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Hare's Ear_ Wet Hook_ Standard wet fly Thread_ Yellow Hackle


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									Hare's Ear, Wet

Hook: Standard wet fly
Thread: Yellow
Hackle: brown Speckled Hen Back, or Brown Hungarian Partridge
Tail: Brownish-olive pheasant fibers
Ribbing: Fine flat gold tinsel
Body: Roughly dubbed Hare's Ear dubbing on yellow tying thread-Leisenring
Wings: Grouse Primary segments

Old Blue Dun

Hook: Standard wet fly
Thread: Yellow
Hackle: Medium blue dun hen
Ribbing: Yellow sewing silk thread size A or yellow buttonhole twist
Body: Blue dun rabbit dubbed by the Leisenring method.

Tups Indispensible (nymph)

Hook: Standard wet fly
Thread: Yellow
Hackle: Blue dun hen
Abdomen: Yellow buttonhole twist
Thorax: a mix of red and yellow rabbit fur

Black Stone Flymph

Hook: Mustad C53R or similar
Thread: Black
Hackle: Black Starling-Tied in by the stem, just near the eye, leaving room
for the head. Another tied in by the tip after completing the abdomen. This
hackle should be wrapped through the thorax.
Ribbing: one strand of fine Black Krystal Flash
Abdomen: Black rabbit, touch dubbed to form.
Thorax: Blank rabbit dubbed Leisenring method.

Leisenring Spider (Hidy)

Hook: Mustad R48
Thread: Yellow
Hackle: Brown Hungarian Partridge
Ridding: Fine gold wire
Body: Hare's Ear dubbed by the Leisenring method

Rubber Band Worm

Hook: Curved caddis hook
Thread: Tan
Body: A cream colored 1/8" rubber band cut as in the illustration. The
smaller end is tied to the shank and stretched out, tying it down the hook
shank to the bend with the thread. Wrap the thread back leaving room for the
thorax. Wrap the body, overlapping to form segments, gradually decreasing
tension on the rubber.
Thorax: Built up underbody of brownish embroidery thread touch dubbed over
with hare's ear dubbing, then wrapped over with a heavily dubbed brush made
by Leisenring method. This is brushed down and back after wrapping.

Stewart's Black Spider (Leisenring)

Hook: Mustad R48 or similar
Thread/body: Tawny brown
Hackle: Black Starling wrapped through the thorax.

Cream Soft-hackle

Hook: Mustad 3399A or similar
Thread: Uni-Light Cahill
Hackle: Very pale ginger or cream
Abdomen: One strand Ecru colored embroidery floss, wrapped close together.
Thorax: Light Cahill hare's ear

Newton's Flymph

Hook: Mustad 3399A or similar
Thread: Black
Hackle: Greenwell's Hen
Ribbing: Fine gold wire
Body: dark based, tan tipped Hare's mask dubbed by the Leisenring method on
black thread.

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