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									                         Keeping Your Business Contacts at Your Fingertips

My business involves a lot of travelling, meeting different clients and attending loads of seminars,
conferences, exhibitions and business fairs. Along with the information and ideas that I come back
with from these meetings, I also come back with scores of business cards of people that I meet at
these venues. And therein begins the problem – how do I keep track of all these business cards? If it
was just a question of storing them in a card holder and putting them away, it would be easy. The
real problem arises when I need to access a particular card and that means having to sift through the
hundreds of cards to find the one that I need. Not anymore.

Last month I came across CardFila (http://cardfila.com/), an online business card holder company.
My first reaction was incredulity – why would anyone need an online business card holder. Then, I
looked at the scores of business card folders in my office and I knew that I had found the solution to
my problem. This was the perfect way to not only store business cards, but also to be able to access
the needed card in the least amount of time.

After registering myself with the website, I started scanning the business cards with my smart
phone. Although the task initially looked daunting, I found that it took less time than what I had
initially envisaged. The best part was that I did not need to scan them in any order. The staff at
CardFila took over the job of transcribing, editing and reviewing the cards for me, based on the
parameters that I had given. When the last card was scanned and sent, I realized that I had been in
possession of over five hundred business cards. I am sure that there had been more but over the
years either I had lost track of them or lost them. This would never happen again since the online
business card holder stores and creates a backup forever.

By far the biggest advantage of using the online business card holder is when travelling. No more
locating and carrying the relevant business cards when going to a different city. All I have to do now
is type the contacts name either on my smart phone or laptop, and all the details on the person’s
business card can be viewed on my screen. Getting back to the hotel at the end of the day, I scanned
all the cards that I was given during the conference and they were easily sorted, edited and stored
on the online business card holder for future reference even before I fell asleep.

Sending an acknowledgement email to all the people I had met at the conference had never been
easier. Getting the email contacts of the conference group from the online business card holder
took a few seconds. All I had to do was write the mail, copy and paste the email contacts and click
send. A job that would have taken me at least an hour earlier was over in a few minutes.

An online business card holder is probably one of the best applications that have been developed
for people like me.

* Richard Brown is Account Manager at Restaau.co.uk (Smart Restaurant Search for UK). He has ~
15 years in sales and account manager position at several Internet companies.

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