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					JULY Church Services
                                                                                                             CHURCH NEWS
July 1st                                                                                 The Parish Churches of Kingham and Daylesford, and Churchill with Sarsden
9.00 am Communion (BCP) St Andrew’s Kingham.
10.45 am Morning Prayer (Activities for children aged 0-13) All Saints’ Churchill
Steve and Rosie Hayes have been key people in the life of All Saints and St
Andrews for twenty years. Steve has accepted the post of vicar for the parish of
All Saints, Taradale in Napier, New Zealand, so this is his last Sunday with us.
Please come and join us in wishing them well.

July 8th
9.00 am Communion (BCP) All Saints’ Churchill.
10.00 am All-age Communion (CW) St Andrew’s Kingham
10.45 am Morning Prayer (Activities for children aged 0-13) All Saints’ Churchill                                        JULY 2012
                                                                                    The Olympics                                                by Revd David Salter
July 15th
9.00 am Communion (BCP) St Andrew’s Kingham.                                        The Olympics are almost here. After such a long build-up some people will no doubt
10.45 am Communion (Activities for children aged 0-13) All Saints’ Churchill        be getting a little jaded and yet they are absolutely HUGE. For so many athletes this
                                                                                    will have been the biggest focus in their lives for the last four years: training, training,
July 22nd                                                                           training, and it all comes down to these few days this summer. Of course there are
9.00 am Communion (BCP) All Saints’ Churchill.                                      many more aspects to the Olympics that are just staggering in scale: the building
10.45 am All Age Service St Andrew’s Kingham                                        programme, the transport network, media coverage and communications, the armies
                                                                                    of recruits to steward, provide food and accommodation – it is just colossal.
July 29                                                                             For sports fans all this effort and expenditure is completely understandable and
10.45 am Benefice Service All Saints’ Churchill with mini Olympics & picnic         absolutely necessary. Others may struggle to get the point of it all. However,
                                                                                    whichever view we take of the Olympics themselves, it’s interesting to think if there’s
                                                                                    anything that we would spend four years training for?
  Contact Numbers                                                                   Saint Paul wrote to the church in Corinth (1 Corinthians 9: 25) ‘Everyone who
  Ministry Team                                                                     competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not
  Revd David Salter                                      658852                     last; but we do it to get a crown that will last for ever.’ In those days, winners were
  Revd. Steve Hayes                                      658267                     given a crown of laurel leaves. Paul was encouraging Christians to take just as
  Churchwardens (Kingham)                                                           disciplined an approach to their faith as athletes take towards their training, because
  Mrs Susie Hartley                                      658661                     success would give them an everlasting crown – the prize of eternal life.
  Mr Charlie Care                                        658108                     I take a couple of pointers from this verse. Firstly, it’s obvious that Paul expected a
  Churchwardens (Churchill)                                                         life of faith to be tough, to require daily training. There are still places in the world in
  Mr Keith Gowing                                        658579                     2012 where it’s tough to be a Christian, parts of the Middle East and Africa, but in
  Mr John Armstrong                                      659250                     Oxfordshire we don’t usually expect it to be difficult. Secondly, the idea of training is
  Youth Worker Esther (on maternity leave)          to get better at something. There’s a danger that sometimes I think I’ve learned all I
  Churchill Methodist Church - Revd. Alan Swann          661843                     need to about faith, about how to follow Jesus’ example today. If we really want to
                                                                                    win that race we need to get on and train, to be more attentive to God’s instructions,
AUGUST CHURCH NEWS. Please send your contributions to Belinda Armstrong             better equipped to carry them out, more disciplined in prayer. I’m looking forward to
at by the 16 July.                                           watching the Olympics on TV. I hope that, with so much to see, I don’t forget the
                                                                                    commitment of the athletes over the years leading up to it and the challenge that is
            Please visit our website at                  to me.
                  SUNDAY 29 JULY – MINI OLYMPICS & PICNIC                                               FLOWER FESTIVAL AT All SAINTS, CHURCHILL
Everyone is very welcome to come to the Benefice service in Churchill at 10.45 am      Many thanks to all the wonderful flower arrangers who put on such a beautiful
on Sunday 29 July when we will be having an Olympic theme. This will be followed       display in the church for the flower festival. Also thank you to all who helped by
by a picnic lunch (bring a picnic and something to sit on) and the mini-Olympic        stewarding and providing refreshments, a record breaking total of £450 was
games will begin at 1.00 pm. The plan is to have a mixture of modern and traditional   donated.
all age team sports. Should be fun - come and join in!
                                                                                                                         LUNCH CLUBS
                          COLD FISH ‘N CHIPS IS BACK ….                                                                                           th
                                                                                       The Kingham Lunch Club will be at 12noon on Thursday 19 July in Kingham
The Cold Fish ‘n Chips group for primary children school years 3 – 6 has restarted     Village Hall.
on the first Friday of each month 6.30 – 7.30 pm in Churchill Village Hall                                                        th
                                                                                       The Churchill Lunch Club meet on Tues 24 July at 12noon in Churchill Church. All
                                                                                       villagers over 65 are welcome to attend. Please book with Joyce Woods on 658738.
Our last meeting of the term will be on Friday 6 July when we will be racing with an
Olympic theme. Contact David or Sally Salter with any queries.                                                          TUESDAY CIRCLE
                                                                                       The group for ladies of all ages meets on Tuesday July 3 at 2.30 pm in the
                          YOUNG PEOPLE’S ACTIVITIES                                    Methodist Church. There will be a talk by Mrs Fiona Rossington.
Esther is on maternity leave. Activities will continue with the clergy and volunteer
helpers. Details on or contact David Salter with                                  MEN ONLY BREAKFAST
any queries.                                                                           The Next MOB will be in September – details to follow in August Church News.

                                 HOME GROUPS
The Thursday evening group will be meeting as usual at 15A West Street, Kingham                              FROM THE REGISTERS - CHURCHILL
      th                         th
on:- 5 July at 7.30 pm and the 12 July at 7 pm then takes a break for the summer                                                                         nd
                                                                                       We celebrated the marriage of Sam Evans and Jennifer Torr on the 2 June.
and plans to recommence on 13th September.                                                                                                 th
                                                                                       The funeral of Julie Stoddart-Cook was held on the 7 June.
                                                                                       We welcomed Hannah Baxter at her baptism on the 17th June.
The Tuesday morning fellowship group will be meeting at 10.15 am on:- Tuesdays
 rd     th
3 and 10 July at 2 Blacksmith Court, Kingham. Meetings will start again in
                                                                                                             FROM THE REGISTERS - KINGHAM
September.                                                                                                                                 th
                                                                                       The funeral of Dora Wiggins was held on Wednesday 20 June at Kingham.
'Mostly for Mums' meets on Wednesdays at 1pm in homes. Please contact Sally
Salter on 658852 for details.                                                                                          METHODIST CHURCH
                                                                                       The first two services of July will be Holy Communion.
                                                                                                 st                                                       th
                                                                                       On the 1 July Rev. Ralph Mann will lead worship and then on the 8 July it will be
                                  PRAYER MEETINGS                                      Rev Stephen Bywater.
                                                                                                               th                                      nd
Tuesday mornings at 7am in St. Andrew’s church, Kingham.                               The service on July 15 will be led by Martin Hannant and the 22 will be the last
Thursday afternoons at 2.15pm in All Saints’ church, Churchill.                        visit by the Rev. Alan Swann before he leaves to take up his new post in Lincoln.
All are welcome to join David Salter in praying for the church and community.          On the 29 the preacher will be Mr. Tim Royle.
                                                                                       All Sunday services commence at 11a.m.
                 PCC MEETING DATES FOR PCC MEMBERS                                     Other events this month:-
                        th                                                             Craft Fellowship on July 10 at 2.30 p.m.
Churchill PCC meeting 16 July in All Saints Churchill.                                                                      th
                                                                                       Bookswap Coffeeshop on July 30 from 10 –11.30 a.m.
Kingham PCC meeting Wednesday 25th July, 7.30pm at 15A, West Street
                                                                                       We especially welcome anyone from the village to both the Sunday services and
                                                                                       these weekday events.

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