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									Expand OEM Work With
Mobile Devices

My name is Brian and I work with Dell.
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      Windows 8 expands OEM
With the release of Windows 8 the
enterprise capabilities of of the tablet
market is opening a new door to the
OEM industry. With advanced cloud
communication these devices can
communicate efficiently with
Embedded Systems, store data and
increase productivity for mobile work.

1.   Car Dealerships Empowering Sales and Service Departments
2.   Manage Inventory Quickly with Touch Screen Verification
3.   Enterprise security with consumer convenience
4.   Extensive data collection
Traditional Embedded Systems
1. Non mobile environments or housing

2, Expansive software suites normally limited to computers

3. Bulky Industrial Embedded Systems Tied To Single Locations
Explore Mobile Options

1. Develop UI Into mobile compatible formats to utilize

2. Develop extensive integration with current installations to
build upon current successes.

3. Expand   Capabilities and open new profit centers.
Empower Your Workforce
The advancement of touch capability integrated into the enterprise class work
environments will enable OEMs to develop and expand their products to reach
more users via mobile applications and extensive testing.

The development of Mobile options will figuratively unplug the OEM
marketplace and give it a strong mobile presence.

 Imagine the possibility of Doctors securely accessing patient information via
cloud patient information right to a smart touch application that will help them
diagnose and quickly record all procedures to be done and then that
information being transferred to surgeons, family doctors and more with just few
simple touch gestures.

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