Cover Letter

					2215 Forest Avenue
Knoxville, Tennessee 37916
October 30, 2012

Karen Robichaud Ph.D
One University Park Drive
Nashville, TN 37204

Dear Mrs. Robichaud,

I am interested in being admitted into the program for M.S. in Exercise and Nutrition
Science. After researching many similar programs, I feel that I would be best suited in
this program at Lipscomb University. It is very important to me to be prepared for a
career in dietetics and becoming a registered dietitian. I feel that I would be a great
addition to the program and excel as a member of the Dietetic Internship program. I
have come to learn about this program requirement through extensive research about
the Dietetic Internship requirements in the previous two years.

While I feel that this position in the Master’s program will be beneficial to my
knowledge in nutrition and dietetics, I also feel that with a combination of my
motivation and desire to help others, I would be a dynamic addition into this specific
program. My years of undergraduate coursework have qualified me as a strong
candidate for admission. Also, I have experience across all fields of dietetics, including
foodservice, research, and fieldwork. I believe that the combination of these
experiences have caused me to develop a keen understanding of the requirements to
become a registered dietitian. I have worked alongside various registered dietitians for
the University of Tennessee Medical Center and The University of Tennessee Culinary
Institute. I also worked to develop nutritional lesson plans for a youth center, causing
me to actively apply my knowledge in nutrition.

Please reference my enclosed resume to find more information regarding my
credentials, background, training, and experience. I believe that you will agree that I will
be a great fit for this position in the graduate program.

I will be in attendance for a Graduate Studies Information Session and would like to set
up a one-on-one meeting with you to further discuss admission into this program. I have
included my contact information for your convenience. Also, feel free to continue
learning more about me on my online portfolio at


Jessica Gratigny


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