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            From 1st April 10 to 30th September 2010
    MRP Vocational Training Centre and Community Development
                            SRI LANKA
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   By 'Pat' R. S. Patebandigai, Director, Makandura Rural Projects, Sri Lanka

             Organizational Aim and Expected outcome of MRP

 “To assist the poorest children, who have suffered all forms of
abuse, and deprived youths and less fortunate families to become
 productive and responsible citizens, and to improve the lives and
   livelihoods of the ill-fated members of the local community.”
Motor Vehicle Repair and Maintenance

One Year Motor Mechanic Course offered by the Vocational Training centre of
Makandura Rural Projects commenced on the 04th of January 2010 with a batch
of 22 apprentices. By early April, the number of trainees remained with the
course was 15. The rest left the course due to various reasons including
employment opportunities and further education.

Upgrading of Motor Mechanic Course; Facilities Enhanced

A new segment was added to the course with the upgrading of facilities in the
Vocational Training Centre Workshop. Training on Basic Fitting and Filing is given
to 5 apprentices each week with the addition of the facility of working benches
and bench vices. Another addition is a long needed uniforms and shoes for
trainees, which ensures their safety while work giving uniformity to all.

A Lathe Machine was bought from Alcobrons Private Limited, Colombo on the
14th of August 2010. This was to enhance the training facilities and to include
more branches of studies to the course to make it more useful. The machine was
transported to Makandura in a truck. A separate room was constructed in front
of the Motor mechanic Class to fix the machine. Lathe machine was fixed on a
strong concrete support and electricity was supplied to the machine with the
help of an electrician. After fixing the machine there Alcobrons Limited was
informed and a group of technical officers came and demonstrated how to
operate the machine and how to do the maintenance. All the technical
instructions were given in this session.

                                                              Once the approval was
                                                              given by the Director
                                                              MRP to commence lathe
                                                              training, all the trainees
                                                              were given a basic
                                                              training on lathe
                                                              machine operation by
                                                              the instructor. By this
                                                              time the apprentices
                                                              were well aware and
                                                              trained on using the
       MRP Director Patebandige testing the new lathe machine
                                                              measuring tools such as
                                                              micro meter, venire
calliper, hook rule, inner and outer callipers which are needed to work with the
lathe machine. The students were trained to do mechanical drawings and reading
and guided to work with the lathe machine.
This new segment of Lathe Machine Training will provide more value to the
course making the apprentices gain more knowledge on a different work

Many Opportunities for Practical training
                                                                    During this six month period
                                                                    many vehicles were brought
                                                                    to the Vocational Training
                                                                    Centre for practical
                                                                    training. Some of the jobs
                                                                    undertaken are as follows:

                                                                    42-XXXX Leyland lorry
                                                                    Clutch and the gear box
     Motor mica nick instructor introducing the new lathe
                                                                    were removed, repaired and
     to the trainees.                                               re-fixed to get it back to
                                                                    running condition.

42-4343                          All 4 wheels were undone and the break system was

JP 9216                          Fuel injection system (injectors and injector pump)
                                 of the vehicle was repaired and re-fixed.

PA 3757                          Front and rear suspensions of the vehicle were

JP 9216                          Power steering system was repaired.

57-5049                          Brake system of the vehicle was repaired.

19-0539 Car                      Brake system was repaired.
                                                                         PD 3379        Air
                             Indika trying his hands on the lathe        Condition system of
                                                                         the vehicle was
                                                                         Iresh Kumara left the
                                                                         course in May in order
                                                                         to pursue further
                                                                         education while Geeth
                                                                         Osanga too left the
                                                                         course to join
                                                                         Advanced Level class
Isuru Sampath a 19 year’s old spoiled young man was dismissed from the course
due to his misbehaviour he was advised and warned by the Director on two
earlier occasions how to behave in the class rooms and in training centre. He use
to teas sewing girls and bully smaller youths and finally he ended by cutting the
hand of a fellow-student intentionally by a metal sheet. The affected got
seriously injured in this incident.

Chameera kasun left the course to join with another technical course whereas
Anton Roshan left the course to go abroad and join with his family.

Dhanushka Madhuwantha, the most outstanding and enthusiastic apprentice
throughout, got an employment opportunity with Damro factory as a Technician
and left the course in the middle. He demonstrated a lot of technical skills
during his stay with the course and followed the course successfully. Janindu,
another apprentice got employed as a technician at Brandix, Pannala. Nilish
Hasaranga left the course since he obtained a job with Nestle Lanka Limited.

Twelve apprentices are undergoing training at present after leaving of the above

Sewing and dressmaking

New Apprentices for the Sewing and Dressmaking Course
Twenty eight were registered for the Sewing and Dressmaking Course by the
                                                               Vocational Training
                                                               Centre of
                                                               Makandura Rural
                                                               Projects. This time
                                                               the specialty was
                                                               that two Muslim
                                                               girls also joined the
                                                               course. A girl
                                                               named N.N. Indrani
                                                               Lakmini from Galle
                                                               (The Southern
                                                               Capital of the
         Ms. Sujiwa taking some of the new comers in the class
                                                               country) too
                                                               followed the course
having stayed at her sister’s place in Makandura. When asked what her
expectation is by following this course her response was that she needs to
master it and start self-employment in dressmaking so that she could supply
quality readymade dresses to local market.

Practical Tests for Apprentices
Practical tests were held from the 01st of August 2010 to evaluate the
apprentices’ embroidery skills. Apprentices were asked to make a dress for
somebody else for this test.
                      At the presentation of Fashion Design Exhibition
                      and Graduation, Apprentices were asked to
                      make a dress for somebody else for this test.

Two from Dikkelle Children Centre Join Vocational Training
Further two resident children from Dikkelle Children Centre of Makandural
Rural Projects who sat for their G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination last
December and were awaiting results also followed the course. They were P.
Shalika Malshani and K.A. Dulani Kaushalya.

Course Drop outs due to Joining Further Studies

Five course followers left the course in May in order to pursue their upper
secondary education in Advanced level classes. They were,

                               1.   P. Shalika Malshani
                               2.   G.A.M.K. Nisansala Thillakarathne
                               3.   R.D. Shashikala Dilhani
                               4.   R.D. Madhusha Tharangani
                               5.   P.H.M. Rashoma Lakshani

Apart from the above students who dropped out of the course to pursue further
education, three more students dropped out of the course without informing.
They were,
                            1. U.W. Uthpala Sathsarani
                            2. M.A. Ishara Madhuwanthi
                            3. G.G. Disna Kanthi
Interviews for New Course Admissions

Interviews were held for new admissions for the next Course in Sewing and
Dressmaking on the 06th of August 2010. Twenty nine attended the interviews
and they were briefed on the course contents. They were informed to come on
the Course commencement day. The new batch of Sewing and Dressmaking
Course was taken on the 17th August 2010.

Written Tests of Sewing and Dressmaking Students

Written test for the sewing and dressmaking students was held on the 16th of
August 2010. Three students did not do the written test.

Fashion Design Exhibition and Graduation

A Fashion Design Exhibition was held at the Training venue for the Sewing and
Dressmaking students on the 17th of August 2010 at the successful completion
of the course. Fourteen students showcased their dress making and fashion
designing talents in the exhibition and their work has been judged by a panel of
judges. Their talents were highly appreciated by them. It should be mentioned
that the two Muslim girls were well ahead of others in presenting their sewing
and dressmaking talents in the exhibition.

N.M. Priyanka, who completed the course, did not present any of her work in the
exhibition since she was a weak student from the very beginning. She had been
paid special attention when schooling too and had been taught in the Special
Education Unit. She cannot write and hence she did the written test orally with
the help of the staff. Further she was taught only stitching and thread-work
done with hands. She learnt wool stitching, patchwork and hand embroidery. She
was not eligible for the diploma but was awarded with a certificate for
completion of the course.

A graduation ceremony was held after the exhibition and the performances of
the students during the course are as follows.

Thirteen students were eligible for the Diploma and they got graduated in the
event as Diploma holders in Sewing and Dressmaking. They are,

                             1.   P.W. Udeshika Priyahansani
                             2.   D. Sasanjali
                             3.   K.A. Dulani Kaushalya
                             4.   A.A. Hasini Chathurangani
                             5.   M.A. Mekala Seuwandi
                             6.   A.P. Iresha Madhushani
                             7.   R.A. Suseema Madhurangani
                             8.   R.M. Avankika Nilusha
                             9.   T.P. Madhushika Dilshani
                             10.   W.P. Dulani Shashikala
                             11.   I.A.F. Ferwin
                             12.   M.H.F. Hasna
                             13.   N.N. Indrani Lakmini

Two were eligible to obtain certificates of course completion. They were,

                             1. Dilusha Indeewarie and
                             2. N.M. Priyanka Kumari

A Muslim student M.H.F. Hasna became the batch top and M.A. Mekala Seuwandi
and N.N. Indrani Lakmini came second and third in the course respectively.
I.A.F. Ferwin and R.A. Suseema Madhurangi secured the 4th and 5th places.

New Batch taken; Course Commences in August

Course commenced on the 17th of August 2010 for the new batch of sewing and
dressmaking. Twenty six new students joined the course and they got the
opportunity to witness the talents of the previous batch since the dressmaking
and fashion designing exhibition also was held the same day. The Director MRP
projected the photos of “Needle and Thread” Exhibition held in 2007 to the new
students and explained them the importance of this vocational training course.

                                        New course
Progress Follow ups of the Passed out

Two trainees left the course before completion since they got employed in
garment factories. D.A. Vinita Kumari is employed in Dambadeniya Garment
Factory and K.A. Sachini Nisansala is employed in a garment factory in
Katunayake Export Processing Zone.

Another three are employed in MAS Slimline, a garment factory which has
reached a wide international market. W.P. Udeshika Priyahansani, A.A. Hansini
Chathurangi and R.M. Avankika Nilusha are the ones who are employed with
Slimline, Pannala.

Three passed outs are into self-employment now. They are M.A. Mekala
Seuwandi, A.P. Iresha Madhushani and N.N. Indrani Lakmini.

Summary of Course Attendees

During this six months period 47 apprentices participated in the course and
twenty six are undergoing the course at present.

Community activities

We provide monthly living and education allowance to children of widowed

Funds from the Community Development grant are used by MRP so that our
resident youngsters can be absorbed back into their community for their own

Prizes, food, labour and relative materials for renovations of local assets are
given by MRP to village events. Resident kids and trainees are practical in their
support of their temple, church, schools, hospital, irrigation canals, wells, etc.

At times, we have to financially assist parents of our resident boys’ families
during serious medical emergencies,

MRP supports local clubs for sports, culture, environment, or the arts with
award and trophies. Staff when necessary assists communal self-help programs.

        On behalf of all the beneficiaries of MRP
    As the director I would like to convey my sincere


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