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Secure and Efficient ways to Adopt BYOD in an Enterprise


As BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept is highly accepted in the market, the Enterprises are looking forward for its significant benefits.

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									Secure and Efficient ways to
Adopt BYOD in an Enterprise
“BYOD trend has attained a Momentum amongst Enterprises
with increasing demand of Smartphones and Tablet Devices”


As BYOD is getting more and more adoption in the market, the
Enterprises are looking forward for its significant benefits. More and
more of the companies are adopting Bring Your Own Device program
in their work processes.

Rise in Smartphone Adoption Rate = Growing BYOD
Rate amongst Enterprises

BYOD as a concept is getting popular because it allows employees of
the enterprise to work from their mobile devices.
This is useful to increase the satisfaction level of the employee as well
as to reduce the IT equipment acquisition costs simultaneously.
For any enterprise, it is a technical as well as organizational challenge
to integrate BYOD. But at the same time it also helps to increase
Growing Adoption Rate of BYOD

According to Juniper research, the number of mobile devices used in the enterprises worldwide will increase and may
be it will be more than double at the end of the year 2014. Moreover, this number will reach up to an approximate 350
million in the year 2017.

The chart below – Employee Owned Devices used at Workplace shows the adoption rate of BYOD amongst
organizations in different countries. According to this chart, globally 28 percent of organizations have already included
BYOD in their system and 34 percent of organizations are expected to adopt it by the year 2013. The graph shows the
same behavior for other countries mentioned.

The chart below shows the expected rise or expected decrease in the use of various employee owned devices in the
enterprises in the year 2013 compared to the year 2011.

It is quite clear that BYOD adoption is quickly spreading across the globe. This is particularly evident from the chart
above where the adoption of tablets is very steep. This growing trend is totally changing the workplace landscape and
so it is time for the organizations to proactively decide their approach on this. These days, workers are demanding for
greater flexibility and facility to access company data from their mobile devices.

According to the latest research done, it is being recorded that approximately 22% of enterprises worldwide have
already adopted tablet devices to carry out their business activities.
BYOD concept benefits

“Employees can now work as efficiently in remote places as they can work
sitting at office”

                                                        BYOD is not only popular amongst business professionals;
                                                        even educational centers are gradually supporting BYOD to
                                                        encourage students for bringing their mobile devices in the
                                                        classroom. It has provided teachers a more innovative and
                                                        interactive way to communicate with students and helped
                                                        them to provide more quality education to students. Other
                                                        business domains that have adopted mobility and BYOD
                                                        concept include Healthcare industry, Advertising industry,
                                                        Recruitment industry, and many others.

BYOD benefits several enterprise environments. Some of the common benefits include:

      Increases responsiveness                                  Provides flexibility to employees
      Decreases productivity delays                             Reduces device management costs
      Reduces company’s investment on devices

BYOD Adoption IT Challenges

“Growing number of smartphones and Tablets in the
enterprises also gives rise to Security threats”

The following threats make security very important for every enterprise:

      Unauthorized               Unauthorized access            Malware infecting             Unauthorized access
  network access from             of organizations'            mobile devices and             to each employee's
     various mobile                sensitive data              then whole network                personal data
BYOD Adoption Strategy

                                       While adopting a BYOD strategy, enterprises should consider that they have
                                       enough of resources to manage the use of the employee’s personal mobile

                                       The top most concern of a company while implementing BYOD is the security
                                       of organizational data and prevention of its loss.

                                       The most important things that are essential to be included in a secured BYOD
                                       solution are:

      Centralized functionality
      Enhanced security and monitoring for sensitive applications
      Simple and secured data-access process
      Total control on wired and wireless networks

The above features form the part of a complete Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool that can be leveraged for
satisfying the needs.

The top five reasons why organizations are allowing employees to use their personal devices at workplace are:

      BYOD has become latest trend at workplace
      Employees traveling can carry out important business tasks on the move
      Enterprises can save on IT capital costs
      Helps Enterprises to increase business productivity
      Keeps employees connected to each other
Getting Started with BYOD

The above information gives a chance to have more myopic view of BYOD’s usefulness and challenges, which raises
the need for an expert IT solutions provider.

We deliver you comprehensive solution that addresses key requirements solving the challenges for both IT and end
users. With the growing need of better security and management of mobile devices, we also bring Mobile Device
Management (MDM) services for you. BYOD deployment is not very easy and it asks for thorough industry
knowledge and wide experience. We at offer you a complete stack of services including
assessment, design and deployment ensuring the deployments are painless.

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