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									Service Level Agreement for Human Resources

Objective of the Agreement
The purpose of this Service Level Agreement is to describe the key services we provide
and the quality standards we have agreed with our service users in terms of service

This Agreement sets out

•        the services we provide to the Schools, other internal departments and external
•        the overall standard which we aim to achieve in the provision of our services
•        a mechanism for resolving any problems relating to the delivery of the service

Future reviews and amendments to this Service Level Agreement
This agreement will be reviewed annually with effect from 2010/11 as part of the annual
planning process and any changes will be agreed with service users. Changes made to
this agreement will be signed off by all parties annually.

Objectives of the Service

The HR team work in 9 key areas supporting managers and staff. We aim to provide a
positive, forward thinking approach that promotes best practice on people issues and that
supports the HR and College’s strategy within the following areas:

        Information, advice and guidance
        Employee Relations
        Recruitment
        Contract Administration
        Policy Development
        Reward and Remuneration
        Equality and Diversity
        Nursery provision
        Learning and Organisational Development

The College is currently undertaking a Strategic Review resulting in changes to the
academic and administrative structure. HR aims to support the Strategic Review and
Executive Deans to ensure effective HR services are established in the new Schools.

Service Users
        Senior Management Team
        Executive Deans, Directors, Heads of Professional Service Departments, Assistant
         Deans and School and Professional Service Department Managers
        Staff
        External candidates
        Students
        Governors

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Responsibilities : Who we are and what we do

The HR Team Structure and contact details are held on the HR website (insert link).

Director of Human Resources
    Naina Patel
    tel: 0207 380 3163

    Jackie Williams (PA to Director of HR)
    tel: 0207 380 3170

Head of HR Services and Deputy Director of HR
(with management responsibility for the HR Services Team)
    Annette Groark
    tel: 0207 380 3158

HR Services Team:

    Cara Eden and Rita Prajapati
    HR Manager and HR Officer responsible for:
    School of Art
    Planning, Business Relations

    Contact : email:           tel:      0207 380 3155
              email:      tel:      0207 380 3165

    Katy Halliwell and Priya Bhatt
    HR Manager and HR Officer responsible for:
    School of Social Sciences
    College Secretariat, HR

    Contact : email:        tel:    0207 380 3159
              email:            tel:    0207 380 3164

    Robert Morrison and Nicole Eaton
    HR Manager and HR Officer responsible for:
    School of Business, School of Law
    Finance, Library, Registry, Estates and Facilities

    Contact : email:         tel:    0207 380 3161
              email:            tel:    0207 380 3168

    Jackie Jefferson and Catherine Evans
    HR Manager and HR Officer responsible for:
    School of Science
    External Relations, My Birkbeck Student Centre, ITS, Nursery

    Contact : email:        tel:    0207 380 3160
              email:           tel:    0207 380 3156

The HR Services team work with managers and staff to advise and support on employment
issues, pay and benefits, policy and change programmes, recruitment and contracts

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administration. The team is also involved in a broad range of project work working on HR
and other College initiatives to support continuous improvement and HR best practice.

Policy Team

    Tony Ferns, Head of Policy
    tel:   0207 380 3157
    Gareth Stirrat, HR Manager (Projects)
    tel:   0207 380 3166
    Niamh Lynch, Finance Projects Officer

The Policy team leads on key HR projects to implement HR Strategy; redevelops HR policy
to reflect the status of Birkbeck as a leading research and teaching institution and is
undertaking a review of all HR policies to reflect the changes within the College.

Equality and Diversity

    Patricia Crampton, HR Manager (Equalities)
    tel:    0207 380 3153

The HR Manager for equality and diversity is leading on the development and
implementation of the Single Equality Strategy and action plan, the Positive about Disability
‘Two Ticks’ award within recruitment and other equalities initiatives. The postholder also
provides guidance and advice to managers and committees on equality and diversity


  Contact:         Deirdre Lazarus, Nursery Manager on 020 7323 5475

The nursery provides childcare for children aged 2 or older from 5.30 pm to 9.00 pm
weekdays during term time for the benefit of staff and students.

Learning and Organisational Development
    Wendy Czogalik, Head of Learning and Organisational Development
    tel:   0207 380 3154
    Neil O’Connor, Management Development Specialist
    tel:   0207 380 3162
    Kathryn Taylor, Learning and Development Adviser
    tel:   0207 380 3167
    Laura Bridgman, Learning and Development Administrator
    tel:   0207 380 3152

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Service Availability
The Human Resources team are located on the 1st floor, Egmont House and service cover
is provided between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm Monday to Friday. There are a number of
flexible working arrangements and part time working in place. Individual working
arrangements are detailed on the website. All team members will respond promptly to
emails and enquiries, provide cover within the team for colleagues, ensure email inboxes
are not full, and that phones have voicemail activated.

Main Services

Information, advice and guidance

Objective:         To provide an effective and responsive advisory service with nominated HR
                   contacts on HR policy, procedure and best practice.

                   To create and maintain effective data management processes within
                   information systems to assist Human Resource Management (HRM) and
                   meet Birkbeck’s statutory and other data provision obligations.

General Enquiries

Contact:           The HR Officers are the first point of contact for generalist HR enquiries
                   relating to recruitment, resources, and generalist advice issues.

                   Emails should be sent to or to your nominated
                   HR contact.

                   The first point of contact for enquiries related to training courses or other
                   learning and development opportunities is the Learning and Development

Other advice

                   Please contact the appropriate individual as indicated within this service
                   level agreement for each area of work within human resources.

The HR team will:

In respect of enquiries:

      Provide an information and advice service to all staff and respond to enquiries
       promptly in accordance with the core SLA; normally within 2 working days.

      Provide up to date web based information and guidance on HR services; develop
       answers to commonly asked questions.

In respect of management information:

      develop and maintain standard HRM reports for remote access by managers
      provide non-standard reports for managers on request
      maintain and regularly validate computerised and hard copy personal data relating to
      maintain a HR Home Page on the Internet, covering areas such as current vacancies
       and information on HR policies and procedures

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      make statistical returns required by outside agencies (including HESA staff return) in
       a timely and accurate manner

What we need from managers

      ensure that the HR team is consulted in relation to any proposed changes to job
       roles, job title, duties or responsibilities in a timely manner and that staff are made
       aware that they must inform the HR team should their personal details change
      ensure that the HR team is informed, should the funding source for posts change
      ensure that all requests for information emanating from the HR team are returned in
       an accurate and timely manner
      ensure that the use of personal data complies with the terms of the Data Protection
       Act 1998

Employee Relations

Objective:         To ensure that the College’s policies, procedures and management practice
                   maintains employee relations at a level that will enable the College to
                   achieve its objectives and provide equitable and effective ways of resolving
                   disputes and conflicts.

                   To manage the employee relations agenda to support the College’s
                   Strategic Review. To facilitate change management, highlight risks to the
                   College and support managers to remove or minimise these.

                   To ensure that all employee issues are dealt with promptly and fairly across
                   the College, with due regard to current legislation and best practice.

Contact:           The Manager responsible for your School or Department:

                   Cara Eden               (020 7380 3155;
                   Katy Halliwell          (020 7380 3159;
                   Robert Morrison         (020 7380 3161;
                   Jackie Jefferson        (020 7380 3160;

The HR Manager will:

      find out from managers what employee relations issues exist
      consult and negotiate with unions on individual and collective staffing issues as
      maintain professional and harmonious relationships and liaise regularly with union
       representatives as appropriate
      ensure adherence to national agreements where applicable

In respect of disciplinary/grievance cases:

      discuss and offer guidance/support on discipline and grievance issues, in order to
       establish the action required
      advise on College procedure, relevant legislation and the documentation to be sent to
       the employees concerned
      advise on undertaking a disciplinary and grievance investigation as appropriate
      make administrative arrangements for and service disciplinary and grievance panels
       as appropriate
      adhere to the principles of natural justice

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In respect of absence cases:

        support managers to resolve long term or irregular sickness absence
        write to staff of changes to pay as a result of sickness absence
        advise managers on dealing with absence issues
        refer employees where appropriate to Occupational Health (OH) acting as the focal
         point for information flow from the individual, OH and the manager
        work with those involved in the case to facilitate a return to work, make reasonable
         adjustments, make arrangements for ill health or early retirement, redeployment
         and/or any variation to contracts of employment

In respect of change management:

        review staff job descriptions and undertake any job analysis under the terms of the
         HAY job evaluation procedures
        support, advise and assist managers in reorganisation or restructuring, including the
         development of proposals, consultation processes and implementation
        undertake risk analysis of staff affected by any such proposals
        take the lead on union consultation as appropriate
        complete any statutory declarations
        provide support to managers and staff during change programmes/restructures
        manage situations that may result in potential redundancies throughout the College
         where necessary, including consultation with the individuals concerned

What we need from managers

In respect of disciplinary and grievance cases:

        make staff aware of the standard of conduct and performance expected of them
        identify at the earliest possible stage any problems with performance in order that HR
         can advise where necessary on how to tackle the issues
        report any incidents to HR on the day they happen or the following working day at the
        seek guidance from HR before attempting to deal with a problem
        liaise promptly with HR about arrangements for an investigation to be carried out
        discuss all correspondence with HR before sending it to the individual and send
         copies of all reports to HR
        adhere to the timescales in which disciplinary/grievance hearings should be carried
         out as indicated in the relevant policies and procedures

In respect of absence cases:

        ensure all staff are aware of the College's reporting procedures for leave and
         sickness absence
        record sickness absences for all categories of staff and monitor the information
        highlight individuals with irregular attendance records and seek advice from HR on
         how to deal with this type of problem
        adopt a flexible approach to retaining staff that may involve changes to terms and
         conditions, redeployment or retraining following serious illness or disability related

In respect of change management

       consult with the HR team prior to any departmental restructuring
       seek preliminary advice from HR when dealing with contentious staff issues

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       provide a proposal for change detailing the rationale for proposed changes, the impact,
        benefits, planned timescales and consultation process
       adopt a positive approach to change and ensure staff are informed, supported and
        engage with the process
       produce revised job descriptions etc where appropriate

Recruitment and Selection

Objective:         To attract high calibre applicants; to progress recruitment effectively in
                   accordance with best practice; the Equal Opportunity Policy and in a cost-
                   effective manner.

Contact:           The HR Officer responsible for your School or Department.
                   Catherine Evans    (020 7380 3156;
                   Priya Bhatt        (020 7380 3164;
                   Rita Prajapati     (020 7380 3165;
                   Nicole Eaton       (020 7380 3168;

The HR Officer will:

Prior to advertising:

        advise on policy and procedures to be followed
        arrange job evaluation panels. and advise on the content of job descriptions and
         person specifications
        advise and agree use of media and associated timescales for recruitment
        review and amend draft advertisement for content, equality issues, economy and
         adherence to ‘house style’
        advise on the most suitable online application type and application questions
        upload job advert, job description/person specification, general information about the
         School/Department and application type onto the online recruitment system by the
         agreed publishing date

Prior to interview:

        monitor enquiries in the HR inbox and respond accordingly
        change the status of online application forms by 12pm on the day following the
         closing date for the line manager to review and download for shortlisting
        provide a pro forma requesting details of the selection process on notification from the
        email candidates to confirm interview arrangements within 5 days of their request
        request references for academic roles and provide the appointing committee with
         copies prior to interview

Post interview:

        email candidates who are unsuccessful at interview within 3 working days of receipt of
         interview record and offer form
        pay invoice from advertising agency on receipt and claim negotiated discounts
        process claims for reimbursement of travel expenses within 7 days of receipt
        request references for research and professional and support roles and, once both
         references are received, confirm to the line manager that they are satisfactory
        issue a contract of employment no later than 3 working days after receipt of the
         interview record and offer form

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      ensure the appointee receives health clearance and advise the School/Department of
       any problems
      liaise with the recruiter and arrange for work permit applications where necessary

What we need from the Recruiting Manager:

Prior to advertising:

      obtain approval (including funding approval) for the post
      provide 10 working days notice of recruitment submitting a draft advert, evaluated job
       description and any relevant background information including team structure chart
      identify recruiter to be responsible and available for contact throughout the process
      to agree with your HR Officer in advance, a timetable for the recruitment process i.e.
       advertisement date, closing date, shortlist date and interview date
      change the status online of unsuccessful candidates and indicate a reason as soon
       as possible once a shortlist has been agreed

Prior to Interview:

      view all applications online and shortlist candidates for interview promptly in
       accordance with criteria set out in the recruitment policy
      contact all candidates shortlisted for interview to confirm that they can attend on
       selected date, return pro forma to your HR Officer detailing the selection process and
       confirming the names of the interview panel
      ensure all panel members have attended recruitment and selection training
      ensure at least 7 working days between the shortlist being received in HR Services
       and the interview date

Post Interview:

      ensure that the interview panel chair completes and returns all interview offer and
       record forms detailing the basis on which the decision to appoint/reject was taken on
       the day following the interview; the form must be signed by the panel chair
      return all shortlisting/interview notes to your HR Officer
      wherever possible, contact unsuccessful interviewees by telephone within two days of
      provide data promptly for work permit/sponsorship application where appropriate

Contract Administration

Objective:         To ensure all contracts are issued, amended and/or brought to an end in an
                   appropriate manner according to the terms and conditions of employment.

Contact:           The HR Officer responsible for your School or Professional Service

                   Catherine Evans         (020 7380 3156;
                   Priya Bhatt             (020 7380 3164;
                   Rita Prajapati          (020 7380 3165;
                   Nicole Eaton            (020 7380 3168;

The HR Officer will:

In respect of new appointments:

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      issue appointment letters within 5 working days of the receipt of all appropriate

In respect of probationary periods:

      confirm in all letters of appointment the probationary review and its length
      send copy of appointment letter to the employee's line manager to ensure that the
       probation review is carried out at the relevant stages
      advise line managers in cases where probation does not progress satisfactorily

In respect of fixed term expiry:

      issue notices to line managers concerning the end date of fixed term contracts
       normally 4 months before the expiry date (except in the case of short contracts i.e.
       where contract duration is less than 4 months)
      issue extension or termination letter within 5 working days of receipt of all appropriate
       documentation e.g. financial approval
      highlight risks and provide management guidance related to extending or ending fixed
       term contracts, seeking advice where appropriate

In respect of resignations or ending employment:

      send out ‘acceptance of resignation’ letters within 5 days of receipt of resignation
       within HR
      support and advise on ending employment through retirement, for ill health reasons,
       capability, conduct or other reasons, seeking advice where appropriate
      administer severance/early retirement packages in appropriate circumstances,
       subject to College approval

What we need from the Manager

      liaise with Finance and/or Research Grants to obtain full authorisation before
       commencement/continuation of employment of a member of staff
      reply promptly to all requests for information
      produce a probationary agreement/professional development plan including the
       appointment of a suitable member of staff to act as the probationer's supervisor and
      manage performance effectively for probationers setting objectives, monitoring and
       providing support and coaching
      provide HR with confirmation that the probationary period is progressing satisfactorily
       and seek advice in cases where difficulties arise
      write to the employee to confirm successful completion of the probationary period,
       copying to HR
      advise staff well in advance of the fixed term contract expiry date of any uncertainties
       surrounding the renewal of the contract
      pass letters of resignation on to HR immediately and include confirmation of annual
       leave taken/outstanding
      termination of employment must not take place without liaising with HR or obtaining
       appropriate authorisation

Policy Development

Objective:         To research, review and develop policy to support the College’s strategic
                   goals in accordance with legislative and best practice requirements.

                   To consult on policy development effectively; to encourage engagement and
                   understanding of HR policies.
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Contact:           Tony Ferns (020 7380 3157 ;
                   Gareth Stirrat (020 7380 3166;

                   For advice on individual cases contact your HR Manager or HR Officer as

HR will:

          review and revise policy and procedures in accordance with changes in legislation
           and best practice
          work in partnership with the unions on policy development
          provide advice and assist Schools and Departments on new and changing policies
           and initiatives
          ensure that policies are kept up to date on the HR web site
          maintain up to date information on employment law, regulations and codes of
          arrange training to support the launch and embedding of new policies
          support relevant committee structure and formal decision making processes, for
           example the Staff Joint Committees and the HR Strategy and Policy Committee

What we need from Service Users

          for Schools and Departments to seek preliminary advice at earliest opportunity
          work with HR to meet both School and Corporate policy and service objectives
          respond to requests for qualitative and quantitative information
          communicate policies across the School and Department
          feedback on the impact of policies with recommendations for future action

Reward and Remuneration

Objective:         To develop a range of flexible reward policies that align with the College’s
                   strategic direction and that attract, motivate and retain high quality, skilled

                   To ensure that jobs are evaluated and graded appropriately using fair and
                   equitable processes. The Hay method is used for job evaluation and
                   payscales agreed through the National Framework Agreement (NFA).

                   To develop and operate reward mechanisms that support our commitment to
                   diversity and equality with a view to achieving equitable treatment and also
                   ensure that individual contribution and responsibility are valued and
                   recognised within the College.

Contact:           Tony Ferns (020 7380 3157 ;
                   Gareth Stirrat (020 7380 3166;

                   Contact your HR Manager or HR Officer regarding contribution related pay
                   and promotion panels, payroll issues and individual cases as appropriate.

HR will:

         take lead responsibility for researching, developing and reviewing reward and
          remuneration strategy and mechanisms
         review and revise policy and procedures as necessary

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      service all committees and panels responsible for regrading and incremental awards
       of academic, research and professional and support staff, including appeal panels
      advise these bodies, managers and members of staff on individual cases and
       remuneration policy
      implement decisions, notifying all relevant parties
      monitor and report on promotions and related activity
      act on behalf of the relevant committees in accordance with established policy
      advise managers concerning appropriate payments to recognise additional
      in conjunction with payroll, maintain and publish information on pay scales, pay
       settlements and arrears
      notify payroll and individuals regarding changes to pay, grading, increments,
       honorariums and other allowances
      provide advice and assistance to managers on appropriate reward packages

What we need from managers:

      meet payroll deadlines; facilitate provision of new starter information for payroll
       purposes and advise the new employee if payment is not possible within the month of
      submit applications by the stated deadline, using the appropriate forms
      submit requests and provide information on the continuation or change to
       responsibility allowances or other payments promptly and accurately
      ensure that funding is available and approval is obtained from the appropriate body
       before job offers, rewards or other salary commitments are made to staff

Equality and Diversity
Objective:         To ensure adherence and commitment to the College policies on equality
                   and diversity; to promote best practice and advise on equality and diversity

Contact:           Patricia Crampton (020 7380 3153 ;

                   Individual issues should be referred to your HR Manager.

HR will:

      provide advice and information on equality and diversity issues to managers and staff
      maintain computerised records of equalities data for monitoring purposes for all
       applicants and current staff in line with legislative requirements and best practice
      provide statistical analysis on this data to monitor, advise and lead the development
       of equality and diversity initiatives
      develop and maintain standard equality and diversity reports for use by senior
       management whilst adhering to the ‘sensitive data’ requirements of the Data
       Protection Act
      provide advice to those responsible for the development of equality and diversity
       policy and practice for students
      keep up to date on changes in discrimination law and its impact on Birkbeck
       employment practices; this includes impact assessments of current and future policies
       relating to employer engagement
      oversee and monitor implementation of the Single Equality Strategy and action plan
      maintain the equality and diversity information for staff on the College’s website and
       the intranet.

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What we need from managers:

      seek preliminary advice when dealing with contentious equality and diversity issues
      adhere to and promote equality and diversity principles, leading by example and
       challenging inappropriate behaviours
      foster an inclusive, trusting and diversity friendly culture
      consult with the HR Manager (Equalities) on queries relating to the implementation of
       the Single Equality Strategy and other related policies or procedures
      an understanding of the principles of harassment within the Dignity at Work policy and
       the procedures managers must follow when dealing with issues related to bullying or

Nursery provision
  Objective: To provide nursery care for children aged 2 or older from 5.30 pm to 9.00
             pm weekdays during term time for the benefit of staff and students.

  Contact:         Deirdre Lazarus, Nursery Manager on 020 7323 5475

  The nursery will

      ensure children are well cared for in a stimulating and friendly environment, including
       children with special needs
      work to voluntary Ofsted operating standards

  What we need from service users

      to contact the nursery directly with enquiries
      to respect and adhere to the rules and usage of the nursery and the staff working
      keep staff informed of health issues or special needs relating to the welfare of their

Learning and Organisational Development
Objective:         To ensure that the College’s core needs in relation to people and (people-
                   related) organisational capabilities are analysed, articulated and developed
                   in order to enable achievement of the College’s identified Strategic Goals.

HR will:

  Leadership and Management Development
      develop and deliver leadership and management development programmes, based
       on needs analysis, for new leadership and management roles (e.g. Executive Deans,
       School Managers, Assistant Deans, Assistant School Managers and Team Leaders)
      maintain existing support for all managers and leaders (e.g. CMI programme)

  Core Skills Development
   develop and deliver training programmes for all statutory, mandatory and other key
     areas required or offered by the College (e.g. recruitment and selection, pre-
     retirement planning)

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  Performance Management
   work with the HR Services team to enhance performance management systems and
     performance management people capability (e.g. PDR, academic probation, line
     management training)

  Remission of Fees
   administer the Remission of Fees scheme

  Academic Probation Panel
   administer the academic probation panel process and provide briefing sessions for
     School Administrators
   send out reminders prior to the panel meeting
   confirm to the relevant Assistant Dean all interim probationers deemed ‘satisfactory’
     by the panel
   send out ‘confirmation in post’ letters within 3 weeks of the panel meeting
   send out all non-standard letters within 4 weeks of the panel meeting

  Progress and Development Review (PDR)
   monitor professional and support staff PDR form returns
   report to senior management each year on PDR completion by School and
     Professional Service Department
   offer PDR training for reviewees and reviewers

  What we need from managers (academic probation):
   to highlight the importance of academic probation and to ensure reports are submitted
    to the panel on time
   encourage School Administrators to attend any relevant briefing sessions
   identify School Administrators to be responsible for academic probation panel
    administration at School level and to monitor compliance with procedure
   ensure that L&OD are provided with a list of all probationers submitting an interim or
    seeking confirmation report

  What we need from managers (PDR):
   ensure managers are offering and conducting PDRs
   ensure PDR forms are completed appropriately before being sent to L&OD (for
    professional and support staff) or logged by the School Administration (for academic
   encourage staff to attend relevant training

  What we need from managers in relation to our services:
   direction and support from senior management
   managers to continue to encourage and require their staff to participate on relevant
   managers to provide information requested, particularly in relation to PDR and
    academic probation, within the time parameters given
   managers and their staff to effectively engage with needs analysis and evaluation
    activities (e.g. focus groups, questionnaires, meetings)
   managers to support application of staff learning by agreeing and reviewing action
    plans after learning events (e.g. at PDR, one-to-one meetings)

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Monitoring success
Surveys and audits
Human Resources will use surveys and customer audits to identify strengths and areas for
improvement in terms of service provision. Input will be sought from managers and staff in
relation to satisfaction with overall service provision and on specific HR strands or
associated College initiatives.

Key performance indicators
The following performance indicators will be benchmarked within the HE Sector, or national
average or will relate to specific internal targets where appropriate.

         Information, advice and guidance
          Management information reports, policy guidance and written advice delivered to
           specification, completed on time
          Level of satisfaction will be measured through feedback, for example, a service
           user audit/questionnaire or focus groups.

         Employee Relations
          Percentage of employees on short-term/long term sickness leave
          Cost of absence
          Average number of days lost through sickness

         Recruitment and retention
          Establishment costs
          Staff turnover and stability index
          Voluntary leavers with less than 1 year’s service

         Contract Administration
          Percentage of contract administration and vetting checks completed prior to start
           date of new joiners

         Policy Development
          Qualitative report on policy development

         Reward and Remuneration
          Qualitative report on reward and remuneration strategy

         Equality and Diversity
          Percentage of equality targets/actions implemented within Single Equality
          Number of equality impact assessments carried out and acted upon
          Breakdown of staff and management profile by the key diversity strands/

         Nursery provision
          Take-up of service by staff and students

         Learning and Organisational Development
            Participation rate for probationary staff in Academic Probation Panel
            Take-up of development opportunities by staff
            Percentage of academic, and professional and support, staff receiving PDRs
            Feedback on course evaluation forms

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Please refer to the core service level agreement for the complaints procedure.

Date of Agreement (insert date)

Signatories to Agreement
        (Include details of all parties to the agreement - all parties should sign this

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                                                       Appendix 1


Location:          Egmont House
                   First Floor East
                   25-31 Tavistock Place
                   WC1H 9SF
Tel:               020 7631 6000 (main switchboard)
Fax:               020 7631 3172

Director of Human Resources
Naina Patel
tel:     0207 380 3163

PA to Director of HR
Jackie Williams
tel:     0207 380 3170

Head of HR Services/Deputy Director of HR
Annette Groark
tel:    0207 380 3158

HR Services Team:

HR Managers
Cara Eden
tel:    0207 380 3155

Jackie Jefferson
tel:    0207 380 3160

Katy Halliwell
tel:    0207 380 3159

Robert Morrison
tel:    0207 380 3161

HR Officers
Catherine Evans
tel:    0207 380 3156

Priya Bhatt
tel:    0207 380 3164

e31b1c88-7284-4cb7-8935-db3fdde8a3a5.doc              Page 16
Rita Prajapati
tel:     0207 380 3165

Nicole Eaton
tel:    0207 380 3169

Policy Team:

Head of Policy
Tony Ferns
tel:    0207 380 3157

HR Manager (Projects)
Gareth Stirrat
tel:    0207 380 3166

Finance Projects Officer
Niamh Lynch
Email: n.lynch@bbk.a.cuk

Equality and Diversity:

HR Manager (Equalities)
Patricia Crampton
tel:     0207 380 3153

Learning and Organisational Development:

Head of Learning and Organisational Development
Wendy Czogalik
tel:    0207 380 3154

Management Development Specialist
Neil O’Connor
tel:    0207 380 3162

Learning and Development Adviser
Kathryn Taylor
tel:    0207 380 3167

Learning and Development Administrator
Laura Bridgman
tel:    0207 380 3152

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