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                       FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for the GMS program?

A: Students are eligible to be considered for a GMS scholarship if they:

       Are African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American
        or Hispanic American;

       Are a citizen/legal permanent resident or nationals of the United States;

       Have attained a cumulative un-weighted GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale or earned a GED;

       Will be enrolling for the first-time at a U.S. accredited college or university as a full-time,
        degree- seeking, first-year student;

       Have demonstrated leadership abilities through participation in community service,
        extracurricular, or other activities;

       Meet the Federal Pell Grant eligibility criteria; and

       Have all three required forms (Nominee Personal Information Form, Nominator Form,
        and Recommender Form) completed by the deadline.

Q: How can I be nominated for the GMS program?

A: The nomination process for the GMS scholarship is a three-part effort.

               a Nominee Form that is completed and submitted by the student
               a Nominator Form that must be completed and submitted by an educator
               a Recommender Form that must be completed and submitted by a recommender

    To be nominated you must meet the eligibility criteria and complete a Nominee Personal
    Information Form. You must also secure a Nominator and Recommender to complete and
    submit a Nominator form and a Recommender form. All three forms must be completed
    postmarked or submitted electronically on or before the deadline (check for
    deadline). Omission of any of the required documents will render the nomination incomplete.

Q: Who qualifies as a Nominator?

A: Principals, teachers, guidance counselors, and other professional educators acting in their
   personal capacity, not representing their institution, are invited to nominate students with
   outstanding academic qualifications, particularly those that would promote success in the
   fields of computer science, education, engineering, library science, mathematics, public
   health or science. Relatives may not serve as Nominators.

Q: Who qualifies as a Recommender?

A: Recommenders can be a supervisor at work, a community group leader, or any other adult
   who is familiar with the Nominee’s community service and leadership activities. If a person
   has agreed to serve as the student’s Nominator and is also familiar with their non-academic
   activities, they may also serve as the Nominee’s Recommender. Relatives and persons not
   acting in their personal capacity may not be recommenders.

Q: Can nomination packets be faxed?

A: No, GMS does not accept faxed Nomination applications.

Q: What is the address where I have to send the nomination materials?

A: If you choose to mail a form, it must be postmarked on or before Monday the deadline (check for deadline) and sent to:

        Gates Millennium Scholars
        P.O. Box 1434
        Alexandria, Virginia 22313

Q: Can I send the materials by a next day delivery service with a signature required for delivery?

A: No, the mailing address is a P.O. Box and no one is available to sign or accept packages that
   require a signature, therefore, the delivery service may send the package back to the sender.

Q: How is a Gates Millennium Scholar selected?

A: Eligible individuals who have submitted complete nomination packages by the deadline will
   be considered for the GMS scholarship. Competition for scholarship awards is expected to be
   substantial. Therefore, Nominators and Recommenders should make every effort to provide
   a complete picture of each Nominee’s qualifications.

    The GMS selection process requires independent readers to assess Nominees based upon the
    following three major areas - academic achievement, community service, and leadership
    potential. In addition, a student must be Pell grant eligible. Nominees who emerge from the
    selection process as candidate finalist for the scholarship will be asked to submit additional

Q: When is a nomination package considered complete?

A: A complete nomination package includes:

              A Nominee form- completed by the Nominee (student)
              A Nominator form- the Nominator completes this form (Professional Educator)
              A Recommender form- completed by the Recommender ( Adult familiar with
               Nominee Community Service)

   All three forms must be completed and submitted on or before the deadline (check for deadline).

   It is important for the Nominee to follow with their Nominator and Recommender to ensure
   submission of the material.

   If possible, submit all materials electronically. The web-based Form has features that will
   guide you in filling out the Form completely. This will ensure that your submission is not
   missing any important information.

   A complete package is the submission of a student’s Nominee, Nominator and Recommender
   form that is received by GMS on or before the deadline.

Q: Do all three forms have to be submitted together?

A: No, the Nominee, Nominator and Recommender forms do not have to be submitted together.
   However, they all must be received on or before the deadline.

Q: How does a student know if GMS has received their Nomination materials?

   1. Nominees can call 1-877-690-GMSP (4677) to check the status of their submitted
      nomination forms. (Nominee, Nominator, Recommender Form) before the deadline.

   2. Nominee form submitted online - Nominee will receive an electronic confirmation of
      submittal after the Nominee form is successfully submitted.

   3. Verification of forms submitted through status page (Nominee, Nominator,
      Recommender) - Nominee status page can be viewed during or after Nominee
      successfully submits their Nominee form.

Q: How many Gates Millennium Scholars will GMS select?

A: GMS will select 1,000 Scholars for each academic year.

Q: How do you define Asian Pacific Islander American?

A: Asian and Pacific Islander Americans include persons having origins from Asia and/or the
Pacific Islands. Asian includes persons having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far
East, Southeast Asia or the Indian subcontinent. Pacific Islander includes persons having origins
in any of the original peoples of Hawai’i, Guam, Samoa or other Pacific Islands. Citizens of the
Republic of the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Palau are
also eligible to be nominated.

Q: What can the GMS award be used towards?

A: The GMS award can be used to help pay the cost of attendance, which includes tuition, fees,
   books, and living expenses for the academic year based on the submitted financial aid award

Q: Whom may I contact if I have further questions?

A: You may contact a GMS representative at:

               1-877-690-GMSP (4677)

Q: The deadline to submit my Gates Millennium Scholars application is mid-January.
   FAFSA forms are not available until January 1st. I will not know by the deadline
   whether or not I will be Pell Grant eligible. Is there a way to determine whether or not
   I would be Pell Grant eligible before submitting my scholarship application?

A: Go to There is a calculator on the website that will give you
   an idea of whether or not you will be eligible for a Federal Pell grant. The only
   definite way to determine your eligibility is to complete the FAFSA.


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