The mission of the Mathematics Department at Folsom Lake College by UAC7j6d


									The mission of the Mathematics Department at Folsom Lake College is to:
1.    Provide high quality instruction, delivered in such a way as to optimize student
      learning by:
       Working as a collaborative group to improve the instructional delivery and
          curriculum used by the Department
       Providing clear expectations, consistent standards, and frequent feedback for
          the students
       Consistently analyzing delivery methods, curricula, and use of class time
       Creating an open learning environment that is safe
       Encouraging students to learn and pursue the study of mathematics
       Being sensitive to and taking into consideration the culture, and learning
          ability difference amongst the population of students
2.    Develop students with the skills and abilities required for future success in
      mathematics education in general and the work place by:
       Maintaining high standards for classes of all levels
       Teaching students how to learn from reading a text
       Teaching students how to use critical and deductive thinking to solve
          mathematical problems that are based on real life applications
       Teaching and encouraging students to be responsible for their own learning
          by preparing for class in advance, taking notes, and keeping records of their
       Creating atmosphere of trust that encourages and allows students to work
          individually and in groups
3.    Create an open and stress free environment for faculty by:
       Respecting differences in teaching styles, understanding the differences
          among faculty, and working through those differences as needed in a
          respectful manner

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