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Contact Janice Lanham Zolnekoff at WHS_ _562_ 698-8121_ x2010


									          Newsletter of the Whittier High School Alumni Association Educational Foundation March

Winter/Spring 2012                                                                   Published Once or Twice a Year

President's Message

Greetings Alumni,

It's great to be back from our short hiatus we have had lots of activity and want to share the news with you. I would
just like to say THANK YOU for keeping us in the forefront with your partnership we have been able to contribute
academically to the students of our beloved WHS in ways that I know the students appreciate.

To start off the refurbishing of the Auditorium Mascot Mural has been completed and looks beautiful! Thank you, to the
Class of 2010, 2011, 20th Reunion Class of 1991 and all the generous Alumni donations for making our Cardinal come
We are gearing up for our 2012 Hall of Fame Event on April 22 it's our chance to honor the accomplishments of our
fellow Alumni and award scholarships to some very deserving students of Whittier High. Be sure to not to miss this event,
mail in your reservation today. During the Hall of Fame we will also have a Silent Auction where we invite Alumni to
participate in donating items as well as purchasing these wonderful items so that we may continue to fund the twelve
scholarships that are furthering the educational dreams of our future leaders.

We have had the opportunity to make some positive impacts to the students who have been testing for the Advanced
Placement (AP) classes. Many students are up for the challenge to take one or multiple AP classes during the year and
every year there is a test for the students to get placed in these classes. Each test costs $67 and multiple tests can
become a burden for some families. The Alumni has been able to sponsor students during this testing period and help
reduce the costs they face. I just wanted to share with you a message of "thanks" that we have received from a fellow

"Dear Whittier Alumni Association,

        I am very grateful for you grand donation! It will really help my family support my studies and expand my
education. I am very motivated to take all my AP tests and achieve the highest scores I possibly can. Your donation has
enabled me to overcome a large financial issue and I am one step closer to my AP success.
Thank you very much from a proud Cardinal!"

Michele Montanez ~ 1988

Board President
WHS Alumni Association Educational Foundation

                                       MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL
BOARD OF DIRECTORS                     It has been a great start to our 2011-12 School year! We just
                                       finished the first semester with great success and an incredible
                                       amount of positive energy on behalf of students and faculty!
PRESIDENT                              Just a few bragging bullet points:
KAREN BOULTER - '71                    •         Double digit increase again for our API scores!! We have
FIRST VICE PRESIDENT                           increased by 260 points and are ranked in the 99 percentile for
PAT SLY - '51                                  the State of California for our increased scores!
                                         11 out of 14 of our courses tested by California Standards Tests
THIRD VICE PRESIDENT                      have increased between 15 - 46 API points for students scoring
LORRAINE McPHERSON SAWYER - '58           proficient or advanced; our Algebra 2, and Physics students
SECRETARY                                 scored the highest in the district!
JEFF BALL - '82                        •   Average Daily Attendance is up! (ADA is essential to school
ANNETTE MONTANEZ - '86                    funding)!
CO-TREASURER                            •   We have the highest percentage of students enrolled in
JOHN L. PEEL - '74                        AP/honors courses in the district!
                                            Senior completion of A-G 4-year college entrance requirements
                                             is up!
HENRI PELlISSIER - '46                      100% of all seniors last year passed the California High School
J AN SLATER LOPEZ WOOD - '47                 Exit Exam!
DIANNE HALFHILL PADELFORD - '55             And our 1st time CAHSEE test takers (10th graders) passing rate
MORRIS SAWYER - '58                          was 89%, higher than the district, county, or state average!
DON LEE - '56
TOM REED - '62                         Our Alumni association continues to be instrumental in helping us
JOE VINATIERI - '70 JANICE             improve each year! We appreciate their support and assistance in
ZOLNEKOFF - '71 SANDY                  collaborating with the graduating classes of 2010 & 2011 that raised
THORSTENSON - '73                      close to $7,000 to repaint the class of '91 Cardinal on the west side
                                       of our Auditorium! It is so awesome!
CHARTER BOARD                          WHS Alumni Association has also supported by providing:
                                               12 WHS senior scholarships = $13,000
CLAXTON - '36 *ESTHER                      $7,000 - financial aid to help students cover the cost of AP tests •
LOPEZ - '46                                $500 - support for the CAPP (Cardinal Advanced Placement)
                                              Program for 6th - 12th grade student enrichment activities.
                                           • $5,000 - to the Cardinal Brigade for new instruments for the Jazz
LORI PEEL ESHILIAN - '72                      Band
MARK GOTTS - '75                               $1,000 - for our Spring musical costumes
FACULTY REPRESENTATIVE                        $500 for our Mock Trial competition fees (FYI - our court room
SHAWNEE EDWARDS - 2012                         artist won 1 st place at the state level competition!!)
CHRISTOPHER GEORGE                     And many other projects for which our Alumni board so graciously
FINANCIAL ENDOWMENT ADVISOR            supports whenever there is a need! Thank you to all alum for your
                                       generous contributions!!! "Once a Cardinal, always a Cardinal!n
Whittier High School Alumni Assn.
P.O. Box 65                            With great Cardinal pride,
Whittier CA 90608-0065
                                       Lori (Peel) Eshilian ('72) - Principal of Whittier High School

                     ", .. ana a{ways, a{ways Love you, Whiittier High. " 2
Major "ORGAN" Donors and Scholarship Providers
LIFE DONORS & Principal's            SCholarshiDS and Hall     of Fame   lloyd Anderson, Charles
                                                                         Buehler, Bob Dewhirst, Anita
Academic leadershio - PAL                                                Duarte-Ward, Dorlene Dutton,
(Undesignated $1000+)                Don & Barbara                       Robert & Adeline McDaniel,
    Tom August                       Jenkins Ananias                     Francis McKenna, Kay Meister-
                                                                         Marietta, James & Jeanie
Patricia Behnke Beck                 Family                              Milliken, Robert Murlin, Jay
Cathie Moon Brown                                                        Oberholtzer, Beatrice Pride,
                                     Richard & Billie Deihl              Jerry Renfro, Larry Rich, Duane
Pat & George Engelage                Candance Walker-Kilinski            Rickard, Parrt Snachez-
                                     Henri & Dianne Pellissier           Thomas, Milt Schroth, James
Roderick Hills                                                           Sherman, Jeanne SilkToulon,
    Peter & Louise Kempf             Richard & Donna                     Marj Simpson, Jean Thomas-
                                     Ferguson John & Laurie              August, Jean Good-Lietzau,
Jack & Erlene Mele                                                       Glenn Espy.
Louise Johnson Pascale
                                                                         Jeffrey Bates, John Buehler, Donald
Sandy Thorstenson Sanchez            2011 Donors ($50-$300)              Chaffee, Mary Chapman-Coffey, Anne
                                     Pauline Shack                       Conley, Peggy Davis-Jefferson, Steve
Wurlitzer Oraan Proiect              Susan & Karen                       Gonzales, Don Halte, Ann HavensLahey,
                                     Stepp Don Ross                      Elizabeth Hergesheimer, Carol
($5,000-$80,000)                                                         Hunnicutt-Holt, Daralee Larsen-Barbera,
                                     Kerstin Sundberg-                   J.E. Longacre, Barbara Manuri, Peggy
    Bill and Jan Wood                Toombs Diane Halfhill-              Marotta, Jo Michel, Robert Pinder, Carlos
    Breene Murphy-RoseHiIIs Fndn     Padelford Christian                 Rodriguez, Henry Romero, Morris &
                                     Markey                              Lorraine Sawyer, Maria Sugranes,
                                     Robert Murphy                       James Thome, Marilyn \Nineinger-
                                     Gary Pastre                         Mussack.
                                     Christian Winnen-
                                     Scott Bob Capron
                            AUDITORIUM MASCOT MURAL
                             REFURBISHMENT COMPLETE
                                The Cardinal Legacy that is most visable for drivers, runners, walkers,

          and flyers has been refreshed. The Class of 2010, under the
leadership of the Class President, Melanie Peel, joining forces with the Class of
2011, and the 20th Reunion
team for the Class of 1991, the original donors, to refurbish the mascot
painting. We are not sure if anyone realized just
                               how much our "Cardinal" color had faded
 in 20 years. Thanks to technology and innovation, both the sun and
 seagulls will have less impact on our proud bird. You still have a chance to participate in the funding of
 this project, and you can step up with full knowledge that it will get done, because it is.

George Chisler - '31                Roy Good - '55
Howard Mitchel - '37                Doug Doughty - '55
Ellen Welsh Tufts - '37            . Patricia Whitaker - '55
Eileen Mattern - '39                Gary Smith - '55
Helen Nora Aldrich Lowe - '42       Sheldon Borson - '61
Leland Powe Williamson - '40        David McEachen - '61
Joe Beaucamp - '46
                                    Gary Morgan - '73
Marlene Conway Brown - '49
                                    Kathy Schmierer - '80
Robert Bibler - '55
                                    Maria Silevyra Garcia - '88
 Paul Brakebill - '55
Nationally Acclaimed Superintendent, Principal, and Student to attend Hall of Fame and
Scholarship Event on April 22, 2012 at the Whittier Radisson

W            hillier Union High
School continues to sustain its
                                          So now, we look at today, the
                                          realities of Whittier High School and
                                          the documented success of the
                                                                                  For decades, the Boards of
                                                                                  Education across America were
                                                                                  inundated with statistics about the
place of honor on the list of all time    students,         teachers,       and   success of high school students
great high schools in this country.       administration. Starting in 2008, and   from other countries. You may
The                                       continuing to the current year of the   notice that those news flashes have
accomplishments of the             last   award, WHS was named by                 ceased. Research found that the
decade, much like                   the   Newsweek as being in the top            those students did not necessarily
accomplishments of each of the            1,500 high schools in the country. In   out perform students who were
previous eleven decades, are what         2010, 500 students graduated from       allowed to have a balanced life in
keep the legacy alive.                    WHS, and their statewide scores         high school and the pressure to
                                          ranked them in the top category for     perform in high school did not carry
Longevity of honor and consistency        the entire state. This is the class     over to success in college.
of character are the keys; and that       that championed the fund raising
is not always in unison with              and planning for repainting the         WHS honors the students with the
reputation. In the wisdom filled          Cardinal mascot in the auditorium.      highest GPAs each year at a
words of Coach John Wooden,                                                       special event. The event was titled
"Don't worry about your reputation,        In 2011, WHS received the              CARDINAL 75 more than a decade
focus      on     your      character.     GOLDEN BELL AWARD from the             ago when the ceremony was limited
Reputation is what other people            CSBA for the exemplary success         to the top 75 students in the school.
think about you, character is who          and innovative schedule that has       Last year the "CARDINAL 75" event
you are." At times over the last 25        changed the length of classes on a     honored 163 students. To be
years, some of the most boisterous         daily basis, and provided focused      included in the recognition as a
doubters and outspoken naysayers           time for those who are excelling as    freshman, the student must have all
were actually alumni. The reports                                                 As. This year one of the students
                                          those who             need additional
often     included     .    seemingly                                             being honored at CARDINAL 75 is
                                          assistance.          This design was
remarkable recall of their high                                                   also a finalist for the National Merit
                                           implemented by our first Principal
school years. The numbers of                                                      Scholarships.        The     stucjents
                                           Alumnus, Lori Peel Eshilian, '72.
people who claimed to be able to                                                  included in this very selective group
                                           The schedule design is now being
provide specifics of the depth of                                                 do not include any other students
                                           implemented at cutting edge high
faculty, the details of state funding,                                            from our District.
                                           schools throughout the state and
and precise behaviors of student           across the country.
body, during their own ages of 13                                                 Well, how about that? It appears
through 19, and all of this 20, 30,       Our District Superintendent, Sandy      the old alma mater is doing fairly
and 40 years in the past, well, it        Sanchez Thorstenson '73, was            well. We have produced a national
was just too amazing. Clearly, "the       recently asked to speak with the        acclaimed Superintendent, Princi-
older they got, the better they           Board of Directors of WestEd, a         pal, and Student. Two of our city
were." Then the tendency to               non-profit,    multi-state  agency      council members are also alumni,
compare these memories with               dedicated to promoting excellence       along with nearly 70 members of
anecdotal stories of the current          and equity in education through         our Hall of Fame_ Please come to
situation     resulted    in    family    research and development. Whittier      our event on April 22 at the Whittier
traditions of WHS graduations             Union was one of eight school           Radisson. You will find out who has
being broken. All the while WHS           districts in the state selected to      done great things in the past, who
prepared hundreds and thousands           present because of its long term        is doing great things now, and who
of students for college, jobs, and        high performance, and was the only      will most likely be doing great things
life. The legacy was sustained, and       High School District asked to           in the future.
the rumors of the WHS demise              present.
were "greatly exaggerated. "
    CLASS REPS WHSAAEF                              MORE FROM THE PRINCIPAL
                                                Cardinal Pride is evident        south end, new pavers with
    Bud Chapman '46
                                                throughout our school,           intertwining walk ways, and
    Marjorie Moon Garrison '48                  among students and staff!        beautiful           planters
    Richard "Dick" Lantz '48                                                     throughout that create a
    Cathie Moon Brown '49                       Our facilities and grounds       park like setting. It is
                                                continue to improve. Our         beautiful!
    Stu Gothold '52                             new         cafeteria      I
    Richard "Dickie" Cardenas '53               multipurpose room, finished      A beautification project has
    Ann Losee Moorman '54                       a year ago, will undergo         also been completed along
    Donna Rich Ferguson '56                     decorative upgrades this         Whittier Ave., including up-
                                                summer to make it look like      grades to the Horseshoe
    Don Lee '56
                                                a 50's Diner! We already         and front of the Auditorium
    Dave Harris '60                             have a really cool juke-box!     with new pavers, new
    Janice Lanham Zolnekoff '70                 Come see it!                     planters,    and     student
    Joe Vinatieri '70                                                            seating    areas!     These
                                                The south-side campus has        projects serve· to increase
    Sandy Sanchez Thorstenson '73
                                                under-gone a much needed         our positive image in our
    Chuck McKenna '85                           face lift. We have a new         local community!
    Annette Montanez '86                        practice field at the farthest
    George Montalvo 2010
    Andrea Barrera 2011

    If your class is not represented here,
    please send in your name or contact
    someone in your class to be the

    The WHSAAEF Board meets the third
    Thursday of every month at 4:30 PM in
    the new WHS Faculty Lounge, on
    Lindley (next to the gym).

Vic Lopez Auditorium Seat Sponsoring Project
Name (please print)
Address ____________________________ _______ City                           State_ZIP @
Phone                          E-mail

Main Floor Rows B - E                     3 center sections
                                                                     $ 1000 Row
                                                                     $ 500 Row
Main Floor Rows F - J                     3 center sections         $ 250 Row            Seat
Main Floor Rows K - N                     3 center sections         $ 250 Row            Seat
Main Floor Rows B - N                     2 outside sections        $ 150 Row            Seat
Main Floor Rows T - NN                    All 5 sections            $ 250 Row            Seat
            Balcony Front Rows A – G 3 center sections              $ 150 Row            Seat
      Balcony Front Rows A - G             2 outside sections       $ 150 Row            Seat
      o Balcony Rear Rows AA-HH            All 5 sections
  Engraving Information - limited to 40 characters
       Name to be engraved on brass plate:
      Year of Graduation or alternate information:
                Invites you to the Thirteenth Annual Hall of Fame Dinner
                          Scholarship Awards and Silent Auction
                                 Sunday, April 22, 2012
                              Five o'clock in the Afternoon
                                 Whittier Radisson Hotel
                                 7320 Greenleaf Avenue
                                    Whittier, CA 90602
                             Social - No Host Bar - 5:00 PM
                           Dinner - 6:00 PM Program - 7:00 PM

                           2012 Hall of Fame Honorees

                             Dr. Breene Murphy - Class of 1942
                             Patricia Hofstetter - Class of 1944

                             Marilyn Hofstetter - Class of 1945
                         Dr. Owen F. (Rick) Herold - Class of 1951
                                 Gus Velasco - Class of 1958
                             Dr. Steven Gothold - Class of 1959
                                David Owens - Class of 1973

                                   Cost: $75 per person
                   Many opportunities for Reserved Seating Tables of 10
All proceeds from this event will be used to benefit Whittier High School students, faculty, and
                        capital needs not funded by the school budget.
    Please return the response card by April 6, with a check made payable to the:
   Whittier High School Alumni Association Educational Foundation (WHSAAEF)

                          (Admission by advance reservation only)

 Whittier High School Alumni Association Educational Foundation

    Thirteenth Annual Hall OF FAME DINNER
                            ~ APRIL 22, 2012 ~
                        Reservation Deadline: April 6. 2012
 Name ________________________________________ Class Year _____
 City, State, Zip _________________ ___ _______________ _
 Phone _____________________ FAX __ ____________________ _
  E-mail                                       @
              ----------- -----------
    Please list names of any guests below, along with WHS Class Year.
       (1) _______________________(6) ____________________ _
       (2) ________________________ (7)            _____________ _
       (3) __________________________ (8) _______________________ _
       (4) _________________________ (9) _______________________ _
       (5) _________________________ (10) ______________________ _

       Number Attending ___________ x $75 = $             __________ _
                       o CARDINAL Table of 10 = $5,000
                         o GOLD Table of 10 = $2,000
                        o SILVER Table of 10 = $1,500
                        o BRONZE Table of 10 = $1,000
                  o                                   =
                      Reserved Seating Table of 10 $750
               o Sponsor student scholar and parents = $225
o Additional gift or guilt payment for missing event = $      ______ ________ _
                         Total Amount Enclosed $ ________ _
   Please send the completed form and check payable to WHSAAEF to:
               WHSAAEF, P.O. Box 65. Whittier, CA 90608-0065
                           HALL OF FAME NOMINATION
The nominee must have graduated from Whittier High School 20 years prior to nomination or been
employed at Whittier High School. In addition to a positive record at WHS, the nominee must have
distinguished him/herself professionally, in community service, through volunteer work, or other endeavors
that have resulted in international, national, state, or local impact.
 Name of Nominee
Class Year
E-mail                             @
                    ----------- --------
WHS Honors/ Awards/distinctions

College/University/Military Service
Degrees Earned
Career /Professional Information

Community service/volunteer work

Why are you nominating this person?

Person submitting nomination:
Name __________________________________________________________ _____________ _
Date submitted _________________________________________ Class Year ____________ _
Phone ________________________________________________________________________ _
E-mail _______________________________________________________________________ _
Does the nominee know about this nomination: 0 Yes 0 No
D Please check if you are sending additional supporting data, documents, or photos
Nominations are accepted anytime at:
      or mail to:
      Whittier High School AAEF
      P.O. Box 65
      Whittier, CA 90608-0065

    Attention" Would you like to purchase a 1OO-year DVD of Whittier High School
    for $20.00? Contact Janice Lanham Zolnekoff at WHS, (562) 698-8121, x2010

New beautiful seats, fantastic Wurlitzer organ in the works, and now the District has announced that
the Vic Lopez Auditorium is scheduled to get air conditioning!
The bad news is that it will delay the organ's installation, probably another year. However, teaming our
job with the installation of air conditioning will save money and that's a big plus for all con cerned.
Our fund-raising is going well, but we are continuing to seek money for our project. It is our project,
not the District's - and the organ's installation depends on us! So please consider giving and help bring
this wonderful instrument to this equally wonderful building. It will not only benefit students, but
music lovers all over southern California. Thanks for your support.
Bill Wood '41, Organ Chairman

ENGLISH TEACHERS                                           HAIL FELLOW ALUMNI
HONORED AT 2011 HALL OF                                        Greetings, Fellow Grads Message
FAME EVENT                                                     from Richard Lantz and Marj Moon
                                                                    Garrison, Class of 1948

The three English teachers honored at the 2011                  All Hail! Our Hall of Fame Dinner is
Hall of Fame event last April were Stephanie              scheduled for April 22nd. Check it out. You
Hoffman-Krone, Vanessa Stewart and Alexa                  will find Honorees for the years: '42, '44, '45,
Nisbet. Principal Lori Eshilian reported that the                          '51, '58, '59, 73.
English Department scores on the California High
School Exit exam for 10th grade first time test              The Hall of Fame not only recognizes
takers showed an increase of 15% of students              distinguished graduates from Whittier High,
scoring proficient or advanced, which is the                but raises funds which enable deserving
highest gain in the district. WHS students had an         students to continue education pursuits. It's
89% passing rate on the exam which is also the             a good thing! You will enjoy the evening!
highest in the district.
                                                            Ways to help: Contribute interesting and
Stephanie Hoffman-Krone has an M.A. in Rhetoric            elegant Auction Items, such as: paintings,
and Communication Science from CSULB. She is                 vases, sculptures, theme baskets, etc.
the Speech Advisor and teacher of Honors                   These can be sent to: 13024 Bailey Street
Classes. Vanessa Stewart is working on her
                                                                      Whittier, CA 90601.
Master's in Educational Administration at
Concordia University. She concentrates on                 Some classes collected cash contributions.
leadership instruction and Senior Projects. Alexa            If this appeals to you, make out tax
Nisbet has a Masters in Education from the                 deductible check to WHSAAEF and mail
University of Phoenix. She worked with court                 to: PO Box 65, Whittier, CA 90608.
schools and group home schools in Orange
County prior to coming WHS. She specializes in                            On to Victory!
teaching that population and English Language
Learners.                                                                Rich and Marj
Congratulations to the English Department. The                    Look forward to meeting you!
members of the Alumni Association are proud of
your accomplishments.

C                                                      1947
      Contact Jan Slater Lopez Wood 562-696-0743 or email Next reunion
                           coming?? 2012?? - Stay in contact - don't miss out!!!

A                                                      1952
    Our 60th Reunion will be held Fri. Sept. 28, 2012 at the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club, 7201 E. Ocean Blvd,

R       Long Beach, CA. 90803 www.abyc.ora from 10:30am - 3pm for lunch, program & reminiscing.
                                           Cost is about $30/person
          Contact Mitzie (Martha Campbell) Kimes at 562-926-2737 or Walt White

D                             714-969-4241
    Over 300 letters have been sent out announcing our plans & over 100 postcards from classmates have
    been received indicating they are interested in attending with 42 for sure planning to attend!! Donlt be

I     left out!! Contact Mitzie or Walt & send in your reservation today! http://mysite.verizon.netlwhs52

                                9th Annual Over 60 Birthday/Reunion Picnic
N   This year we invite the class of 1970 to the "60 is Great Club". Pre-Picnic Car Cruise Fri May 18at
    Ruby's Diner in the Whittwood 5-8pm. Picnic Sat. May 19 at 11 am at Parnell Park. Sunday Brunch
    May 20 @ 10:30am. Contact Roger Pearson 562-882-1899 email: or
A                               Tom Emfinger
    50th Reunion Sat. Oct. 13, 2012 at the Whittier Radisson Hotel on Greenleaf in Uptown Whittier.

L   Please contact Goodtime Reunions at 800-454-9311 or email them at
    with your name, contact info so you get all the details about the

       Contact Maureen Thies at m or Denise Dolans Eldridge 562-698-7461 or
        40th Reunion will be Sat. Oct. 20, 2012 at the Whittier Radisson, Uptown Whittier. The Alumni
    Association will also be hosting the All-Class BBQ at the school on Sun. Oct. 21 so mark your calendar
                                                to Save The Date!!!

     30 Year Reunion will be Sat. Oct. 20, 2012 at the Hyatt Newport. Contact Denise Castaneda Silva at
             Great Reunions for more information at 800-655-7971.

        20 Year Reunion is on Friday, August 24,2012 at the Fiesta Hall. Contact Mikki Nerio Sethman Check out Facebook page Whittier High Class of 92.

            Contact Ana Alvarado 562-457-8400 or by email Reunion
                 planned for next year. Follow us on Facebook - Whittier HS 0 two reunion
                       (.. and a[ways, a[ways love you, Wliittier High.)
                                                  J   10
                     ORDER FORM
              ----------------                          Grad Year
       E-mail address _______________________________ @ _________________ _
                   Phone number
    Your mailing address should be right if you received this, and it is on the other side.
                          APRIL 22, 2012 - RADISSON WHITTIER
    List the names of everyone you are paying for at this time. Inductees and one guest
    are hosted by the Foundation, LIFETIME members are free, everyone else is $75.

     If you want VIP seating for a table of 10, add $100.         TOTAL FOR HoF - $ _______ _
                   Full page $100 - Half page $50 - Quarter Page $25
   (Please include print ready message by March 26 ) TOTAL FOR MESSAGES - $ ________ _

                                          TOTAL FOR ORGAN INSTALLATION - $ ________ _

                             AUDITORIUM SEATS
              Seat naming is a wonderful gift, memorial, and legacy opportunity.
       The cost per seat is based on location. Main floor front and center is $1000,
rows F-J are $500, rows K-N, front of side sections, and balcony center rows A-G are $250, main
         floor rows T-NN, balcony sides rows A-G and Balcony rows AA-HH are $150.
                  Number of seats _________ Cost per seat _______ _
                                             TOTAL FOR AUDITORIUM SEATS - $ _________ _

                   (Thank you gift if over $250) TOTAL FOR MASCOT MURAL- $ _________ _

            ($10 Annual Membership per person)TOTAL FOR MEMBERSHIP _ $ _________ _
  GRAND TOTAL payable to WHSAAEF - $                  _______________________ _
                     WHSAAEF - PO Box 65, Whittier, CA 90608-0065

   Hall of Fame Induction Dinner April 22,2012
       .       Scholarship Presentations and Silent Auction
                       Whittier Radisson 5:00-9:00
The 13th Annual WHSAAEF Hall of Fame Dinner will be celebrated on April 22 at the Whittier
Radisson. This year we will be inducting seven dynamic Cardinals. Please read their stories on pages
4 and 5.
Those who would like to wish the 2012 Hall of Fame honorees or the 2012 scholarship recipients well
wishes please take a moment to send us a print ready message to be included in the 2012 Hall Of
Fame Event Program. Full Page $100 Half Page $50 Quarter Page $25
                                 IV                 IV                   IV

We are currently gathering items for our silent auction. If you are interested in donating a gift basket,
gift certificate or sporting event tickets we would greatly appreciate it. All donations are tax
deductible. Funds received through the dinner, auction, and other donations will be utilized for
scholarships and other support of the Whittier High School students.
Please E-mail MicheleMontanez.·

                      " ... and a{ways, a{ways love you, Whiittier High . "

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