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         What is a Topology?

The physical topology of a network refers to
the configuration of cables,computers,and
other peripherals.Physical topology should
not be contused with logical topology which
is the method used to pass information
between workstations.
A physical bus topology,also called a linear bus,consists of a
single cable to
which all the computers in the segment are attached.Messages are
sent down the line to all attached stations,regardless of which one
is the recipient.Each computer examines every packet on the wire
to determine whom the packet is for;if it is for another station, the
computer discards it.Likewise,a computer will receive and
process any packets on the bus that are address to it.
Bus Topology
The bus topology employs one bus to carry entire data of
a network. A bus is single continuous cable that runs
throughout the office and is connected to all the computers.
Bus topology
1. Low trafic network,since only small
amount of devices alowed in the network.
2. Unexpensive since you may only need
sever,workstation,an Ethernet,cable,and
network interface cards.
1. Limited to how many devices can be
    connected to the bus or cable.
2. If problem occures on the backbone
    “cable”,the entire network will go down.
3. Limited to future addition of other devices.

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