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                                                                                  Excellence in Action

The College of Public Health was created to bridge public safety and health career pathways and to address a nationwide shortage
of public health workers by the year 2020 (Source: Association of Schools of Public Health, 2009). Kent State University’s College of
Public Health offers a baccalaureate program, the Bachelor of Science in Public Health (B.S.P.H.) degree. The B.S.P.H. addresses the
health of populations and communities through instruction, service and community-based research. Students who want to expand
their knowledge can pursue the Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) and Ph.D. degrees at Kent State University.

Public health is the science, art and practice of protecting and           environment. Students will learn the use of risk assessment
improving the health of the population. Public health involves many        to effect policy change, along with the administration and
different professions that have one thing in common — they are             enforcement of environmental and public health laws. Students
focused on improving people’s health and protecting people from            concentrating in environmental health science typically enter the
health risks. Graduates of public health typically work in organizations   public health workforce at local, state and national levels. They
such as public health departments, human services agencies,hospitals,      also work in academic institutions, private industry and
insurance companies, corporate worksites, wellness centers, com-           for international health agencies.
munity health organizations, family planning clinics and managed
                                                                           GLOBAL HEALTH
care facilities. In a 2008 report issued by the American Public Health
                                                                           This concentration educates and prepares students in identifying
Association, it was estimated that an additional 250,000 public health
                                                                           and addressing the critical public health and human needs of
workers will be needed in the United States by the year 2020.
                                                                           diverse, underserved and vulnerable populations in a global
                                                                           environment. Students use multidisciplinary approaches and
THE B.S.P.H. DEGREE PROGRAM                                                cooperation to address major global public health issues.
Students in the B.S.P.H. program at Kent State University gain             Integrated in the coursework is a year of foreign language and a
knowledge and skills in the five disciplines of public health:             requirement to study abroad either for a semester or through a
biostatistics, epidemiology, health policy and management, social          two-week class in places like Switzerland and Columbia. Students
and behavioral sciences and environmental health. Students learn           typically seek to work in global agencies locally and abroad.
about the public health care system in the United States and abroad
and emerging global health concerns such as pandemic infectious
disease and new threats to the environment.

ONLINE B.S.P.H.                                                                  CAREER OPPORTUNITIES
Students have the opportunity to complete the B.S.P.H. with the
Health Promotion and Education Concentration without ever having                 Graduates of the B.S.P.H. program have
to come to campus. This completely online program allows working                 interests ranging from improving access
students, those who do not live near a Kent State campus, or anyone              to health care, to controlling infectious
who requires a flexible schedule, to complete a full four-year degree            diseases to limiting environmental hazards,
in public health.                                                                to promoting good health practices. Career
                                                                                 opportunities exist in government, business,
PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS                                                             education and the nonprofit sector in health
The public health major requires the completion of required Kent                 care administration, behavioral sciences and
Core courses, public health courses, public health concentration                 health promotion, public health policy and
courses and approved electives. The five areas of concentration are              public health laboratory practice. Sample
listed below. Examples of elective areas include: drug abuse and
                                                                                 occupations include environmental health
violence prevention, gerontological studies, global and international
                                                                                 specialist, infection and surveillance moni-
health, health disparities, HIV/STD and sexuality studies and public
                                                                                 tor, adolescent health program coordinator,
health nutrition.
                                                                                 long-term care planner, hospital foundation
ENVIRONMENTAL AND OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH CONCENTRATION                              staff, legislative aide, disaster and pandemic
This concentration prepares students to help reduce the burden of                planner or safety product sales. Many other
human illness that results from natural and man-made environmental
                                                                                 occupations are available particularly to
exposures. Students will take a variety of courses designed to prepare
                                                                                 those who move into graduate-level
them for a challenging, dynamic and interdisciplinary career focused
                                                                                 training in public health.
on public health risks associated with human interaction with the

                                                                                    Excellence in Action

                                                   UNDERGRADUATE                                     research during their careers. The faculty
                                                                                                     produce cutting-edge research to advance
This concentration is designed to prepare          CERTIFICATE                                       the knowledge of how to keep people safe,
students for entry-level positions in health       Students majoring in other programs may           healthy and productive.
services management and to establish a             select the Undergraduate Certificate in
foundation for graduate work in health
policy and management. Students enrolled
                                                   public health, an 18-credit hour program
                                                   consisting of public health required courses.
                                                                                                     Students interested in connecting with a
in the health care administration concentration    The certificate program propels students
                                                                                                     professional or faculty advisor should call
will analyze national and local public health      into the field of public health and can serve
                                                                                                     330-672-6500 or email
infrastructure, evaluate the effectiveness and     as a preparation tool to enter the Master of
                                                                                                     for assistance.
efficiency of health care delivery, and explore    Public Health (M.P.H.) or Ph.D. program.
the legal and ethical issues of health care        Students may pursue the certificate program
administration. Students graduating with the       in class or online.                               SCHOLARSHIPS
health services administration concentration                                                         Students are encouraged to apply to Kent
enter the health care workforce as finance
managers, compliance officers, patient
                                                   THE M.P.H. DEGREE                                 State University prior to Jan. 15, to ensure that
                                                                                                     they are considered for incoming freshman
navigators, insurance specialist and other         PROGRAM                                           scholarships awarded by the Admissions
health care managers.                              The master’s degree in public health              Office, Honors College and the Student
                                                   includes five specialty areas — epidemiology,     Financial Aid Office.
HEALTH PROMOTION AND                               biostatistics, environmental health sciences,
EDUCATION CONCENTRATION                            social and behavioral sciences and health
Health promotion and education focuses on          policy and management.
the social determinants and lifestyle choices
related to health behaviors. Such behaviors
include alcohol, tobacco, other drug use,          PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS
exercise, physical activity, injury and violence   Master’s courses will be held at the Kent
and sexual activity. Prevention approaches         Campus. The curriculum consists of a
address community-level strategies to              minimum of 45 credit hours organized in              College of Public Health
promote healthy behaviors through the use          four curricular domains:                             Lowry Hall
of media, policy and education initiatives.        •	 Core	courses	(18	credit	hours)	                   330-672-6500
Students concentrating in health promotion         •	 Courses	required	for	each	specialization	         E-mail:
and education typically work in the public            (15 credit hours)                       
sector in social service agencies or nonprofit     •	 Elective	courses	(6	credit	hours)	
organizations. There is also a demand in the       •	 Practicum	and	culminating	experience	
private sector as large corporations actively         (6 credit hours)
promote healthy lifestyles among employees                                                              Admissions Office
                                                                                                        Kent State University
as a means of increasing productivity and
lowering health care costs.
                                                   DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY                                 P.O. Box 5190
                                                   IN PUBLIC HEALTH                                     Kent, OH 44242-0001
PRE-MEDICINE, DENTISTRY                            Kent State offers the Ph.D. in public health in      330-672-2444
AND OSTEOPATHY                                     3 areas of study: epidemiology, health policy        1-800-988-KENT
This concentration prepares students               and management and prevention science. The
interested in clinical medicine and dentistry
                                                   doctoral programs are designed to train the
by focusing on public health prevention            next generation of public health scientists to
strategies while they are preparing academ-        discover disease causal factors and improved
ically to take their preferred advanced degree     intervention methods, invent better disease          For information on all of Kent
exam (MCAT, DAT, etc.). The opportunities          investigative techniques and develop more            State’s degrees and majors, go
for students to engage in health prevention-       effective health care delivery systems.              online to
and wellness-related activities including
local programs and education abroad help
students differentiate themselves from other
                                                   RESEARCH                                             Kent State University, Kent State and KSU are registered
                                                                                                        trademarks and may not be used without permission. Kent State
                                                   The faculty members of the College of                University, an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, is
applicants and provide them additional                                                                  committed to attaining excellence through the recruitment and
                                                   Public Health have an established record of
career pathways in health.                                                                              retention of a diverse workforce.
                                                   grant-funded scholarship with a combined             PS-4255 1/11
                                                   total of $29 million in externally funded

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