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The SLU Human Resource Office Newsletter by 755Z5YH


									May 2002                                                                                          Volume 1

                                    The SLU Human Resource Office Newsletter


   Civil Service Pay Plan Change            Authorization and Requests for       Summer Semester Employment
    effective May 14, 2002                    Fee Waivers for Summer and            Information for GA’s
   Benefits News                             Fall 2002 Semesters                  Drop News
   Customer Service Survey                  Retirement News

                   Civil Service Pay Plan Change effective May 14, 2002
On May 14, 2001 (Phase I) the Governor approved a 6% adjustment to the General and Medical Pay Schedules
to be phased in over a 24-month period. Each Phase contained an approximate 2% adjustment to both range
minimums and maximums. Phase II was effective May 14, 2002; Phase III will be effective on May 14, 2003.

Effect to Minimum Rate of Pay:
Phase I was effective on May 14, 2001. Any employee whose rate of pay was below the new minimum was
brought up to the new minimum. In Phase II another 2% increase was added to the minimum and maximums of
the General and Medical Pay Schedules effective on May 14, 2002. All employees whose current rates of pay
are below the new minimum on May 14, 2002, will be brought up to the new minimum. Phase III will be
effective May 14, 2003 and will be the final 2% increase to the minimums and maximums of the General and
Medical Pay Schedules.

Effect to Maximum Rate of Pay:
Any employee who was already at maximum pay becomes eligible for the 2% adjustment to the maximum on
their next eligibility date for a merit increase. Anyone who was below maximum pay becomes eligible for up to
a 4% merit increase, not to exceed the new maximum. If you have any questions that relate to this matter please
call Wanda Crawford at 549-5772 or Cayce Fournier at 549-2056.

                       Authorization and Requests for Fee Waivers for
                             Summer and Fall 2002 Semesters
All requests for Authorization to Take University Classes and Fee Waivers for qualified employees and
dependents will need to be submitted to the Human Resource Office no later than the last day of late registration
for each semester. As a reminder, the last day for late registration for Summer 2002 will be on June 5 and Fall
2002 will be on August 28. For more detailed information and required forms please visit our web site at:

If you have any questions regarding Fee Waivers or Authorization to Take Classes, please contact Sue Jones at or 549-2057. Please send the completed forms to the Human Resource Office, SLU 10799.
The Human Resource Office is located in Building NCHR, on North Campus in Room 106.

                  Summer Semester Employment Information for GA’s
Summer Semester Dates: Monday, June 3, through Tuesday, July 30.

Summer Semester Salary: $1100.

Pay dates: Two checks—June 28 and July 30.

Work Permits: International students must obtain a work permit for the summer semester from Josie Mercante
and present it to HR by June 14.

Additional Duties: 5.01P forms for GA’s are on the web. These must be completed and approved in advance.
Dates GA’s can perform additional duties are May 18 through June 2 ONLY.

Exit Checkout Forms: Must be completed for all GA’s who will not be returning. If they are not working
during the summer session but are returning in the fall, an exit form does not have to be completed; however, if
they do not return in the fall, the department must complete the exit form. Forms are generated in the
department and the department will sign off on section 1. The department must also verify that the student has
certified his/her time. The student must take the form to the Physical Plant Office where they will sign off that
keys have been returned or were not issued. HR will complete the remainder of the form. If the form is not
completed by Friday, May 17, checks and transcripts will be held. This could be a problem for GA’s, especially
those leaving town, since checks will not be available until May 31.

GA Orientation: Is mandatory for all new GA’s or GA’s who have not previously attended an orientation
session. An orientation session will be held Monday, June 3, from 2:00 until 4:00 in UC 139. A session for
GA’s hired after June 3 will be Thursday, June 6, from 2:00 until 4:00. Students MUST bring a copy of their
social security card and driver’s license and a check from their checking account for direct deposit.
International students MUST also bring a copy of their passport (all pages), visa, I-94, I-20 and a work
permit (from Josie Mercante). GA’s will not be processed for payroll until all documentation is presented.

Social Security Number: If a new international GA has a temporary social security number beginning with
180, they must apply for a “real” social security card at the Social Security Administration office. They will not
be processed for pay until a social security card is presented.

Telephone Verification of Employment: Must be completed for all new GA’s (including international).
Verifications are not required for GA’s who have worked at SLU in the past (student worker, recreation, etc.)

Work Telephone/Room Number: Students’ contact work telephone numbers and work building and room
numbers are required on the Recommendation of Employment in case of an emergency.

Term Classes: GA’s taking term classes during the summer will be eligible for a full tuition waiver but will
receive the stipend only for the period they are able to perform their duties. (Term I/ Term II/ Full Summer

                                              Benefits News
It is the employee’s responsibility to notify the Office of Group Benefits of any changes in family status, such
as birth of a child, marriage, divorce, or a dependent who is no longer eligible for coverage. Employees are
reminded to add or delete dependents within 30 days of the family status change, to avoid overpaying or
underpaying premiums.
All student certifications must be submitted to the Office of Group Benefits for both the Fall and Spring
semesters. Failure to submit student certification could result in the dependent’s loss of coverage.

New Benefit: All members of Ochsner Health Plan and Group Benefits PPO and EPO now have a new added
benefit. Effective July 1, 2002 Value Added Services have been added to both plans. Members may now
access dental, vision, hearing, cosmetic surgery, and massage therapy through Louisiana Dental Plan. For more
information about the Value Added Services visit

                                            Retirement News
New Rehired Retiree Law: Effective July 1, 2002 all TRSL retirees must wait 12 months before returning to
work. If a TRSL retiree returns to work before the required 12 month waiting period, their retirement benefits
will be suspended for the duration of the employment or the lapse of the 12-month waiting period, whichever
occurs first. The new law also provides that the retiree will continue to receive full retirement benefits, with no
limitation to salary earned. Unsheltered retirement contributions will be deducted from the retirees pay during
the reemployment period. These contributions may be refunded at the retiree’s request at the end of the
employment. (This law does not apply to Disability retirees).

TRSL will sponsor Retirement Planning Workshops soon. All day workshops are six hours long. Members
who are within five years of retirement eligibility are invited, but all are welcome. You must register before
attending. Upcoming workshops near this area are: June 11, 2002 at the Denham Springs Junior High School
and Friday August 2, 2002 at the St. Tammany Parish School Board, Board Room, Covington, LA. Contact
Doris Dumas at 225-925-6582 or Janet Harris at 225-925-6583 for registration.

Rehired retirees: - Act 165 of the 1st Extraordinary Session of 2002 amended the existing law for rehired retirees
of LASERS to the following:

Option 1: Retirees may elect to limit earnings in any fiscal year to 50% of their annual retirement benefit for
          such fiscal year. If actual earnings exceed the limit, retirement benefits will be reduced by the
          amount earnings exceed the limit.
Option 2: Retirees may regain membership in LASERS by repaying all retirement benefits received plus
          interest at the actuarial rate. This option allows retirees to restore all service credit and return to
          active member status as if they had not retired. If retirees participated in the DROP program, they
          cannot elect this option.
Option 3:Retirees may suspend their retirement benefits effective on reemployment date and become
          contributing members of LASERS based on their current employment. Employee and employer
          contributions must be paid and there is no limit on earnings. Upon subsequent retirement, the
          suspended retirement benefit will be restored.
          In addition, if retirees work at least 36 months, a supplemental benefit will be calculated for
          additional employment based on service credit and average compensation for that time. If retirees
          work less than 36 months, employee contributions will be refunded.
Option 4: (This option is for Act 455 reemployed retirees only)
          The retiree may elect to suspend retirement benefits for twelve months following the effective date of
          retirement. The retiree will receive his retirement benefits after the suspension. The retiree will not
          earn additional service credit during reemployment. Neither the retiree nor the employer will make
          any contributions to the system.

          (Disability retirees cannot return to work in a state government position with termination of their
          retirement benefits.)

Act 844 – Early Retirement and Payroll Reduction Act – This law provides for early retirement with 10 years of
service credit at age 50, or 20 years of service at any age, with a reduced benefit. Act 844 will expire on
December 31, 2002. A member retiring under this act may not return to state service for 2 years.

LASERS will present the PREP seminar on September 20, 2002, at the University Center, Room 133. PREP is
a very informative seminar designed for LASERS members with more than 10 years of service. Seminars are
from 8:00 to 4:00 p.m. To register for PREP visit or contact the Benefits Section of the
Human Resource Office at 549-5655. (Room temperatures may vary, so dress accordingly.)

                                                Drop News
Employees wishing to retire or enter the DROP program are advised to begin the process at least 60 days prior
to the desired effective date. Documents necessary to process either DROP or retirement applications are:
(copies only) of employee and beneficiary (ies) birth certificates, social security cards, marriage certificate,
divorce decree (if applicable).

Members of DROP will be pleased to note that although both TRSL and LASERS realized return of
investments would have caused a negative percentage rate of return to be placed against DROP accounts, the
LA State Attorney General has ruled that the retirement systems cannot apply the negative interest rate to these
accounts. La.Const. Art.X, Sec. 29(E) states in pertinent part as follows: “The accrued benefits of members of
any state or statewide public retirement system shall not be diminished or impaired”.

                 Human Resource Office Customer Satisfaction Survey
The Human Resource Office mailed out a Customer Satisfaction Survey to all full-time employees a few weeks
ago. If you have not completed the survey as of yet, please take a few minutes to complete it and return it to us
in the envelope provided. We thank you for your participation in the survey.


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