Seamless Teacher Education Transfer Program for South Carolina

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					 Creation of Regional “Technical to 4-year College”
Teacher Certification Pathways in South Carolina: A
  Collaborative Approach for Two- and Four-Year

                       Report to the
                      South Carolina
           State Superintendent of Education
  Mission of Diverse Pathways
 Ensure a seamless transition from two- to
  four-year colleges for teacher education
 Facilitate new pathways for a more
  diverse group of teacher education
              Supporting Data
•   Teaching vacancies (CERRA, 2008)
•   Population discrepancies (CERRA, 2008)
•   Minority student college pathways (CHE, 2006)
•   Technical college graduates (ICCB, 2004; NHCTCS,

• First public school teaching job (Boyd, et al., 2005)
 Existing Partnership (Midlands)
                      2007-2008 data

• Students taking education courses at
   – Midlands = 49
   – Orangeburg Calhoun = 48
• Technical college transfer students in USC education
   – 43
• Technical college transfer students graduating from
  USC education programs
   – 15
          Seed Grant Initiative
• Creation of plans for similar regional “technical
  college to 4-year college” teacher certification
• Generate a picture of what it will take to create
  and sustain these types of programs
• Identify specific institutional barriers that exist
• Outline plans to overcome them
                   Seed Grant Partnerships
    Four-Year Institutes         Two-Year Partner Institutes
1. Coastal Carolina University   Horry-Georgetown Technical College
2. Coker College                 Northeastern Technical College
3. College of Charleston         Trident Technical College
4. Francis Marion University     Florence Darlington Technical College
                                 Northeastern Technical College
                                 Williamsburg Technical College
                                 Pee Dee Education Center
5. Lander University             Piedmont Technical College
6. Newberry College              Midlands Technical College
                                 Piedmont Technical College
7. USC Aiken                     Aiken Technical College
8. USC Beaufort                  Technical College of the Lowcountry
9. USC Columbia                  Midlands Technical College
                                 Orangeburg/Calhoun Technical College
10. USC Upstate                  Greenville Technical College
                                 Spartanburg Community College
11. Winthrop University          York Technical College
       Program Articulation
• Articulation Agreements*
• Course Development
  – Pedagogical Alignment (Math 221/222)
  – Curriculum Development (SLIS 325)
• Course Establishment
  – Initial Course Offerings
  – Materials/Field Experiences
       Student Recruitment
• Large Scale Advertisement
• Human Component/CERRA
  – High Schools (FEA/Cadets)
  – Technical College (FEA/Career Counselors)
• Professional Entrée
  – Ethos (Handel, 2007)
  – Transfer Culture (Thurman, 2007)
  – Engagement Prior to Admission (Wynn, 2008)
        Academic Advisement
• Advisement Key Factor (Handel, 2007; Thurman, 2007;
  Wynn, 2008)

• Advisor Training
• Articulation Review
• More than Advisement Needed
   – Mentoring, Career Guidance, Professional
     Development, Non-Traditional Support
Transfer Fellowships in Teacher
• Merit-based
• Similar to Teaching Fellows
• Key Difference: Teaching Commitment

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