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I just ran and got my tape out and listened to the part and am “transcribing” it below... It’s on John
Bytheway’s tape called “The Best Three Hours of the Week,” and goes into extensive coverage of
the Sacrament as well (which goes wonderfully with this particular Seminary High School block).
He takes the word CHURCH and makes a topic out of each letter to help us get more out of our
“three hours.”
H=Holy Sabbath
R=Respect & Recordkeeping
C=Covenants (Sacrament section is found here...)
H= Holy Ghost

Pew Aerobics Quote:
“Now I want you to know, because I know by experience teenagers, that your Young Men leaders
and your Young Women leaders worry and stew and sometimes even weep about how and what to
teach you (how about us seminary teachers?!--this part is not on the tape!). And sometimes feel
like they were a failure when they come home. And sometimes because we’re learning too much
from the media, we’re so rude. And we gotta stop doing that. R is for Respect. And if you’re
planning on being rude this Sunday, could you just be rude to me instead right now? And the
reason I say that is I don’t have a calling to do Firesides. You on the other hand, your teachers and
leaders have been called by the Lord through the Bishop to be your teachers, and you were given
the chance to raise your hand and sustain them by the uplifted hand. Do you remember that? You
think the Lord saw that? Has that just become a habit? It’s kind of like pew aerobics. That’s what
we do. Think the Lord saw that? I think he did. And if you disrespect those who are called to be
your teachers and leaders, then you disrespect the Lord who called them. And that’s a sin; do you
think? And we gotta be careful about how we treat them.”

Here is also a funny little poem he read (on the same tape) regarding the Sacrament meeting being a
meeting meant for Him. The point being in the lesson that it didn’t matter what we took for the
Sacrament (in a make-shift situation), but that our eye was single to remembering Him. After I did
the Home Ec substitution demo (cooking 101!) including the potato for bread, I read this poem
from his tape...

There was envy in the glances that a lovely woman cast
At the hairdo of her neighbor while the sacrament was passed.
And a teenage girl I noticed, though a timid lass and shy
Watched a youthful Priest intently through the corner of her eye
As he sat behind the table where the water trays were spread
She was not remembering Jesus, nor the prayer the Priest had said.

There was nothing reverential in the things the Cub Scout drew
On the pages of the hymnbook ‘til the sacrament was through.
Not a thought of Jesus’ passion entered careless Elders minds
As they whispered to each other and the girls they sat behind.

And the High Priest’s brow was furrowed as he stole a secret glance At his checkbook’s dismal
story of his failures in finance. There were hundreds in the chapel, but the worshipers were few
And I couldn’t help but wonder what the Lord himself would do.

I couldn’t help but wonder what the Lord himself would say Had He walked into a meeting where
His saints behaved that way. Would His loving eyes be saddened, would His countenance be grim
While he there observed and listened to a meeting meant for Him?
Sorry to be rambling (but I just LOVE this tape!)... I loved his “symbolism” of the Sacrament as
well. For what it’s worth (since it’s already on my computer because I used it for a YW lesson
once), I’ll copy and paste it here for anyone who may find it worthwhile... I made them into wallet-
sized cards for them to keep in their wallets/scriptures to pull out during the Sacrament and help
remember the symbolism (therefore hoping to help them “Remember Him”).

1. Cloth on Table - The trays are received from the back room and put on the table on a cloth. The
   bread and water trays are arranged and then another cloth is placed over the trays. Could this
   represent Jesus’ tomb? Christ’s body was covered with a cloth. Look at the table and see if it
   doesn’t resemble a body covered!
2. Bread is Torn - As the Sacrament begins, we sing a hymn about Christ and the bread is literally
   torn. Read the words to Hymn No. 181... “bruised, broken, torn for us on Calvary’s Hill.” We
   are watching the symbolism of His body being torn.
3. Sacrament Prayers are Offered - These are perhaps the most repeated prayers! When somebody
   of great respect comes into the room, it is customary to show respect by standing up. However,
   if Christ were to enter the room, we would show respect by kneeling. That is why the
   Sacrament Prayers are given while kneeling. The Prayers can be found in Moroni, chapters 4 &
4. Altar of the Lord - The Sacrament table represents an altar of the Lord.
5. “That They May Witness Unto Thee” - We are saying that we are willing to testify of Christ
   when we take the Sacrament! We are saying, “If you want to know what Mormon’s believe,
   watch me! When I go to school, watch me! When I’m with my friends, watch me!” That is
   testifying of Christ.
6. Always Remember Him - Remember the story of the mountain climbers and the term “belay?”
   It means to secure by a rope to something sturdy. We are belayed to Christ. When we fall, we
   are literally saved by just ten feet while his arms are outstretched, fingers digging into the rocks.
   Christ has saved us through the atonement. When someone saves our life, we don’t give them a
   thank you gift and call it done. No. We “always remember him” who has saved us.
7. Our Covenant Hand - Our right hand is our covenant hand, and therefore the hand we reach to
   take the bread and water. We are eating and drinking perhaps to represent putting Christ (his
   body and blood) inside us so He can get into our hearts and into our nature.
8. White Shirts - Those passing the sacrament are wearing white shirts to represent the clothing we
   wore at baptism, and the clothes we will wear in preparation for our temple covenants.

Summary from a talk given by John Bytheway, “The Best Three Hours of the Week”

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