,000 (an increase of $4,000 over currently approved contract) – Norm
           (6) For approval of another General Agreement with Learning Solutions Inc. for
                behavioral assessments for the 2011-2012 school year at a cost not to
                exceed $1,200 from Special Education funds – Norm Lee
           (7) For approval of the General Agreement for Nonpublic, Nonsectarian
                School/Agency (Cathy A. Hoey, MA,CCC) for the 2011-2012 school year;
                not to exceed $2,400 paid by Special Education funds – Norm Lee
           (8) For the approval of the General Agreement for Nonpublic, Nonsectarian
                School/Agency (Provo Canyon school) for the 2011-2012 school year at a
                cost not to exceed $76,000 (cost to the district for education not to exceed
                $23,430 from Special Education funds with the balance of the contract
                reimbursed by SELPA ($52,570)) – Norm Lee
     ii)   Business Services
           (1)    NONE
     iii)  Schools
           (1)    For approval of the Independent Contract for Services Agreement with
                  Michael Bouyer for installation and interface of multimedia equipment
                  at Delta High School from September 1 to December 16, 2011 at a
                  cost not to exceed $3,800 from technology funds – Britt Hammon
           (2)    For approval of a Memorandum of Understanding with the
                  Sacramento County Office of Education for professional development
                  and coaching for the Mathematics teachers at Rio Vista High School,
                  Riverview Middle School, Delta High School, and Clarksburg Middle
                  School, costs not to exceed $7,500 from staff development funds –
                  Vicky Turk
           (3)    For approval of out-of-state travel for Rio Vista High School Student
                  Chapter Members AFS Short-Term Domestic exchange. For 25
                  students traveling to Parkridge, NJ from March 22-25, 2012 paid by
                  AFS no cost to District – Vicky Turk
           (4)    For approval of a field trip for Walnut Grove Elementary and Bates
                  Elementary Schools’ 6th grade students to attend the Sly Park
                  Environmental Education Center from May 14-18, 2012 at no cost to
                  the district – Amy Eggers

       e)       Donations to Receive and Acknowledge –
                i)     Irene Foss, Trilogy Bingo Club, $700 for technology, teaching aids and
                       classroom supplies, Riverview Middle School
                ii)    Soroptimist International of Rio Vista, $11,228.45 for the 6th Grade Science
                       Camp at Point Bonita in May 2012, Riverview Middle School
                iii)   Kathleen M. Angelos of Rio Vista, $25 for miscellaneous supplies, D. H.
                       White Elementary School

             Member Schauer moved to approve the Consent Calendar as submitted, Member
             Bettencourt seconded. Motion carried 7:0. Board President Fernandez read out the
             donations to the district and thanked all for their continued support of the schools and
             their programs.


11)    The Board is to complete their ‘annual reorganization’ duties (under the provisions of Ed
       Code 35143 and 50171) by setting and approving the schedule of Regular Board
       Meetings for Calendar Year 2012 – Rick Hennes presented. Following discussion, Member
       Schauer moved to select the same schedule as the 2011 school year for the 2012 school year,
       Member Riley seconded. Motion carried 7:0 (see attached calendar).

12)    Request approval of the First Interim Financial Report for 2011-2012 – Sonnya Kale presented
       and went over highlights of the budget assumptions in developilng this report (July 1-October
       31). If the “trigger” cuts and transportation cuts are all implemened, we could be facing over
       $900,000 in cuts. But SCOE recommended a cut of $189 per ADA representing over $360,000
       cut in revenue. Our transportation expenses already exceed the revenues so we have to
       support transportation out of our general funds (encroachment). A $265,000 cut in
       transportation is looming which will represent a $602,000 reduction from general funds. This
       report shows an increase in enrollment by 16.47 ADA over last year. This is as of October’s
       data collection. Enrollment will continue to be monitored as the P-2 cut off is in April and will be
       reflected on the second interim report. This year we can make our 3% reserve but not the extra
       Board 2% reserve due to mid-year cuts. The budget projections for the next several years show
       we can meet our obligations with only the 3% reserves in 2013-14. Currently, the Cafeteria
       Services is paying for itself. Member Schauer moved to approve, Member Bettencourt
       seconded. Motion carried 7:0 (see attached First Interim Budget Assumptions) Mr. Hennes
       stated he will be asking for a couple of Board members in January to sit on the district’s budget
       committee to review our offerings in order to tighten our belts.
13)    Request to approve the final reading and adoption of the updated/new Board
       Policies/Administrative Regulation/Exhibits due to new legislation or mandated language and
       citation revisions as of July, 2011 – Rick Hennes presented. Member Bettencourt moved to
       approve, Member Schauer seconded. Motion carried 7:0.
14)    Re-Adjourn to continue Closed Session, if needed – not needed.
15)    Report of Action taken, if any, during continued Closed Session (Government Code Section
       54957.1) -- Board President
16)    Adjournment There being no further business before the Board, Board President Fernandez
       asked for a motion to adjourn. Member Schauer moved to adjourn, Member Riley seconded the
       motion. Motion carried 7:0. Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Submitted:                                               Approved:

______________________________                           __________________________________
Richard Hennes, Superintendent and                       Seann Rooney, Clerk, Board of Trustees
Secretary to the Board of Trustees

By: Rick Hennes, Recorder (Barbaralee Moore, Transcriber)

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