Child Care Licensing Appeal Panel

The Department of Human Services is currently seeking applicants for positions on the Child Care Licensing Appeal Panel.
Below you will find a brief history of the appeal panel, as well as a description of the statutorily mandated representatives the
panel must contain. Please consider applying for a position on the panel.

The Child Care Licensing Appeal Panel was created in statute decades ago and originally provided an appeal right for any
applicant or licensee to appeal any standard that in their opinion worked an undue hardship or when, in their opinion, the
standard is too stringently applied. (See §26-6-106(3) C.R.S.) Until 2012, the panel consisted of persons representing various
state and local government agencies with an interest in, and a concern for, children. The panel’s task is to review appeals and
make recommendations to the Department.

In 2012, House Bill 12-1276 changed the composition of the appeals panel, requiring but not limiting the membership to: one
representative from child care providers, one representative from local early childhood councils or local resource and referral
agency, a state-level early childhood representative with early care and education expertise, and a parent representative. (See
§26-6-106(3) C.R.S.).

House Bill 12-1276 additionally created a specific appeal right for materials waivers and standards related to the handling of
these appeals. The Department has chosen to apply the standards relating to the processing of materials waivers to all
waivers. (See §26-6-105.7 C.R.S.)

In practice, waivers and appeals are treated as synonymous terms, with waivers referring to exceptions to the rules sought by
a facility that has not been cited for a rule violation and appeals referring to exceptions to the rules sought by a facility that has
been cited for a rule violation.

Over the past 10 years, the Division of Child Care has received and reviewed an average of 500 appeals per year, which means
that the appeals panel reviews an average of 41 appeals per month. The panel meets once per month for a half day appeal
review session. Division of Child Care staff receives and prepares appeals for the panel’s review, and prepares the decision of
the appeal panel to be sent to the original waiver/appeal applicant. Historically, the majority of appeals have been granted.

Under House Bill 12-1276, appeal panel members are appointed by the CDHS Director for three (3) year terms.

Attached please find an application for a position on the appeal panel. Information on where to submit the application is
found on the lower left hand corner of the application.

             Application Deadline: September 15, 2012
  Applications must be received on or before September 15, 2012 for consideration.

                   CDHS expects to convene the new panel in November, 2012.
                                                    Colorado Department of Human Services
                                                          Office of Early Childhood

                                                       Division of Early Care and Learning
                                                           Application for
                                                  Child Care Licensing Appeals Panel
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       LEVEL            NAME OF SCHOOL                                              LOCATION                No. Years           Did You            Major Course of
                                                                                                            Attended           Graduate?               Study
High School



                                     [ ] Child Care Provider
       Please Indicate
      Appeal Panel Slot
    You Are Applying For:            [ ] Early Childhood Council or Resource and Referral

              →                      [ ] State Employee with Child Care Expertise

                                     [ ] Parent

REFERENCES (List three persons, not related to you, who you have known for at least one year.)
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I certify that the facts contained in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize investigation of all statements contained herein
and the references listed above to obtain any and all pertinent information, personal and otherwise. I release all parties for all liability for any damage that may
result from furnishing such information. I understand that the Colorado Open Records Act may require that certain information contained in this application be
available for inspection by the general public. I understand that a criminal background check and an abuse and neglect records check may be required.

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