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 BRIEF COURSE CONTENT                                              Detail Course Content
                                                                                        Trading strategies
       Introduction                                Introduction
      What is algorithmic trading?
      Trading by technology                                                                  o   Type of Trading strategies
                                                    o   What is trading?
      Technical analysis                           o   Demand and supply
                                                                                                  on the basis
      Chart patterns                               o   Bid and ask                           o   of behavior
      Trading strategies                           o                                         o   Type of trading strategies
                                                                                                  on the basis
      Technical Indicator                          o   Data & Chart pattern
                                                    o                                             of time frame
      Some important indicators                        Entry and exit type & order
       Algorithms (Practical Training)              o                                         o
                                                       Instruments
                                                                                              o   Multi chart strategies
                                                    o   Various Exchanges
                                                    o   Bigpoint value                        o
                                                    o   Leverage
                                                    o   Standard deviation
                                                    o                                    Technical Indicator
                                                        Volatility & Liquidity
                                                    o                                    Some important indicators
DURATION:- 4-6 Weeks                                    Slippage and commission
                                                    o   Capital
                                                    o   Risk management                       o
                                                    o                                             Moving average
                                                        Money management                      o   Weighted moving average
                                                                                              o   Exponential moving
                                                                                              o   TRIX
                                                                                              o   ADX
                                                                                              o   RSI
                                                   Whatisalgorithmic                         o   DMI+,DMI-
                                                    trading?                                  o   Stochastic
                                                    Trading by technology                     o   Percent change
                                                    Technical analysis                        o   Momentum
                                                    Chart patterns                            o   Bollinger band

                                                    o   Head and Shoulders
                                                                                         Algorithms (Practical training)
                                                    o   Cup and Handle                        o   How to Code algorithms
                                                    o   Double Tops and Bottoms
                                                    o   Triangles                                 for strategies
                                                    o   Flag and Pennant                      o   How to code algorithms for
                                                    o   Wedge
                                                    o   Gaps                                      indicators
                 Trading for                        o   Triple Tops and Bottoms               o   How to create the function
                           beginners                                                              on the basis of
                                                                                              o   mathematical model using

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