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					                                  OSCEOLA COUNTY
                               COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE
                                  FEBRUARY 1, 2011

The Committee meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Chairman Brooks.

Present: Commissioners Dave Brooks, Ron Sikkema, Mark Brock, Roger Elkins, Tammy
Stoner, and Larry Emig.

Also present: Cliff Youngs and Alan Gingrich-Road Commission, Ed Nettle-EMS Director,
Susan VanderPol-County Coordinator and Karen Bluhm-County Clerk.

Moved by Commissioner Brock, supported by Commissioner Sikkema to approve the
agenda as presented. Motion carried.

Brief Public Comment: None.

Employee Comment: None.

Moved by Commissioner Sikkema, supported by Commissioner Emig to approve the
committee minutes of January 18, 2011 as presented. Motion carried.

Recommended by Commissioner Sikkema, supported by Commissioner Stoner to approve
the claims for the county in the amount of $31,135.10. Recommendation was unanimously

Medical Examiner Agreement
EMS Director, Ed Nettle, was present asking the committee to adopt the proposed signed
contract with Dr. Wagner to represent Osceola County as our Medical Examiner. As previously
discussed, the terms remain the same as the past contract.

Recommended by Commissioner Elkins, supported by Commissioner Sikkema to approve
the agreement with Dr. Wagner for medical examiner services and authorize the chairman
to sign. Recommendation was unanimously supported.

Weighmaster Revenues
Susan Vander Pol, County Coordinator, gave a general update of the revenues and expenditures
related to the Weighmaster program. She explained that in addition to the base rate of a ticket
the County adds additional fees for the DARE fund, and the Building Fund as requested by the
77th District Court Judge. She added the police officer liability insurance is also covered by the
county, because the officer appointed to Weighmaster duties must be deputized by our Sheriff.
Cliff Youngs, from the Road Commission, asked committee members to consider turning over
all undesignated revenue generated from tickets generated by the Weighmaster to the Road
Commission now that they are handling this program. Discussion was held.
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Committee Minutes
February 1, 2011

Recommended by Commissioner Sikkema, supported by Commissioner Brock to return
the county’s portion of the ticket revenue from the Weighmaster program minus any
statutorily added fees (such as DARE and Building Fund assessments) and Officer Liability
insurance for a period of approximately one year (2011 revenues) to the Osceola County
Road Commission. Recommendation was unanimously supported.

Chili Cook-off
Chairman Brooks spoke about the upcoming chili cook-off to be held on the 15th of February,
noting that traditionally Commissioner’s have sponsored this event to benefit the United Way.
Plans were made regarding the event and discussion held on why we support the United Way.

Annex Building Projects & Bonding
Susan Vander Pol, County Coordinator, updated committee members on the Annex Building bid
process. Bids are due by the 25th of February on the project and will be opened by Susan and
Kim in the Coordinator’s office later that same day. Once the bids are opened they will be
forwarded to Hooker DeJong for their review. The bid opening is an open process, but details of
the bids will not be reviewed at this time, just a list of the bidders and the amounts of bids will be
listed on the appropriate form. Commissioners will review the detailed bids at their March 1,
2011 meeting. Some commissioners expressed interest in being present for the opening of the
bids, so Susan advised them she will contact them with the exact time of the bid opening.

December 2010 Treasurer’s Budget Amendment Report
Chairman Brooks offered the December 2010 Treasurer’s Budget Amendment Report for

Recommended by Commissioner Sikkema, supported by Commissioner Emig to approve
the December 2010 Journal Register Report. Recommendation was unanimously

Budget Amendments and Cash Transfer
Commissioner Brooks reviewed budget amendments.

Recommended by Commissioner Sikkema, supported by Commissioner Stoner to approve
the budget amendments and cash transfer as presented. Recommendation was
unanimously supported.

Placement of Quilt Block on Tustin Building
Commissioner Elkins shared information on the Quilt Trail established in Osceola County. The
Commission on Aging’s Advisory Board would like to place a quilt block on our Commission on
Aging facility in Tustin at no cost to the County. Actual cost is $150, but the Advisory Board is
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Committee Minutes
February 1, 2011

willing to pay for this expense. Since it is a County building and an application must be
submitted by the County requesting the placement, the County must give approval.

Recommended by Commissioner Stoner, supported by Commissioner Elkins to approve
the placement of a Quilt Block on the Commission on Aging Building in Tustin and
authorize the chairman to sign the Quilt Block application with payment to come from the
Commission on Aging Advisory Board. Recommendation was unanimously supported.

Employee/Board Comments: Chairman Brooks re-addressed the need to hold meetings
throughout the County for public input to discuss the future of our Emergency Medical Services.
He advised he has tentatively set the following schedule for these meetings: February 22, 2011
at the Reed City Fire Hall; February 24, 2011 at the Evart Fairgrounds; March 7, 2011 at the
Marion High School Cafeteria; and March 10, 2011 at the Tustin COA meal site. All meetings
would be at 7:00 p.m. Discussion was held regarding public announcements of these meetings
and having EMS Director Nettle speak at the meetings.

Commissioner Brock, after recently spending some time in the Annex Building, wants to re-visit
building security issues. He will be holding a Safety Committee meeting soon to address this
issue as well as some 9-1-1- issues.

Commissioner Stoner spoke about the recent Merit Network meeting regarding high-speed
internet held at the Pine River Schools that she attended.

Public Comment: Alan Gingrich-citizen, spoke about the upcoming meetings regarding EMS
and the need to have costs associated with the information presented. He also expressed his
concern about providing services out-of-county by our EMS.

Moved by Commissioner Sikkema, supported by Commissioner Emig to adjourn at 11:25 a.m.

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Karen J. Bluhm, County Clerk                         Dave Brooks, Chairman

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