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Abdul Wahid Omar


									Dear Sir/Madam

How are you and your family? Hope all is well. Firstly we the entire citizens of
Libya express sincere gratitude to the United Nations, all the organizations and
entire Nations of the World that in one way or the other fought for the liberation of
Libya people. We also thank the almighty ALLAH for making it possible and pray
that he will grant our dear brothers and sisters that lost their lives in the struggle.

I know that this mail may come to you as a surprise as it coming from unknown
person but all the same it is to appreciate all individual and group that helped to
make our dreams a reality and to introduce to the hidden investment opportunities
available in Libya . My name is Abdul Wahid Omar a native of Sirte province in
Libya the same area with COL MUAMMAR GADDAFI. I have worked in many
capacities in his administration and recent during the rumors and early stage of
war, he mandated me with other officers to travel to South Africa with one of his
presidential jet to purchase arms and ammunition in readiness and preparedness
for war.

On our arrival, we lodged the money in a certain security company here in South
Africa and other officers flew back to Libya with jet while one of the officers and I
as the leader of the delegate stayed back for negotiations, On process of the
negotiation the war intensified my colleagues and I decided to stay back and change
the storage watching closely the outcome of the war.

The money in question is about five hundred million dollars ($500, 000000.00)
packed in ten boxes of fifty million United States Dollars each ($50, 000000.00). Now
the war is over as the oppositions have taken over power and as somebody and a
closed associate of Gaddafi, I cannot go back to Libya right now .My colleague and I
are looking for an interested partner where we can invest this money overseas . Our
situations here deserves confidentiality and if you are interested immediately email
so that we can discuss the percentage due for due, the amount that should be
invested and areas of investment.

Thank you very much for your anticipated cooperation

Yours Sincerely

Abdul Wahid Omar

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