Dear Parent/Guardian and Student, by nvrhI6Ex


									                  Dear Parent/Guardian and Student,

                  Welcome back to AK High! I am so excited to have the privilege to work with you
                  this semester as we explore the exciting world of science.

                   Course Description:
                   Biology is the study of living things. This course will focus on inquiry learning of
the major concepts of biology. We will conduct many labs and observations to serve as the
primary way information is presented. With inquiry learning, students will discover the answers
instead of being told the answers by the teacher. It is our goal to help students learn to think like
scientists while we discover biology.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a conference, please feel free to email me at
any time: To ensure your child’s success, communication is key
for both positive feedback and areas where there are concerns.

Students are encouraged to sign up for my text message reminding system through ‘Remind101’
I will be sending out reminders and instructions through this system frequently. To sign up, text
@Siftar to 952-314-6137, or see the directions page on my Wiki.

The following materials are required for Biology. These should be purchased during the first few
days of school. If this is not possible, please let me know.
             3 inch wide three-ring binder with 8 dividers
             Package of college-ruled notebook paper
             Student Progress Tracker (described below)
             Any materials that you signed up for on the first day to bring (tissues, paper
                towels, cleaner spray, plastic cups, paper plates)

General Information
Parent Assistant Module: All of your child’s grades are posted and accessible via PAM. If you are
unaware of your PAM username and password, please contact the office for this information.
Parents are expected and encouraged to check this tool weekly so that you may be aware of your
child’s progress and missing work.

Website: Students will be expected to print out information from my website. All test dates
and homework information can be accessed through my website at:
Attendance: Since we are on the block schedule, it is imperative to practice good attendance. If
you are absent, check the “while you were out” board in the back of the classroom for any
handouts you missed. You may ask your classmates for any missed notes.

Tutoring: Tutoring will be held each morning from 6:30-7 and before each test. After school
tutoring is also available upon request. Please be sure to schedule the tutoring with at least one
day notice. Make-up tests need to be arranged by the student and must be completed within one
week of returning.

Tardies: Tardies will be handled according to the Ardrey Kell policy.
Grades will be based on tests, quizzes, homework, class work, and lab work. There will be a state
mandated End of Course Test in all biology classes. You can prepare for this exam by accurately
completing and reviewing assignments regularly.

Your notebook will be a crucial aspect of your course work and grade. You will be required to keep
your papers ALL YEAR! Notebooks will be collected at the end of the semester and will not be
available to your child until the end of their senior year. Your notebook will be graded at the end of
the semester on the following criteria…
                 1. All papers are to be hole-punched and in the order of the date assigned.
                 2. Each day of class you will complete a cover page. This will include the date,
                      objective, homework, and any notes taken in class that day.
                 3. You must have nine dividers in your notebook correctly labeled as follows…
                          a. Scientific Method and Characteristics of Life
                          b. Biochemistry
                          c. Cells and Cellular Transport
                          d. Genetics
                          e. Evolution
                          f. Classification and Bacteria
                          g. Eukarya (Plants and Animals)
                          h. Ecology

Homework: Homework will be assigned on a regular basis. It is absolutely necessary that you
complete and regularly review your homework. Late work policy will be announced on the first day.

Classwork: Classwork includes lab work, projects and in-class assignments.

Tests and Quizzes: Tests will generally cover two to three chapters. Quizzes will be given as

Progress Tracking: Each student will be expected to print off the “progress tracking keeper” on
my wiki and use this tool to help them record, track, and reflect on their progress in my classroom.
This will be collected with the notebook at the end of the semester and graded as a test grade.

Grading Scale:
       Honors:           Tests 60%                         Standard:        Tests 50%
                         Quizzes 20%                                        Quizzes 20%
                         Assignments 20%                                    Assignments 30%

NOTICE: The notebook will count as ONE TEST GRADE! You will pass the test by following the
above guidelines.
Classroom Expectations
All classroom expectations will be implemented according to the Ardrey Kell Handbook. Offenses
will be handled on an individual basis. The order that is usually followed is detention with me to be
served within two school days. If you fail to serve the detention, I will assign an after school
detention/ office referral.

        1. Be Prompt. Be in your seat and copying the daily coversheet before the bell rings.
        2. Be Prepared. Come to class with all materials needed (including print offs).
        3. Be Productive.
        4. Be Polite.
        5. Use your brain and HAVE FUN!

I look forward to working with you this year!


Dan Siftar

                  Parent’s Homework Assignment:
Your child will be receiving a grade for turning in the last page of this syllabus, filled out and signed.
In order for the student to receive credit for this assignment, your student’s job is to make sure that
you complete some homework for me. I need you to email me by August 31st (when the Student
Information Form is due).

Subject: Block – Child’s Name
         Example subject line: 2 Block – Barak Obama

                    ---If you do not email or do not have access to email, please
                           include a note with the Student Information Form.

                                Summary of next steps:
        -Sign up for texting system (directions on my web page).
        -Fill out Student Information Form and turn in by August 31st.
        -Read and sign the lab safety contract and turn in by August 31st.
        -Email me with the above format by August 31st.
        -Print the “Progress Tracker” by August 27th (have in class for the 28th).
                                           STUDENT INFORMATION FORM
                                                     Mr. Siftar                  Room B111

                                           Student Name: ________________________________

    Mother:_________________________________                  Father:____________________________________

    If separate, which parent do you live with: _________           Home Phone: __________________________

    Mother’s Cell: _______________________________                  Father’s Cell: __________________________

    Mother’s Email:______________________________                   Father’s Email:_________________________

                     Check this box if you have already signed up for ‘Remind101’
Check this box if you are the parent and have completed your homework described on the previous page

    Do you have access to a computer with internet service at home? ___________ Printer? ___________

    Do you participate in a school sponsored extracurricular activity? If yes, which one? _______________

                          Do not write here - Teacher Box Only - Communication Log
    Date:   Time:    Type of Contact: Remarks:

    __/__ ____      email phone n-person   ________________________________________________________

    __/__ ____      email phone n-person   ________________________________________________________

    __/__ ____      email phone n-person   ________________________________________________________

    __/__ ____      email phone n-person   ________________________________________________________

    __/__ ____      email phone n-person   ________________________________________________________

    __/__ ____      email phone n-person   ________________________________________________________

    __/__ ____      email phone n-person   ________________________________________________________

    __/__ ____      email phone n-person   ________________________________________________________

                         Please sign to acknowledge you have read and understand the class syllabus.

            Student signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: _______________

            Parent signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: _______________

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