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									                       Virginia Community Colleges Association
                        Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
                          Virginia Beach Conference Center
                                 March 18th and 19th

Present             Alan Harris, Kimberly French, Jennifer Jessee, Paulette Yates, Denise
                    Harrison, Nova Wright, Chris Pauly, Barbara Moore, Sandy Saunders, Issi
                    Patterson, Karen Roberson

Absent              George Hoffman, Becca Slayton, Neka Wilson, Jennifer Jessee

Call to Order       President Alan Harris called the meeting to order on Thursday March 18,
                    2010, at 1:45 p.m., welcoming all committee members.

Reports             Nova Wright distributed the previous meeting minutes. Corrections were
                    discussed. Barbara Moore made a motion to approve the previous meeting
                    minutes with one correction, Sandy Saunders seconded the motion.
                    Motion carried.

                    Karen Roberson distributed the treasurer’s report. Karen reported that the
                    CD at First Bank is $10,281.

Old Business

Theme               The 2010 theme for the VCCA Conference is Achieve 2015: Sailing into
                    the Future.

Keynote Speakers    Alan appointed an ad-hoc committee to find keynote speakers. The
                    committee consists of Alan, Kimberly French, Sandy Saunders, and
                    Denise Harrison. Alan reported that he had contacted Jill Biden but had
                    not received a response.
                    Discussion was given to Joe the Magician as the Saturday morning

Spring Newsletter   Nova will call Jennifer Jessee to get the PDF version of the newsletter so
                    that she can make corrections and additions.

New Business

Appointments        Jim Bates has agreed to serve as photographer. Nancy Warren has agreed
                    to serve as Parliamentarian.

College Tour        Chris Pauly will get information pertaining to TCC college tour for
                    attendees that are interested in touring the TCC campus. It is suggested to
                    take 10-15 people by van to the college. The tours could be offered during
                    Thursday’s registration time slot.
2010 Conference       *Portsmouth Hotel will help with online registration and registration table.
                      *A reminder needs to be sent to college contacts to bring a door prize to
                      the conference.
                      * Nicki will contact local businesses and hotels to request donations for
                      the conference.

Meal tickets          A suggestion was made that a meal ticket option be made available on the
                      conference registration form for attendees to select meals that they would
                      be attending during the conference. This is needed for meal-count

Website               All updates and additions for the VCCA website need to be sent to Alan to
                      be forwarded to Robert for posting.

Concurrent Sessions Each room will have a setup consisting of a laptop, projector, and screen.
                    Denise would like to have 5 rooms for concurrent sessions. Executive
                    committee members are asked to bring equipment for the concurrent
                    session rooms. Alan and Chris agreed to take one room each.

Registration          Paulette will talk to Lauren in the System Office to see if an electronic
                      registration can be set up for the VCCA Conference.

Showcase Awards       Kimberly made a motion to continue to order showcase awards from the
                      same vendor as in the past and the award will be the business card box.
                      Nova seconded the motion. Motion carried.

                      Barbara will ask Judy Rinker to present the Showcase Awards again this
                      year. If Judy is interested, Barbara will submit a PD&G requesting 1 night
                      lodging, meals, and mileage.

Vendors               Everyone is asked to gather vendor contacts and send the information to

Membership            Chris Pauley will send out an email informing college contacts to submit
                      membership money on a weekly basis.
                      Chris will send a letter to all college contacts to announce the VCCA
                      membership drive.

                      Nicki Coyle volunteered to inquire about six free tickets to the Naval
                      Industry and other prizes to be given away during the conference. Nicki
                      will make these requests by fax on VCCA letterhead.

College Contacts      Karen Roberson made a motion to purchase $10 gift cards to be given to
                      college contacts along with an appreciation card. Chris seconded the
                      motion. Motion carried.

Concurrent Session    Ask Rena if she would be willing to put together a gift for the concurrent
                      session speakers.

Attendee Bags         Chris made a motion for the attendee’s bags and items to go into the bags,
                      not to exceed $15 each. Nova seconded the motion. Motion carried.
                                        March 19, 2020
                                          9:25 a.m.

Friday, March 19, 2010 at 9:25 a.m. Kimberly French called the meeting to order.

Present               Kimberly French, Paulette Yates, Denise Harrison, Nova Wright, Chris
                      Pauly, Barbara Moore, Sandy Saunders, Issi Patterson, Karen Roberson

Absent                George Hoffman, Becca Slayton, Neka Wilson, Jennifer Jessee, Alan

Office up for
Election              Nova will email Kimberly a list of offices up for election. Kimberly will
                      send an email out to all MALs.

Misc.                 Discussion was given to Excellence in Education award and the Lifetime
                      Membership award. These items will be discussed at the next meeting.

                      Kimberly will work on creating a logo for the VCCA Conference theme.
                      She will email the logo to Nova for the newsletter.

Having no further business, the meeting adjourned at 10:05 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nova Wright, Secretary

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