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									 On the Move
              Mike                            Tony Lee,
              Abbott,                         Bitcasa
              InMobi                         The
               The Banga-                    Mountain
               lore-based                    View
               independent                   provider
               mobile                        of infinite
advertising network com-       storage across all
pany, which has an office      devices named Tony
in San Francisco, named        Lee vice president of
Mike Abbott to its board       engineering. Previously,
of directors. He is general    he was vice president
partner at Kleiner Perkins     of backend engineering
Caufield & Byers.              at Box.

              Rebekka                         Michael
              Bay,                            Lehman,
              Gap                             Arista
              The San                         Networks
              Francisco                        The Santa
              clothing re-                     Clara
              tailer named                     software-
Rebekka Bay creative           defined cloud networks
director and executive         company appointed
vice president for Gap         Michael Lehman chief
global design. She devel-      financial officer. He is
oped the COS brand, part       former CFO at Palo Alto
of the Hennes & Mauritz        Networks.

              Debra                           Laura
              Bradford,                       Lilyquist,
              Bridge                          Capture
              Capital                         ToCloud
                                               The San
               The San                         Jose visual
               Jose holding                    and inter-
company for Bridge Bank,       active personal work-
National Association,          space where individuals
named Debra Bradford           and businesses capture,
executive vice president       organize and share
and chief governance           content appointed Laura
officer. She is former vice    Lilyquist vice president
president and controller       of marketing. She is
of corporate development       former global director of
at Greater Bay Bancorp.        business expansion at
              Buchwalter,                     Holly
              Symphony                        Long,
               The San                        ance and
               Francisco                      Financial
provider of strategic                         Services
cross-media advertising
effectiveness and con-         The San Mateo pro-
sumer insights appointed       vider of insurance and
Charles Buchwalter presi-      financial services named
dent and chief executive       Holly Long vice presi-
officer. Previously, he held   dent of the private client
executive positions at         services. Previously, she
Nielsen Online Japan.          held positions at Sedg-
                               wick James and Tri-City
              Christina        Brokerage.
              Mfactor                         Anne-
              Meetings                        Marie
              The San
              Carlos                          M
              corporate                       Squared
meetings and incentives                       Consult-
management company                            ing
named Christina Con-           The San Francisco
roy vice president for         provider of project lead-
operations and purchas-        ers and subject mat-
ing. She’s been with           ter experts appointed
the company since its          AnneMarie Nicoletti
inception and has more         vice president of sales
than 14 years of industry      of the health care group.
experience.                    Recently, she was vice
                               president of health care
              Pierre           technology at Kforce.
              RHUB                            Jacob
              Communi-                        Shulman,
              cations                         Mellanox
              The San                         Technolo-
              Jose pro-                       gies
vider of Web conferenc-
ing and remote support                         The
appliance technology                           Sunnyvale
appointed Pierre Kerb-         provider of high-per-
age vice president of          formance, end-to-end
sales and marketing. His       interconnect tools for
extensive experience in        data center servers and
channel development            storage systems ap-
and marketing will be the      pointed Jacob Shulman
foundation for RHUB’s          chief financial officer.
partner programs.              He is former corporate
                               controller at Atrica.

    Bay Area News Group reports promotions
    of executives at the vice president level or
    higher. Send notices to onthemove@mercu- With each announcement, we
    require a photograph in JPEG format. Please
    upload the image, which should be a head
    shot about 1 megabyte in size, to http://me- If this is your first
    time uploading the images, you’ll need to
    contact the newspaper at 408-920-5088 to
    obtain a pass code.

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