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					              Jasmine's Bridal Shop: Order Form for Dresses
             Please fill out this form as much as you can and email it to:

               Basic Info                                                          Notes
   Your Preferred Email                                If needed, which email address would you like us to
              Address:                                 contact you on?

Your Receiver Name and                                 Who and where do you want us to ship the dress
  Shipping Address (No                                 to? We prefer to ship to your Paypal's confirmed
            PO Boxes):                                 shipping address

                                                       $29.99 for Regular Shipping (2-4 weeks to arrive)
      Shipping Method:
                                                       $49.99 for Express Shipping (1-2 weeks to arrive)

                                                       Required for order delivery, and we may call you for
   Your Phone Number:
                                                       any urgent issue.

                                                       As dress ordered without first trying on might not fit
           Date of the
                                                       you perfectly, please ensure to allow at least 2 weeks
                                                       to get your dress altered locally if required

  Name of the dress you
          have ordered:

                                                       Each Grade of Service offers a different level of dress
   Grade of Service you
                                                       quality and replication accuracy (please see our
   want for your dress:
                                                       Policies section).

                                                       We STRONGLY recommend you to have a
                                                       professional tailor who will alter/fit your gown to take
  Did you get measured
                                                       your measurements for you, otherwise the dress most
                                                       likely will not fit correctly and alterations are usually
                                                       very expensive!!

                                   Order with No Customization

    Please choose a size                               We have 2 standard size charts, where you should
   from our Size Charts:                               pick a size from.

Which size chart did you                               Size chart for Jasmine's Bridal Shop or for David's
     pick the size from:                               Bridal?

  Color of the Dress and                               Choose from 1 of the following: Everything as
         Embellishment:                                Pictured, Everything in White, or Everything in Ivory

                                   or Order with Customization

                                                       Choose from 1 of the following: Full Lace Up, Half
    Back Closure Type:                                 Lace Up, Zipper, Hidden Zipper, or Zipper with Fabric
                             Please visit our Fabric Swatches page to pick the
                             fabric(s) in the color you want for the dress. If you are
 Color(s) for the Outside
                             not meticulous about the color(s), you can let us know
     Layer of the Dress:
                             the color(s) you want from our Color Chart, and we
                             will find the closest matching fabric(s) for your dress.

          Color(s) for the
  Embellishment (If there
                             Please choose the color(s) from our Color Chart
is any embroidery and/or
  beading on the dress):

      Measurement Unit:      Are the measurements in inches or in centimeters?

                             Measure from head to floor with the shoes you are
                             going to wear for your wedding or event.

                             Measure the distance between two shoulder joints
         Shoulder Width:
                             with arms dropping naturally, taken at the back

                             Stand straight and measure around your body above
                             the fullest part of the bust at your armpit level.

                             Lift your arms to the side and measure around your
                             body, crossing over the fullest part of the chest.

                             Stand straight and measure around your body below
                             the fullest part of the chest.

        Nipple to Nipple:    Measure the distance between your nipples.

           Breast Height:    Stand straight and measure from neck side to nipple.

             Fore Waist      Stand straight and measure the distance from neck
         Circumference:      side to waistline over nipple.

             Back Waist
                             Distance from neck side to waistline over scapula.

                             Measure around your waistline - the thinnest part of
                   Waist:    your upper body. Keep your forefinger between your
                             body and the measuring tape for an accurate fit.

                             Stand straight with your heels together, and measure
                             around the fullest part of your hips.

                             Please stand straight against a wall, mark where your
                             collarbones are, and then measure from the marking
  Hollow to Hem (For the          down to the floor. You will need to take the
      Front of the Dress):       measurement with the exact shoes you will be
                                wearing. If you are ordering a short dress, then
                              please measure from your collarbones to the end of
                                              the dress (hemline).
 Arm Girth (if your dress
                             Measure the circumference around your arm.
           has sleeves):

   Sleeve Length (if your
                             From shoulder seam to length desired. If you order
     dress has sleeves):
                             long-sleeved style, it should be taken from shoulder
                                       point to the point 1 inch longer than wrist point.

                                       This measurement gives us the size of the sleeve
Arm's Eye (if your dress               hole that you are comfortable wearing. This
 has straps or sleeves):               measurement is entirely subjective and you can make
                                       it as deep or as tight as you are comfortable with.

                             Additional Requirements
                                       Free for simple spaghetti straps, 5% for more
Add Detachable Straps:
                                       complicated ones

      Add Dress Bussel:                Hidden buttons to tie up the train ($5)

                                       We will select the most suitable petticoat for your
Add Matching Petticoat:
                                       dress and your size ($19.99~$29.99)

                                       Alter the front neckline (8%)
Alter Neckline (including
                                       Alter the back neckline (8%)
  raising neckline level):
                                       Alter the front and back neckline (15%)

                                       Any type of sleeves to be added including raising the
            Add Sleeves:               neckline sufficiently high in order to connect the
                                       sleeves (15% Alteration Fee)

                                       Make the train longer while maintaining the design
       Extend the Train:
                                       (variable alteration fee)

                                       Add matching veil, bolero, shawl, fabric, etc...
Additional Accessories:
                                       Premium Grade prices here

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