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									Doylestown, PA Health Club, The Solebury Club, Offers Youth Oriented
Karate Programs

Doylestown, PA, 30-OCT-2012 - The Solebury Club, Doylestown PA health
club, is pleased to announce a series of exciting karate programs aimed
at the younger citizens of the area. When young people want to learn the
right techniques and methods of specific martial arts such as karate,
being taught by qualified and experienced instructors is imperative.
These teachers are available at the facility in Doylestown and
surrounding areas.

Beginners who are youngsters, or those who have progressed beyond group
sessions in beginner classes are assessed before being placed with
others. The age, size and skill level are each important in progressing
through the various levels in karate. Each stage of skill and experience
is identified by a belt color.

There are group sessions for beginners who are not yet in school if they
want to learn the basics of the discipline. Parents often find that
instruction from a qualified teacher who enjoys working with youngsters
will be beneficial in helping the children enhance self-confidence. For
children who are over-active, the discipline of the moves helps to direct
energy and promotes focus.

Safety is a key element in any class promoted or provided in the health
club. Instructors know how to perform emergency procedures. They are
knowledgeable in the basics of karate and have reached the black belt
level so that classes can be taught in a standardized manner.

Learn more about the karate programs for all fitness and age levels by
checking out the website for the Doylestown PA health club at today. Members of the press and others who
wish to learn more details about the contents of this press release are
encouraged to use contact information below.

Company Name: The Solebury Club

Address: 4612 Hughesian Drive, Buckingham, Pennsylvania 18912

Contact Telephone Number: (215) 794-3494



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