Chiropractor In Santa Clarita, Dr. Joanne Buettner, Offers Safe Solutions For Chronic Back Pain by AndrwKar69


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									Chiropractor In Santa Clarita, Dr. Joanne Buettner, Offers Safe Solutions
For Chronic Back Pain

Santa Clarita, CA, 30-OCT-2012 - SCV Family Chiropractic and Santa
Clarita chiropractic physician, Dr. Joanne Buettner, D. C., are pleased
to announce that long-lasting (chronic) back pain can be overcome with
the right solutions as applied by a knowledgeable and experienced
chiropractor. A Santa Clarita chiropractic medical professional uses
gentle and non-invasive techniques to alleviate pain and improve

Chronic pain is usually defined as pain that has been consistent for a
period of several weeks. The underlying cause of the pain may be known,
or it may have been hurting for so long that there is no remembrance of a
specific event that caused the discomfort.

A visit to the Santa Clarita chiropractic clinic will begin with a
detailed medical history and a physical examination. The doctor may
require information from imaging studies. Often, this process will be
enough to determine how the chronic pain may have been initiated. Once
this information is known, the doctor can proceed to prepare a plan for

It is important the patient be fully involved in the process of care.
Recovery is faster and there is less likelihood of relapse. Once the pain
is less prevalent in the life, the individual under care will usually
become more active. This, in turn helps the reduce symptoms and
strengthen the areas where pain has existed previously.

Learn more about chronic back pain and how it can be eliminated without
the use of drugs or surgery by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and
others who wish to find out more about the information presented in this
press notice should consult with Dr. Buettner at the location provided

Contact Person Name: Dr. Joanne Buettner, D. C.

Company Name: SCV Family Chiropractic

Address: 26370 Diamond Place Suite 504, Santa Clarita, CA 91350

Telephone Contact Number: (661) 255-2822

Fax Contact Number: (661) 255-0922



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