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									                 City of Mentor Deer Hunting FAQs

    The following FAQs have been prepared to address common
concerns regarding Deer Hunting in The City of Mentor. Safety is our
 primary concern throughout the program. Please contact the Deer
 Management staff with any additional concerns at extension 2403.
  The outside line for the Deer Management team is 440.974.5717
Why is the City of Mentor allowing archery deer hunting?

As a part of the City of Mentor’s comprehensive Deer Management program, we
are allowing controlled archery hunting on limited private lands.

What is the timeframe for deer hunting in the City of Mentor?

The City of Mentor hunting ordinance takes effect 6 October 2012; on this date
hunting may begin in the City of Mentor. Hunting will then coincide with the State
of Ohio deer archery hunting season. As determined by ODNR this will be
through 3 February 2013. The City will further restrict hunting on Sundays.

What time of day can I hunt?

As per ODNR regulations, hunting can take place ½ hour before sunrise to ½
hour after sunset.

Will hunters be proficiency tested? Where?

In order to receive a permit, applicants must pass a proficiency test that will be
taken at one of several authorized locations. The following locations will be
offering archery hunting qualification testing for the City of Mentor at a small fee
to the hunter:

Gander Mountain (No Fee) - pending approval
Mentor (440)639-8545

Geauga Bow and Outdoor Sports
Middlefield (440)632-1245

Great Lakes Outdoors
Madison (440)428-0313

Great Lakes Outdoors
Middlefield (440)632-9151
What will this testing cost the city?

Proficiency testing will take place at authorized private locations, thus creating no
significant costs to the city. Monitoring and oversight costs will be incurred, but it
is difficult to determine until the level of interest in the program is known. Costs
will be monitored and reported to City Council at the conclusion of the season

Who can get a hunting license and how?

Hunters must obtain a hunting application from the City of Mentor as well as
hunting license and deer tag(s) from the state. Any hunting area must be
approved by the City of Mentor Police Department or their designee.

Will gun hunting be allowed in the City of Mentor?

No, gun hunting is prohibited in the City of Mentor.

Are the deer hunting guidelines the same as those for the state?

All hunters must abide by state guidelines as well as the more stringent
guidelines imposed by the City of Mentor Hunting Regulations.

Will hunters have to check in with the City of Mentor after harvesting a

Yes, all hunters must report their harvest by returning their harvest form to the
City of Mentor Police Department or by completing the City of Mentor web
harvest form.

How will you assure the safety of citizens using public parks and preserves
while hunting is in progress?

At the present time, the city will not allow hunting in city parks or other public
property. Hunters may track an animal on city property but will not be allowed to
use their weapons.

How will the hunting program be monitored for safety? Will my children
and pets be safe? How will you restrict hunters to authorized hunting

Every site permitted for hunting in Mentor will be inspected by city personnel, and
every site will be permitted for only a specified number of hunters. Safety will be
our primary concern. The police department will respond as needed if hunters
are discovered or reported without a permit. We anticipate additional police
personnel will be used as determined by the Chief of Police.

We live in an area that will have hunting; how will we deal with

Hunting will only be permitted on properties where the owner has granted
permission to hunt. Hunting on unauthorized properties would be a violation of
the ordinance, punishable as a fourth degree misdemeanor.

Will there be hunting of other wildlife?

Only white-tailed deer hunting permits will be issued. Hunting of other animals is
prohibited and a violation of current law, subject to prosecution.

What happens if the hunter misses? I am concerned about errant arrows.

All hunting must take place from tree stands elevated at least 10 feet. All shots
will be directed safely toward the ground.

What happens to deer that are wounded, but not killed? Will the animal be
handled humanely?

A wounded deer not tracked by the hunter will be managed in the same manner
as deer wounded by other means (such as vehicle accidents). All permit holders
will be required to contact the police department should they lose the trail of a
wounded deer. Police will humanely and quickly dispatch the deer.

How will hunters dispose of the deer and entrails?

The hunter shall immediately remove carcass and entrails from the owner’s
property unless the property owner agrees to burial on the property. No entrails
will be left out in the open and in plain view.

Will there be hunters in my back yard?

All hunters will need to receive permission from any homeowner before hunting
their property.

How will I know if my neighbor is hunting?

Adjacent property owners will be notified by the City of Mentor in areas where
hunting will take place.

Will there be a limit to the number of deer taken?
All hunters must abide by ODNR Urban Deer Zone guidelines regarding the
number of deer taken.

Will any of the deer meat be donated to the needy?

Hunters are free to use their harvested meat as they choose. Charitable
organizations like Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry do exist to allow
hunters to donate their harvest to the needy.

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