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									                     Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya
                          (formerly Prince of Wales Museum of Western India)
                      Paramparik Karigar Art & Craft Workshops
                                      3rd September – 15th September 2012
                                              REGISTRATION FORM

 Please read the following instructions carefully –

1.      Maximum no. of seats for each workshop is 25. Registration will be done on first-come-first-serve basis.
        Registration will be confirmed ONLY AFTER the fee is paid.
2.      Participants are requested to carry their own pencils, pens, erasers, rulers and a pair of small scissors and
        their lunch.
3.      Registration fee will be paid in CASH OR BANK DRAFT in the Central Office, First Floor, Main Building,
        CSMVS between 10.30am and 4.00pm on all days except for Public Holidays. Participants will be issued an
        acknowledgment receipt. Participants MUST carry the receipt with them on the day of the workshop.
4.      The Bank Draft will be issued in the name of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya. PLEASE
5.      Fees once paid WILL NOT be refunded. It is solely the responsibility of the participant to be present for the
        workshops on time. If a participant remains absent he/she will not receive any material or instruction
        pertaining to the workshop later.
6.      Admission to the workshops will be NON-TRANSFERRABLE.
7.      Participants are requested to report 15 minutes prior to the workshop timings.
8.      Registration forms are also available on the website For queries, please
        contact Ms. Sadhana Modak on 022-22844484/ 22844519 or send an email on
9.      The Museum reserves the right to change the timings or dates of the workshops. Participants will be
        informed in advance. Therefore, it is essential that contact details are accurate.
10.     The Museum reserves the right to refuse admission on its discretion to any person at any given time.

 Please fill in your details -

 Name: ___________________________________________________________ Age: _________________

 Address: ________________________________________________________________________________


 Tel. no. / Mobile: _________________________________________________________________________

 Email: ____________________________________________                     Signature: _________________________

 Please tick against the workshops you wish to participate in:

No.                    Craft                       Craftsman                    Date                Fees         
  1.                Pattashilpa                  Khadu Chitrakar          Mon, 3 September          600/-

      2.          Gond Painting                  Durgabai Vyam            Tue, 4th September        600/-
      3.          Papier Mache                   Kamini Kaushal           Wed, 5th September        600/-
      4.           Pattachitra                 Rabindranath Sahu          Thu, 6th September        600/-
      5.         Leather Puppets               Sreeramulu Shinde           Fri, 7th September       600/-
      6.              Batik                       Anwar Khatri            Sat, 8th September        600/-
      7.          Warli Painting                Ramesh Hengadi                 Mon, 1oth            600/-
      8.          Phad Painting                   Kalyan Joshi            Tue, 11th September       600/-
      9.          Daboo Printing                 Bherulal Chippa          Wed, 12th September       600/-
      10.        Soof Embroidery                 Dayaben Dohat            Thu, 13th September       600/-
      11.           Bandhani                     Naushad Khatri            Fri,14th September       600/-
      12.          Kanthakam                     Takdira Begum            Sat, 15th September       600/-

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