Reading Strategy: by nvrhI6Ex


									Level: M                                Title: Freckle Juice            Author: Judy Blume                  Text type:

Reading Strategy:                         Comprehension Skills:                    Literary Elements:

Predicting               Questioning      Compare/Contrast      Fact/Opinion            Figures of speech         Humor
Connecting               Visualizing      Main Idea/Detail      Problem/Solution        Strong Leads              Simile
Inferring                Monitoring       Sequencing            Cause/effect            Metaphor                  Imagery
Determining Importance   Synthesizing     Story Structure       Point-of-View           Personification           Voice
Retelling/Summarizing                     Other:                                        Other:

Challenging Vocabulary:                                        Word Study:

Supercalifragilisticexpialidoschis                             Latin and Greek advanced

Pre-Reading Activity:

The Iliad

During Reading Activity:

Review the gods and goddesses of all ancient cultures

Post-Reading Discussion:                                       Extension:
Where do freckles really come from?                            The Odyssey

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