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									     Terms and Conditions for 100bestbuy Contest:
     Terms and Conditions for payment made in Online
     1.       1. This is a lucky draw contest.

2.   2. *10 lucky winners will be chosen through a Lucky Draw conducted by 100bestbuy and informed by email.

3.   3. All participants will get 100% cash-back, in terms of credit points (for eg: if you buy any deal or contest worth Rs
     100 you will be getting 100 credits points in your 100bestbuy account by which you can buy any products on

4.   4. Cash back will be done only in terms of credits points.

5.   5. The contest coupon is valid for 90 days only.

6.   6. The lucky draw conducted by computer and it can happen you will win in different product category also.

7.   7. Winner for a month will be declared on end of the 1st week of next month.

8.   8. Winners will get confirmation call and personal emails. Other applicants will get email consist of winner list for that

9.   9. This is a monthly contest and gets renewed every month.

10. 10. Company can withdraw any contest product at any time without prior notice, but customers for that contest will
     automatically eligible for some other contest of same value.

11. 11. If you redeem your points then you will automatically ineligible for contest.

12. 12. There is no product delivery involved in this as it is an online contest.

13. 13. For highly valuable items we may ask winners to come to our office to receive the contest prize.

14. 14. *Number or winner might change depending upon the user applied in that month.

15. 15. For more details on contest please contact to our customer care or write us to

16. 16. The actual contest prize may have some difference as per availability in market.

17. 17. Once you win the contest credit points will be remove from your account

18. 18. By registering in contest you are agreeing to all these terms and conditions

     T & C for Refund in Contest:
     1.       1.The refund will be in terms or credit points only.

2.   2. If the credit point is not reflecting in your account please inform us within 7 days of purchase else warranty will be
     void and we will not able to add it after 7 days.

3.   3. There is no physical delivery involved in Contest as these are virtual coupons which can be access through
     username and password.
4.   4. If you have not received the username and password inform us in 7 days after making payment.

5.   5. We cannot refund your money after the announcement of the results; you can redeem the points given to you.

6.   6. If there is any discrepancy between amount paid by you and points which is given then inform us within 7 days we
     can correct it else warranty will be void.

     Terms and Conditions for payment made in CBD (Cash before Delivery)
     1.       1. If you are making payment through CBD (Cash before delivery) mode for Contest coupon you need to
     pay the desired amount to our person in cash only.

2.   2. Once you pay the amount you will get the hard copy of contest coupon.

3.   3. Your points will be added in your account in 48 hours once you make the payment.

4.   4. You will be getting the username and password in email and on your phone.

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