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Detailed Workshop Description NAWDP


									May 7th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Napa A

Business Services Success in a Challenging Economy
The recession isn’t the only barrier to success with businesses. Another barrier is workforce
organizations haven’t reinvented business services to beat the recession. Managers and staff
will learn how innovative companies have undergone complete makeovers to stay profitable
and what this means for us. Develop new services for businesses that aren’t hiring so they come
to you first when they do hire. Serve sole proprietors (businesses without employees) and they
will introduce you to their business clients with job openings. Make every hire go from
placement to partnership to get more hires and new business clients. Use the innovative job
carving strategy to create new jobs and increase profits. Run the Profit Maker Club and get
business people to come to you! If you are ready to completely makeover business services to
beat the recession this workshop is for you!

Larry Robbin, Executive Director, Robbin and Associates, Oakland, CA

CWDP Competencies: 5,6,7,10
Track: Economic Development and Business Services Partnerships

May 7th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Half Moon Bay

Hiring with Style: Confidently Know HOW to Choose Successful Team Members
Do you fully understand the work behavioral style and task requirements of the next position
you’ll be filling in your organization? Do you desire to reduce staff turnover and work-related
stress levels? The required work style of a current/potential position, job or responsibility is such
a vital part of the job selection process, performance improvement and career planning path. By
first measuring the job style needs and then assessing possible employees to establish job-style
compatibility, it helps you to know who would be the best fit for the positions on your team. For
those already on your team, establishing such a system also provides a road map to match each
person’s preferred work style and work environment to help him or her more intentionally
select the best roles and responsibilities so they can play to their strengths. This information is
foundational to fully working on purpose.

Ken Keis, President & CEO, Consulting Resource Group Int'l, Inc., Abbotsford, BC

CWDP Competencies: 2,10
Track: Fiscal and Program Management

May 7th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Napa B

Build a Bridge and Get Over It
This workshop is designed for the professional at any level to better get control of their lives and
thus be able to focus more positive energy in the work environment. If an employee or
supervisor has problems with health, finances, professional development, or personal
relationships then they will not be able to perform up to their potential for sustained periods.
This seminar helps us understand how little steps add up to make a big difference and how all of
the different areas are interrelated. It's guaranteed to make you laugh!

Gary Huckaby, Jr. , President/Ph.D.,Huckaby Consulting Group, Inc., Huntsville, AL

CWDP Competencies: 2,5,7,9
Track: Personal Growth and Leadership Development

May 7th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Napa C

Platform to Employment: A Social Enterprise Putting 99ers Back to Work
A profound social change is happening right before our eyes, impacting millions of workers and
shedding jobs at a rate not seen in decades. Workers have exhausted benefits, become
discouraged and left the labor force. Many are without hope. This workshop will use the
innovative Platform to Employment program to illustrate how the Workforce System can
respond to structural changes impacting our economy and deliver services which bring long
term unemployed to a platform of readiness to compete. The workshop will illustrate a process
of cultivating business partnerships, private philanthropic support, and explores structural
changes at One Stop Career Centers. The P2E program develops new strategies for solving long-
term unemployment and creating a positive change in the workforce.

Joe Carbone, President & CEO, The WorkPlace, Bridgeport, CT

CWDP Competencies: 4,6,9,10
Track: Effective Practices for Serving the Long Term Unemployed

May 7th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Napa D

Replicable Strategies to Effectively Serve and Place Ex-Offenders
According to the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices (2011), over 700,000 individuals are released from state
and federals prisons each year. More than two-thirds are rearrested within three years of their
release and half are re-incarcerated. The estimated cost on federal, state, and local corrections –
more than $68 billion! This workshop will focus on The City of Los Angeles’ New Start Los
Angeles (NSLA) Project, an evidence-based project focusing on employment and job placement
services delivered through strategic partnerships with a unique focus on addressing the
criminogenic needs of ex-offenders. Through it’s combination of service providers, including
One-Stop Centers, Chicago School of Psychology, and other community-based organizations,
NSLA has been able to reduce the recidivism rates of its participants to 10%. In addition to a
replicable service delivery model, NSLA will discuss the availability of its online ex-offender
training program geared toward workforce development professionals.
Lisa Jordan, President, Human Solutions LLC, Buena Park, CA; Susan Quigley, Gardena, CA;
Joseph Paul, New Start Coordinator, South East Los Angeles WorkSource Center (UAW-LETC), Los
Angeles, CA

CWDP Competencies: 2,4,5,9
Track: Successful Strategies in Serving Ex-Offenders or Welfare Recipients

May 7th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Morro Bay

OJT - New Strategies for an Old Idea
On-the-Job Training is getting a lot of attention as the best method to create jobs. Do you
wonder why? This is the one tool in the Workforce Professional's tool box that is both a job
seeker and a business service. It's a great tool to incentivize employers to hire someone they
may not otherwise consider for a job. It's also a way to provide employers with the resources
and support needed to expand their operations. Participants of this workshop will experience a
deep dive into the world of OJT. Kristina Harrell from Reading, PA and Cindy Perry from San
Diego, CA will educate the audience on the brass tacks of OJT. Participants will learn what they
need to know about the legislative requirements of OJT and will be presented with strategies
two large workforce areas use in the design and implementation of their OJT programs.

Cindy Perry, Manager of Special Projects, San Diego Workforce Partnership San Diego, CA;
Kristina Harrell, Business Solutions Team Manager, PA Career Link-Berks County, Reading, PA

CWDP Competencies: 2,5,10
Track: Workforce Development

May 7th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Mission Bay

Career-based Mentoring
Mentoring is one of the most important strategies for assisting youth and young adults with and
without disabilities in making a positive transition into adulthood. However, there are few
resources for mentoring youth with disabilities or career-focused mentoring of older youth. This
session will be an interactive dialogue between participants and presenters about what works.
Participants will be able to: 1) Identify the goals and components of mentoring; 2) Learn
successful strategies for engaging youth in goal-setting; 3) Gather innovative sources for
recruiting and training mentors; and 4) Discuss lessons learned from a national mentoring
program. Participants will receive a free mentoring guide, Individualized Mentoring Plans for
youth, and practical strategies from a national mentoring program.

Patricia D. Gill, Senior Program Associate, Center for Workforce Development, Institute for
Educational Leadership, Washington, DC; Kathy Waters, Program Director, Youth Services, Inc,
Brattleboro, VT

CWDP Competencies: 2, 4, 7
Track: Youth Services
May 7th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Pelican Bay

Building a Bridge Between Youth and the Manufacturing Industry
In the summer of 2011, the Illinois workNet Center of Northern Cook County launched a new
work experience program that focused on exposing youth to the career opportunities in the
manufacturing industry. The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) youth program, Manufacturing
Career Internship Program (MCIP) provided youth with a two week Manufacturing Boot Camp
that combined work readiness activities with on site visits to area manufacturers that ended
with an Intern Job Fair. Youth were then matched to employers for an eight week internship.
This program has been very successful with ten of the seventeen youth being hired by their
internship site. The successes of the program was due in part to strong relationships with the

Amanda Rothenburger, Youth Services Coordinator, Illinois workNet Center of Northern Cook
County, Arlington Heights, IL; Rand Haas, MCIP Project Manager, Medusa Consulting Group, Inc,
Medinah, IL

CWDP Competencies: 3,6
Track: Youth Services

May 7th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Turtle Bay

Applying for Your CWDP: Strategies for a Successful Application
Did you know that the CWDP was identified recently as THE credential most likely to used when
evaluating workforce development professionals for hiring or promotional opportunities? Are
you ready to apply for your Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP) credential or
one of the Endorsement credentials? Do you have questions about the process or what is really
required for the credential? Bring your questions and join us for this discussion. The
presentation will focus on how to complete your application package and the process by which
it will be evaluated.

Bridget Brown, Executive Director, NAWDP, Washington, DC; Charlotte Hearn, CWDP: JSS, MS,
Project Manager, Geographic Solutions, Palm Harbor, FL

CWDP Competencies: 2
Track: Personal Growth and Leadership Development

May 7th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Monterey Bay

A Global Perspective: A Snapshot of Human Resources and Workforce Development in China
Doing business in Asia is clearly a key success factor in almost all industries today. The US
economy truly is global in nature and local communities are more diverse in terms of ethnicity
and country of national origin. This means that workforce development professionals need to
understand how human capital is viewed in different countries. This session will feature leading
human resources experts from China who will provide an overview of China’s labor market,
prevailing labor laws, and policies that impact how human resource professionals in China strive
to meet their workforce needs. DaoAsia LLC, a California based business networking event
provider, presents a delegation of human resource representatives from China.

Jim Yang, Vice President, DaoAsia LLC, Westfield, NJ, Mr.Nie Youcheng, General Manager of
Shenzhen Fangsheng Human Resources Service Co., Ltd, Ms Zhu Ying, Vice General Manager of
Tianjin North HRM Consulting Co.,Ltd, Mr. Ai Bing, Vice General Manager of Shanxi E-Stone
Human Resources Co.,Ltd, Mr.Zhuang Zhi,

CWDP Competencies: 4, 10
Track: Workforce Development
May 8th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Morro Bay

Off the Bench: Getting Back to Work through Green Construction/Welding
In Hartford, CT an innovative and collaborative approach to getting benched workers back to
work has been established. The program, run through CWP's nationally recognized Hartford Jobs
Funnel, takes union building trades members from across the building trades and trains them in
green construction and welding. Participants are able to obtain multiple certifications including
state DOT welding papers and 16+ hours toward LEED certification. The program is taught by
Ironworkers Local 15 in conjuction with teh Hartford Jobs Funnel and is funded through the CT
State Eenrgy Sector Partnership grant. The Hartford Jobs Funnel has been cited as a national
example for training low-income, disadvantaged and ex-offender adults for careers in
construction. Due to the success of this initative, (95% completion, 78% placement and 100%
retention), the program will be expanded to other green trainings. Three core components of
presentation: education, partnership and recruitment.

Pamela Tonello, Project Director, Capital Workforce Partners, Hartford, CT, Terrance Bowens,
Jobs Funnel Manager, Capital Workforce Partners, Hartford, CT

CWDP Competencies: 3,6,9,10
Track: Economic Development and Business Services Partnerships

May 8th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Mission Bay

Managing Veteran Representatives’ Performance
Managing Veteran Representatives can be challenging, especially when there are several
additional programs to run. Wouldn’t it be nice to have procedures and tools that help Vet Reps
manage themselves and, literally, allow you to track their progress from your desk. This
workshop will give you performance measures, tracking tools and procedures that will allow you
to monitor Vet Rep activity and ensure the DVOP and LVER focus on tasks that enhance
performance. Tools presented at this workshop will ensure you always have answers to the
questions, “Where are the Vet Reps? What have they been doing for the last month? How does
their current performance compare to the objectives in their Performance Reviews?”. This
workshop will also cover concrete strategies for creating and meeting DVOP and LVER
performance objectives that accomplish the intent of the JVA Program. This workshop is about
organizing effort, monitoring progress and accountability!

Wallace Vaughn, Regional Operations Manager, Kansas Department of Commerce, Overland
Park, KS, Mike Randol, State Veterans Services Manager, Kansas Department of Commerce

CWDP Competencies: 1,5,6
Track: Fiscal and Program Management

May 8th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Napa A
End the Chaos: Become a Personal Productivity Champion
As a leader, how is your time management, or as our presenter Randy Goruk likes to refer to
time management, how is your personal productivity? •Do you accomplish everything you set
out to do in a day? •Do you find yourself running from one thing to another? •Do you wish you
had one more hour in a day? It is essential for a leader’s success, and health, to take full control
of the time in their world. They need to become a personal productivity champion. Many of us
never seem to have the time to do everything we set out to do – we are constantly challenged
with time pressures that never seem to go away. This interactive presentation is designed to
share proven strategies and techniques that can be immediately implemented and help end the

Randy Goruk, President, - The Randall Wade Group, LLC, Alpharetta, GA,
Tyler Goruk, Business Development Manager, - The Randall Wade Group,
LLC, Alpharetta, GA

CWDP Competencies: 5,7,9
Track: Personal Growth and Leadership Development

May 8th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Pelican Bay

With CareerOneStop…You’ve Got the Power!!
Are your clients interested in what’s hot and what’s not? Do they want to know what kinds of
tools they will need to do the job, and whether they will need a license? If you answered yes to
either of these questions…then welcome to the wonderful world of the CareerOneStop with
“O*NET in it”. Explore the CareerOneStop, and learn to further assist your clients by helping
them look for occupations by areas of interest or identify a training program or career that
works for them. Whether you are a case manager, job coach, an employment consultant, or a
WIA Program manager, get “powered-up” and help your clients navigate seamlessly through the
Job Search, Résumé Writing, Apprenticeship, Training, and Work Experience maze.

Reginna Z. Ford, CWDP, Workforce Information Specialist NCESC/LMI, Raleigh, NC

CWDP Competencies: 3,5,8,9
Track: Effective Practices for Serving the Long Term Unemployed

May 8th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Napa B

The Revolutionary Captain and Coach Approach to Case Management
Traditional case management isn’t strong enough to motivate the hard-to-employ and can’t
beat the influence of their anti-work friends. This workshop for management and staff features
a paradigm shifting model that starts by celebrating the customer’s skills and strengths. It finds
their assets to employment and uses them to eliminate barriers. This strength based
empowerment approach creates a new dynamic with the customer as the captain of their
employment process and the staff person in the role of a supportive coach. Using a systems
approach the model includes organizing a pro-work team of people to support the captain’s
journey to employment. This team is a powerful force that will overcome anti-work friend
influences. Learn an entirely new way to shift hard-to-employ people from saying “no work no
way “ to “I’ve got the job!”

Larry Robbin, Executive Director, Robbin and Associates, Oakland, CA

CWDP Competencies: 5,6,9
Track: Successful Strategies in Serving Ex-Offenders or Welfare Recipients

May 8th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Napa C

Great Service . . . Even When Customers Don’t Make it Easy
There is no more important “point of service” in a One-Stop than the staff-to-customer contact
experience. Job seekers and employers want and need to interact with professionals who know
their workforce system and care about providing quality customer service. This popular, lively
session shows what it takes to adopt a truly customer-focused service delivery approach. It’s
where you need to be to change a weak customer image to good ... a good image to great.
Topics include: • How customer service and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand • Can you
really stand out from the rest? • Best practices of outstanding customer service • Managing the
stages of customer engagement • Communicating one-on-one with impact • How to get and use
customer feedback about service quality • When it’s not what customers want to hear • Dealing
with upset customers • Managing the image you convey to customers • Setting standards for
quality service • Improving your customer service through Action Planning

Carol Wargo,President ,Wargo-Brock Workforce Dimensions, Columbus, OH, Russell Brock,
Managing Partner/Senior Consultant, Wargo-Brock Workforce Dimensions, Columbus, OH

CWDP Competencies: 5,7,9
Track: Workforce Development

May 8th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Turtle Bay

The REAL Transition Necessities of Workforce Customers with Special Learning Needs
Researchers identify that of workforce customers with learning disabilities entering
postsecondary, training, and apprentice programs, over 90 percent drop out before the end of
their first year. Using key elements from recent research learn to create a mind map of
transition services and redefine the essential elements from the perspective of customer. Join
Nancie to discover and expand workforce program transition development to ensure success of
customers with special learning needs.

Nancie Payne, Ph.D, President/CEO,Payne & Associates, Inc., Olympia, WA
CWDP Competencies: 2,4,6
Track: Youth Services

May 8th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Half Moon Bay

Fast Track to Literacy: Contextualized Learning in a Collaborative Model
Studies show that, on average, it takes 100 hours of instruction for a one grade level increase in
literacy. This workshop will show how a creative model used in a Philadelphia green job
workforce program showed average increases of three grade-levels in reading and math, with
some participants showing 5-plus grade level changes. Utilizing employer input relating to
specific skills and through a mixture of contextualized (reading and math adapted to specific
career tracks), collaborative and hands-on learning, workshop participants will learn how to get
extraordinary literacy gains, create a positive learning environment, and substantially increase
the confidence and hire-ability of job seekers.

Jerry Tapley, Chief Operating Officer, Federation of Neighborhood Centers Philadelphia, PA,
Yolanda Solis, Adult Learning & Literacy Coordinator, Federation of Neighborhood Centers,
Philadelphia, PA

CWDP Competencies: 2
Track: Workforce Development

May 8th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Monterey Bay

A New Tool for Accessing Healthcare Careers – The Virtual Career Network
The healthcare industry continues to provide some of the best career opportunities in the
country. To help job seekers, dislocated workers, career changers, and new entrants to the labor
market enter the healthcare industry, the U.S. Department of Labor funded the development of
the Healthcare Virtual Career Network (VCN), a comprehensive online tool for exploring
healthcare careers, locating training and education programs, and finding jobs in over 75
different healthcare career fields. The National Association of Workforce Boards, working with
the American Association of Community Colleges, Jobs for the Future, American Council on
Education, and many others, received a grant from DOL to ensure the successful launch of the
VCN, which can be found at Come and learn how you can use the VCN to move
your customers into this fast growing, well paying, recession-proof industry.

Terri Bergman, CWDP, Research and Program , National Association of Workforce Boards,
Washington, DC

CWDP Competencies: 2,3,8
Track: Workforce Development

May 8th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Napa D

Homes First, Jobs Second: Regional Partnerships for Self-Sufficiency
This workshop will present a unique regional public/private partnership among Community
Action Agencies, One-Stop Career Centers, employers, education and training providers, and
others designed to create a more effective system for increasing the long-term economic
stability of homeless families. Massachusetts recently adopted a new approach to serving
homeless families that reduces the use of shelters and opts instead for time-limited subsidies on
private market housing. Time limits on housing subsidies necessitate that parents actively
pursue a plan towards economic stability. In the Merrimack Valley region of northeast
Massachusetts, leaders in workforce development and homeless services developed a plan to
integrate services that is helping homeless families attain housing and economic stability.
Leaders in this inititative will present the process by which the partnership was established, the
structure of the partnership, overcoming the inevitable obstacles of bridging different worlds,
and early successes in implementation.

Cheryl Amey, Associate Executive Director, Community Teamwork, Inc ,Lowell, MA

CWDP Competencies: 5,6,9
Track: Workforce Development

May 8th, 10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Mission Bay

Leading Partnerships in Workforce Development: Lessons from Massachusetts
Increasingly, organizations are recognizing the value of working together to solve complex
workforce development challenges. Workforce development partnerships, led by a variety of
organizations, typically involve employers, training providers, community based organizations
and workforce development agencies. Managing these stakeholders to support effective
programming can be a challenge. This workshop draws on the experience of workforce
development partnerships in Massachusetts to share promising practice and tools for effectively
leading partnerships. Staff from Commonwealth Corporation, a quasi-governmental workforce
development agency based in Boston, will offer lessons and insights gained through funding and
supporting sector strategies over the last 10 years. Specific topics to be addressed include:
Establishing the partnership, leadership, on-going processes of partnering and sustaining
partnerships over time. Presenters will also share resources and tools, including a guide to
leading partnerships in workforce development to support practitioners in these efforts.

Navjeet Singh, Vice President for Applied Research and Evaluation, Commonwealth Corporation,
Boston, MA

CWDP Competencies: 6,9,10
Track: Economic Development and Business Services Partnerships

May 8th, 10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Napa C
Managing Big or Multiple Projects in Your One-Stop
On any given day, you may be asked to handle a large, complex project or juggle many small
projects at the same time – WIB retreats, job fairs, promotional events, grant proposals, plant
closings, process improvement, website design, improving relations with One-Stop partners.
This session presents a systematic way to organize project elements like tasks, charts, schedules,
resources, budgets, and people – and manage them all with confidence. No matter if you’re new
to project management or a seasoned pro, the five-step approach described in this session can
help you get a better handle on your next project. Topics include: A system-wide process for
managing projects Defining the project scope Breaking down your project into manageable parts
Planning techniques that maintain control over the project Avoiding pitfalls that lead to project
failure Guidelines for implementing and coordinating your project plan Measuring, monitoring,
and evaluating your projects Managing multiple projects and changing priorities

Russell Brock, Managing Partner/Senior Consultant, Wargo-Brock Workforce Dimensions,
Columbus, OH, Carol Wargo, President, Wargo-Brock Workforce Dimensions, Columbus, OH

CWDP Competencies: 8
Track: Fiscal and Program Management

May 8th, 10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Turtle Bay

Game Changing Professional Development for Career Advisors
Faced with the constantly changing environment of economics and politics, workforce
development professionals are at the fulcrum of pressures from many stakeholders. Personal
professional development is often at the end of the “to-do” list. But it’s the key to staying ahead
of the game and building capacity within your organization. Technology and emerging trends in
workforce development are shaping a new landscape in learning. This workshop will share the
critical components to developing the bench strength of career advisors at One Stop Career
Centers. Starting with alignment to NAWDP competencies, through market research, curriculum
development, and implementation, this work shop will share best practices and lessons

Locke Epsten, Director of Corporate Education, University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA,
Rachel Messenger, AmeriCorps*VISTA, Workforce Development Specialist , Racine County
Workforce Development Center, Racine, WI

CWDP Competencies: 2
Track: Personal Growth and Leadership Development

May 8th, 10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Napa A

Psychology of the LT Unemployed
Long-term unemployment is a serious problem in this country and it is one that has become self-
perpetuating. There are a lot of unfortunate misconceptions about the long-term unemployed
out there. Many employers are unfairly assuming that long-term unemployed people have
become lazy, developed bad habits, or allowed their skills to atrophy. In this session,
organizational psychologist and author of The YOU Plan, Michael “Dr. Woody” Woodward, PhD,
will discuss the psychology of the long-term unemployed and how to help these unique clients
combat this attitude while helping them remain active through goal setting, network building,
and positive thinking.

Michael "Dr. Woody" Woodward, PhD, Organizational Psychologist & Author of The YOU Plan,
New York, NY

CWDP Competencies: 2,5
Track: Effective Practices for Serving the Long Term Unemployed

May 8th, 10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Napa B

You've Got the Job!: Strategies to Help Ex-Offenders Get More Responses Like This
We’ve heard the job seeking mantras before: “dress for success”, “first impressions are lasting,”
and “do your homework,” etc. But what kind of advice/strategies – should be given to ex-
offenders to help them successfully land a job? Ex-offenders need an extreme makeover! Added
to a sluggish economy and hiring that negatively impacts all job seekers, ex-offenders face
additional barriers such as lack of education/skills, spotty work history, and a criminal record,
which can derail their employment opportunities. We will present promising
practices/successful strategies to assist reentry programs and workforce development
professionals in making ex-offenders job-ready candidates. The presenters are currently
providing technical assistance and coaching for three of DOL’s Re-Integration of Ex-Offender
programs serving multiple grantees.

Stephen Kornblatt, CWDP, Vice-President, Performance Excellence Partners, Bethesda, MD,
Susan Shorters, Senior Project Manager, Performance Excellence Partners, Huntington Beach,
CA; Tressa Dorsey, Senior Project Manager, Performance Excellence Partners, Huntington Beach,

CWDP Competencies: 2,6
Track: Successful Strategies in Serving Ex-Offenders or Welfare Recipients

May 8th, 10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Pelican Bay

Tech Training for Seniors by Seniors
With the inexorable transition to a computerized culture, job seekers have no choice but to
expand their computer knowledge and keep up with technological advances. Since a significant
segment of the Senior population has no or very little computer experience, we must find ways
to bring them up to speed if they are going to compete in the job market. This session will
discuss specific tools and strategies for Seniors teaching technology to Seniors.
John Shaw, Project Manager, West Virginia Resource Center, National Council on Aging,
Wheeling, WV, Timothy Hamre, Director of Program Operations, National Council on Aging,
Washington, DC; Marc Sleeth Business Support Manager, CE Technologies, Inc., East
Gwillimbury, ON

CWDP Competencies: 3,5
Track: Workforce Development

May 8th, 10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Morro Bay

Peer Tutoring for Youth: Reaching Beyond Credential Common Measure
Local Workforce Investment Area 12 in rural west Tennessee has managed a Peer Tutor Work
Experience Program since 2006 for academically successful, economically disadvantaged high
school juniors and seniors. WIA eligible youth with above average grades are hired to work
before and/or after school, tutoring and mentoring members of the entire student body. Peer
Tutoring allows youth to explore teaching as a career, thus potentially helping to address the
forecasted shortage of teachers lcoally. In a region where youth unemployment is over 20%, the
creation of jobs benefits not only the youth, but their families.

Lori Marberry, Director of Public Information and Planning,Northwest TN Workforce
Board/DSCC, Dyersburg, TN, Ginger Powell, Regional Director, Northwest TN Workforce
Board/DCSS, Dyersburg, TN, Margaret Prater, Vice President, Northwest TN Workforce

CWDP Competencies: 6,9
Track: Youth Services

May 8th, 10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Monterey Bay

More Long-Term Unemployed + Less Funding = New Service Delivery System
In the face of another jobless recovery with long-term unemployment, more veterans accessing
services, and, in Pennsylvania, a new job search requirement for persons receiving
unemployment compensation, the Lancaster County Workforce Investment Board and the PA
CareerLink of Lancaster County realized that its service delivery system would not be able to
cope with the demand in the near future and made radical changes to anticipate the short and
long-term needs. This workshop uses a case study approach to illustrate the problems that were
discovered and the changes that were adopted. Specific topics include expanding the capacity
of core services, reversing suitability and eligibility, initiating real career counseling based on
cluster and occupational data as a part of the service delivery process, expanding job club
options with social media, building on the definition of training to offer more skill-based
training, and measuring results.

Scott Sheely, Executive Director,Lancaster County Workforce Investment Board, Lancaster, PA
CWDP Competencies: 2,3,6
Track: Effective Practices for Serving the Long Term Unemployed

May 8th, 10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Napa D

Career Happiness in Uncertain Times: A five step process
The opportunity to create career happiness is within your power. This is even more important to
understand and apply in uncertain times. Our workshop builds on and expands the very popular
session we presented at last year's NAWDP conference in Virginia Beach. Creating a career
pathway that gives you the future you want takes creativity, awareness and planning, especially
in today's rapidly changing world. Explore with us a five step "design/build" process that offers a
blueprint for greater career happiness. Your presenters are Jim Nitz, a past recipient of the
NAWDP professional development award, and a CWDP with over 30 years in Workforce
Development and Adam Gabor-Nitz a young professional who works as a certified motivational
career coach and Business Services Rep, both with the Kaiser Group. The fundamentals of career
happiness transcend generations, and this high energy workshop has ideas everyone can apply
to their life and work.

Jim Nitz , Executive Vice President, Kaiser Group, Waukesha, WI, Adam Gabor-Nitz, Business
Services Rep and Career Coach, Kaiser Group, Milwaukee, WI

CWDP Competencies: 2
Track: Personal Growth and Leadership Development

May 8th, 10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Half Moon Bay

Middle Skills Initiative: Matching Skills with Employer Demand
The job market has fundamentally changed in the past few years. While unemployment
remains high – bright spots exist in the “middle skill” category. Middle skill jobs are those that
require more than a high school diploma by not necessarily a 4 year postsecondary degree. This
workshop will use labor market data on these jobs to provide insight on how to identify the
opportunities in your local area. The presentation also will cover how to market these
occupations and how use the middle skills initiative as a way to communicate with your industry

Rachel Gragg, Federal Policy Director, National Skills Coalition, Washington, DC

CWDP Competencies: 3,6,9,10
Track: Workforce Development
May 8th, 2:00pm - 3:15pm
Meeting Room: Napa C


Industry Experts Talk: Meeting the Needs of our Nation’s Employers
The changing workplace is acceleratating the demand for new skills and the rise of a new type of
workforce. In order for current employees to remain employed - and job seekers to become
employed – they must meet these new expectations. What do our Business customers really
want from us? What do they really base their hiring decisions around? Do Employers really
have a bias against hiring individuals who are unemployed? Come to this session and hear
directly from individuals in charge of improving their company’s human capital system discuss
thess issues and how they believe our system can help them meet their human capital needs.
This session is designed to be interactive so this is your chance to ask your burning questions!

Cornelius Eason, Director of Regional Strategies, Workforce Connections, Las Vegas, NV,
Cedric Crear, Owner/President, Crear Creative Group, Las Vegas, NV, Ms. Tracy Dufur, CEO, Elite
Medical Advisors, Las Vegas, NV, Larry Goldfill, Owner/President, Rapid Refill Las Vegas, NV, Leo
Gobbo, Human Resources Manager, Timet (Titanium Metals Corporation), Las Vegas, NV
Scott Muelrath, Executive Director/CEO, Henderson Chamber of Commerce, Las Vegas, NV

CWDP Competencies: 10
Track: Economic Development and Business Services Partnerships

May 8th, 2:00pm - 3:15pm
Meeting Room: Turtle Bay

Effective Management Supports all Customers: Universal Strategies for Outcome Driven
Every aspect of the One Stop Operations – including the way the One Stop is managed - can be
optimized to serve the widest possible range of customers. Everything from crafting an RFP,
building and maintaining partnerships in the community and developing the knowledge skills
and abilities of our staff can be done in a way that opens the doors of the One Stop to serve the
compete spectrum of job seekers and business in our communities. Based on examples
gathered from high-performing One-Stops nationwide, Universal Strategies for Outcome-Driven
Services is a set of tools, practices, and guidance based on promising work occurring in the field.
It is comprised of strategies that are designed to provide quality services to all One-Stop
customers. These tools and practices can help One-Stops achieve their performance measures
and other organizational goals while serving their diverse customer base. Specialized services
may be required for some individuals, but this set of strategies provides a proactive approach to
meeting most customers’ needs.

Cori C Di Biase, Principal, Aperio Consulting Group, Cascade, MT, Sheila Fesko, Senior Research
Fellow, Institute for Community Inclusion, Boston, MA

CWDP Competencies: 6
Track: Fiscal and Program Management
May 8th, 2:00pm - 3:15pm
Meeting Room: Napa A

The Keys to Achieving Leadership and Organizational Success
How fantastic would your organization be if your managers became exceptional leaders?
Improving the quality and effectiveness of leadership is a constant challenge within many
companies as they strive to improve productivity, minimize turnover, and retain the best
available talent. Having personally lead multi-million dollar organizations through many
challenging times, Randy Goruk will show you the leadership attributes needed, detail the most
common leadership mistakes, and provide specific tactics you, your leaders and teams can
implement immediately to elevate your performance in 2012 and create the desired results for
your organization.

Randy Goruk, President, - The Randall Wade Group, LLC, Alpharetta, GA,
Tyler Goruk, Business Development Manager, - The Randall Wade Group,
LLC, Alpharetta, GA

CWDP Competencies: 2,5,7,9
Track: Personal GrOwth and Leadership Development

May 8th, 2:00pm - 3:15pm
Meeting Room: Morro Bay

Reemployment Services – What Really Works?
There are many approaches to serving unemployed workers – but which ones show more
promise of effectiveness? You will take away information on the “who, what, where, and why”
of several noteworthy approaches to reemployment from ETA’s new collection of evidence- and
experience-based workforce practices.

Chandra Larsen, Social Scientist & Training and Technical Assistance Specialist, Social Policy
Research Associates, Oakland, CA

CWDP Competencies: 2,5,6,10
Track: Effective Practices for Serving the Long Term Unemployed

May 8th, 2:00pm - 3:15pm
Meeting Room: Napa B

REX-cipe for Success - Re-Integration of Ex-Offenders
Working with ex-offenders is difficult and important work. There’s no magic formula, but there
are several key ingredients for successful reentry work. This workshop will focus on those
ingredients that comprise a successful reentry strategy to effectively serve ex-offenders. Learn
from subject matter experts who have worked with the U.S. Department of Labor’s reentry
programs to help faith- and community-based grantees design and implement reentry
programs, and meet performance outcome measures. The presenters are currently providing
technical assistance and coaching for three of DOL’s Re-Integration of Ex-Offender programs
serving multiple grantees.

Stephen Kornblatt, CWDP, Vice-President, Performance Excellence Partners, Bethesda, MD,
Susan Shorters, Senior Project Manager, Performance Excellence Partners, Huntington Beach,
CA; Tressa Dorsey, Senior Project Manager, Performance Excellence Partners, Huntington Beach,

CWDP Competencies: 5,6
Track: Successful Strategies in Serving Ex-Offenders or Welfare Recipients

May 8th, 2:00pm - 3:15pm
Meeting Room: Half Moon Bay

Bridging the Funding Gap: Neighborhood Centers as Workforce Partners
Using best practices and lessons learned from an existing workforce collaboration in South
Philadelphia, this workshop will explore innovative collaborative approaches to workforce
programming that can help bridge the growing funding gap while bringing more personalized,
whole-family services to job seekers. Established community and neighborhood centers already
have the trust of the community, provide a wide-range of services and referrals to services and
seek new ways to provide better supports for their constituents – making them the perfect
partner in workforce programming in an age where reductions in funding make strategic
collaboration essential for success.

Jerry Tapley, Chief Operating Officer, Federation of Neighborhood Centers Philadelphia, PA,
Diane Cornman-Levy, Executive Director, Federation of Neighborhood Centers, Philadelphia, PA

CWDP Competencies: 1,9
Track: Workforce Development

May 8th, 2:00pm - 3:15pm
Meeting Room: Mission Bay

Working Together: Creative Workforce Collaborations with the Retail Industry
Working with at-risk youth is both challenging and rewarding, working with the private sector
and government agencies can also be equally challenging. At this session learn how the Larkin
Street Youth Services Workforce Program in San Francisco has built a successful collaboration
with a Government agency and three major retail stores in San Francisco. This partnership helps
at-risk/in-risk youth learn more about what private industries look for in potential employees,
experience some of the training employees for these stores receive as well as gaining a more in-
depth look at private industries from the inside. In addition, it will highlight program design, job
readiness classes, networking, retail boot camps, effective employment case management for
back-end support needed for youth to be better prepared for successful employment.
Jamie Fountain, Manager, Workforce Development, Hire Up, Larkin Street Youth Services, San
Francisco, CA

CWDP Competencies: 7
Track: Youth Services

May 8th, 2:00pm - 3:15pm
Meeting Room: Pelican Bay

Brewing Bright Futures: Training Grounds Coffee Cart, A Multiagency Partnership
Presenters will provide an overview of a grant-funded coffee cart operation designed to support
a job training program for TANF clients and developmentally-disabled students. Information on
budget, operations, training, equipment purchases, and marketing will be shared. Training
Grounds epitomizes the ideal partnership among workforce agencies, government, schools, and
community. This unique venture supports inclusiveness by training TANF clients to work with
students with developmental disabilities. Moreover, the partnership provides leveraging of
taxpayers’ dollars that support workforce services. In this era of budget constraints, participants
will benefit from our experience in helping TANF clients and transition students fulfil their
dream of paid employment. Workforce professionals wishing to replicate this successful model
will leave this session with ideas/materials on how to establish and operate a multiagency
business partnership.

Joe Shaw, Principal, Warren Tech High School, Lakewood, CO, Rosemary Smith, Assistant
Principal, Warren Tech High School, Lakewood, CO; Lynn Fisher, JTS Coordinator, Jefferson
County Schools - Transition Services, Lakewood, CO; Tara LaMont, Workforce Supervisor,
Jefferson County Workforce Center, Golden, CO

CWDP Competencies: 4
Track: Successful Strategies in Serving Ex-Offenders or Welfare Recipients

May 8th, 2:00pm - 3:15pm
Meeting Room: Monterey Bay

Managing Transitions - It Isn't the Changes That Do You In
It’s been said that if you work in the workforce development profession and don’t like change,
you’re in the wrong line of work! It isn’t change that does you in, it’s the transitions. Change is
situational – a new job, a new office, a new boss, a new team. Transition is psychological; it’s a
three-phase process that people go through as they internalize and come to terms with the
details of the new situation that change brings about. This workshop provides examples and
strategies for working through the three phases – letting go of the old, going through an in-
between time (called the neutral zone), and coming out of the transition and making a new
beginning. If you’ve ever gone through a change, are expecting to go through a change, or want
to learn to help others work through change, this session’s for you.

Ann Merrifield, Coordinator of RFPs and Training, Kaiser Group, Inc., Columbia, MO
CWDP Competencies: 4,9
Track: Personal Growth and Leadership Development

May 8th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Mission Bay

Becoming the Workforce Center of Choice for Businesses
Within the context of strong working relationships with economic developers, industry
associations, and chambers of commerce, Arapahoe/Douglas Works! (ADW) has established
credibility as the workforce center of choice for area businesses. In this fun and interactive
seminar, attendees will learn the nuts and bolts of developing and executing a superior business
development services package. Takeaways include: •Strategic outreach to primary industries
(65% of primary businesses within five miles of new location) •New relationships (memberships
in six chambers, three economic development organizations and several industry associations)
•Industry profiles and site selection •Link to website for samples (23,000+ hits/mo) o LinkedIn
site (1,500+ members) •Competitive wage scales by industry •Strong process control through
integrated team •All programs represented – marketing our caseloads •Custom hiring events
(over 25; hundreds of hires) • Custom candidate searches • Other resources, OJT incentives

Patrick Holwell, Workforce Economist, Arapahoe/Douglas Works! ,Centennial, CO, Dawn
Gardner, Business Development Supervisor, Arapahoe/Douglas Works!, Centennial, CO

CWDP Competencies: 3,6,9,10
Track: Economic Development and Business Services Partnerships

May 8th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Pelican Bay

Cost Allocation Plans – Making a Friend Out of a Foe
Back office accounting is all too easy to keep in the back office. Keeping track of finances and
sending these costs to the litany of different programs that a One-Stop may serve can be mind-
boggling to even think about. However, in reality, cost allocation planning can be the single
most important vehicle for maximized One-Stop funding. We will give you a basic overview of
the federal regulations behind cost allocation plans. We will then discuss how these tools and
the purpose they serve can be applied to a One-Stop so that managers can ensure their
allocations are bringing in all of the federal funding. We will discuss commonly used statistics in
cost allocation plans, such as square footage, number of employees, clients served, etc. After
this training you will walk away with a new understanding for cost allocation plans and how your
organization can use them to improve.

Amy Ferraro ,Manager, Public Consulting Group, Boston, MA, Tom Kavanaugh, Senior
Consultant, Public Consulting Group, Boston, MA

CWDP Competencies: 6
Track: Fiscal and Program Management
May 8th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Napa C


Washington Update
Find out about major federal efforts to fund workforce programs and to create a streamlined
workforce development system. Join industry experts in a discussion about the potential
implications of current legislative initiatives. Will our funding be cut significantly in 2013? Will
initiatives such as the Workforce Investment Act, Senior Community Service Employment
Programs (SCSEP), and SNAP Employment and Training Programs be combined into a single
program? What might the implications be if control of workforce programs shifts from local to
state control? What do workforce professionals need to consider and how do we prepare?

Bridget Brown, Executive Director, National Association of Workforce Development
Professionals, Washington, DC, Bill Dowling, Director, Missouri Career Center- Ozark Region,
Springfield, MO, Ron Painter, CEO, National Association of Workforce Boards, Washington, DC;
Diane Rath, COO, ResCare, Austin, TX

CWDP Competencies: 1,6,9
Track: Personal Growth and Leadership Development

May 8th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Turtle Bay

Making the Vision Real: Reemploying UI Claimants
Decision-makers are mapping a vision for connecting UI claimants to the workforce system and
its reemployment services. Making it real is the hard part! In this workshop, you will not only
learn about the vision created by a task force, but also hear from creative state and local
workforce system partners innovating to pilot the four transformational elements outlined in
the vision: a “common front door” to the system supported by common registration; real time
triage that gets all the right information to customers and workforce professionals to provide
the customer with the best options and services; skills transferability analysis tools that
maximize the customers’ current skills in the reemployment process; and the use of social media
to enhance communications and connect unemployed workers to jobs. Come and steal their
good ideas and make them real in your state and local area!

Thomas Kusnirik, ITSC Technology Director, Washington, DC, Laurie Warner, Oregon
Employment Department Administrator,Salem, OR, Kristina Payne, Workforce Investment
Manager, Eugene, OR

CWDP Competencies:
Track: Effective Practices for Serving the Long Term Unemployed

May 8th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Napa A
Criminal Records and Related Workforce Development Issues
This workshop provides a broad overview of guidelines for the use of criminal records by
employers conducting pre-employment background checks and targets all levels of Workforce
Development Professionals. Specific components include how a criminal record impacts an
individual's employment prospects and career advancement, the unique barriers that it presents
for people in the health care sector, protective services, and the labor market in general, and
the Substantially Related or Business Necessity Guidelines. The workshop concludes with a
discussion of best practices for staff dealing directly with ex-offender job seekers, advice for said
job seekers, and links to specific information on the use of and access to criminal records on a
state-by-state basis.

Tom Koehn, Workforce Development Consultant, Kaiser Group, Inc., Waukesha, WI

CWDP Competencies: 10
Track: Successful Strategies in Serving Ex-Offenders or Welfare Recipients

May 8th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Napa B

Peer-to-peer Coaching – A technique for improving your agency’s results
Today’s rapid rate of change means people – and entire agencies – must constantly acquire new
knowledge and skills on the job. But workforce agencies rarely have the resources to design and
deliver formal staff development programs. So organizations are increasingly relying on peer-to-
peer coaching as a way to transfer workplace knowledge, best practices, and job skills quickly
and effectively from one person or agency to another. This workshop describes a four-stage
coaching process useful in agency-to-agency collaborations, employee-to-employee coaching, or
employee-to-customer training. A case study is presented to show how one state system used
the peer-to-peer coaching approach to improve results in writing OJT training plans with
employers. Topics include: • Managing a successful peer-to-peer process • Using peer-to-peer
coaching to help partner agencies • Characteristics and core competencies needed as Coach •
The role of the “Learner” in a peer-to-peer relationship • Four critical stages of effective peer-
to-peer coaching • Evaluating your results of peer-to-peer coaching

Carol Wargo,President ,Wargo-Brock Workforce Dimensions, Columbus, OH, Russell Brock,
Managing Partner/Senior Consultant, Wargo-Brock Workforce Dimensions, Columbus, OH

CWDP Competencies: 9
Track: Workforce Development

May 8th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Morro Bay

Growing a “College Going Culture” through Workforce Youth Programs
Project ACE (Access to College for Everyone) is a Local College Access Program in Michigan that
has partnered with a Wayne County WIA Youth program to increase positive educational
outcomes for youth participants. Presenters will highlight this unique best practice model in WIA
Youth program design that encourages the pursuit of higher education and helps students
obtain the resources they need to make it a reality. The presentation will include practical
application of methods and online tools such as KnowHow2Go and the Michigan College Access
Portal. In addition, presenters will discuss their efforts to build a college going culture as both a
workforce development and economic development strategy. Building a college going culture
requires the mobilization of an entire community that values college going. Presenters will share
how they have obtained local support through partnerships with community stakeholders and
the challenges and opportunities involved.

Joy Mason, Director of Youth Services, ETDI, Wayne, MI, Antoinette Wirth, Vice President, ETDI,
Wayne, MI

CWDP Competencies: 2,8,9
Track: Youth Services

May 8th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Half Moon Bay

Changing the Game! A Space Age Approach to One-Stop Center Design
Capital Workforce Partners the WIB in Hartford, CT has challenged traditional paradigms and
reconfigured an innovative One-Stop Center design. This change has reduced costs and
enhanced service delivery, customer satisfaction and program performance. The new space
design actively engages customers and One-Stop staff in the service process, as well as saves
money because the new design requires less space which also means less rent, utilities and
operational costs. Participants in this workshop will learn how to: • Create a new space design
that maximizes the use of technology • Increase the interaction of all One-Stop staff and
customers • Reduce infrastructure costs

Pamela Nabors, Director, Program Operations, Capital Workforce Partners, Hartford, CT,
Kimberly Staley, Director, CT Works, KRA Corporation, Hartford, CT

CWDP Competencies: 5,6,8
Track: Workforce Development

May 8th, 3:30pm - 4:45pm
Meeting Room: Monterey Bay

Breaking the Barriers: A Collaborative Approach to Serving Workforce Customers with
The national unemployment rate for people with disabilities is 16.1% while the rate for non-
disabled is 8.5%. At Arapahoe Douglas Works! we have developed a collaborative approach to
serving job seekers with disabilities that is both innovative and effective. Find out how we
integrate a Social Security Benefits Planner, a Disability Program Navigator, Disabled Veterans
Outreach Program, job developers and a WIA Workforce Specialist to provide a seamless service
package for individuals with disabilities. Learn how our innovative methods allow us to
collaborate resulting in increased and enhanced services that help break the employment
barriers that people with disabilities face.

Andrea Rux, Workforce Specialist, Arapahoe/Douglas Works!, Centennial, CO, Amelia Anderson, Social Security Benefits Planner, Arapahoe/Douglas
Works!, Centennial, CO

CWDP Competencies: 4,5,9
Track: Workforce Development
May 9th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Napa A

Improving Outreach to Employers When Promoting Military Veteran Talent
From the White House to Wall Street, there is a tremendous amount of attention these days on
employment of veterans. Organizations are hungry for more information on where to find and
how to attract military talent; and yet, they often bypass, ignore or are unaware of the
government and non-profit resources available to help them actually find and hire veterans.
Those charged to conduct outreach to employers struggle to find effective techniques to reach
and persuade these critical influencers and decision makers. This session is designed specifically
for those responsible to market military talent to employers. It covers how to capitalize on the
groundswell of attention being paid to veteran unemployment; how to conduct effective
outreach tactics that are proven to engage employers; and how to counter argument the most
common myths and misperceptions about military veterans

Lisa Rosser, Military Recruiting Expert, The Value Of a Veteran, Herndon, VA

CWDP Competencies: 7
Track: Economic Development and Business Services Partnerships

May 9th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Napa B

ROI – What is it good for? Absolutely something!
There is a lot of discussion in Washington, D.C. and across the country about “return-on-
investment” and “benefit:cost”. To the layman, what do these terms mean, and what do either
of them have to do with the One-Stops? Currently, WIA funding is being heavily debated and
challenged by policy makers. Building a strong business case for WIA funding is dependent on
demonstrating its economic impact.. The National Association of Workforce Boards, in
consultation with the U.S. Conference of Mayors and NAWDP, worked with three academic
authorities, EMSI and Full Capacity Marketing to examine these issues through a pilot project
with South Central Michigan Works!. Ron Painter and Celina Shands Gradijan will be on hand to
talk about what has been learned, what the results mean and what is next.

Ron Painter, CEO, National Association of Workforce Boards, Washington, DC; Celina Shands
Gradijan, President/CEO, Full Capacity marketing Inc, San Diego, CA

CWDP Competencies: 6
Track: Fiscal and Program Management

May 9th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Monterey Bay

Lessons Learned from Crossword Puzzles
One of my favorite things growing up was sitting next to my Grandmother helping with her
crossword puzzle in the Sunday paper. She passed her love of the word game onto me, as you
can find me every Sunday evening trying to solve that week’s puzzle. Not only are puzzles fun,
they serve as a great teaching tool for some of the skills we need to use every day, like problem
solving, time management and communication. Come to this session to learn more about these
skills and how you can use games and puzzles to teach these skills to your customers, and to
have fun with some interactive games.

Ann Merrifield, Coordinator of RFPs and Training, Kaiser Group, Inc., Columbia, MO

CWDP Competencies: 2,7,9
Track: Personal Growth and Leadership Development

May 9th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Mission Bay

Job Loss Grief: What Is It And How Do You Handle It?
This workshop explores more in depth the emotional impact of job loss. Very often job-seekers
will not take advantage of the services offered by workforce development professionals or other
career service- oriented programs because they are grieving. Grief is not intellectual; its
emotional and there is a significant amount of misinformation that exists today on what grief is
and how to handle it when a job loss occurs. Understanding what grief is will enable
professionals serving clients and communities to better handle and offer appropriate solutions
to assist job-seekers with the emotional and social transition after losing a job.

Tracy Washington, President/CEO, Tracy Y. Washington International LLC, Akron, OH

CWDP Competencies: 2,4,7
Track: Effective Practices for Serving the Long Term Unemployed

May 9th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Napa C

Explain This! Crafting Good Answers to Tough Interview Questions
A good resume can get an interview, but good answers get the job! Most people have some
explaining to do, so it's not enough to be qualified for the job, the candidate must convince the
employer they're worth the risk! The author of "No One Is Unemployable" and "The 6 Reasons
You'll Get the Job" offers strategies for helping candidates craft good, honest answers to tough
interview questions, so clients with barriers can get the job! Come learn a proven process for
crafting good answers for negative events or patterns in a candidate's past (like relocating often,
multiple lay-offs, and incarceration), and to remove employers's negative, often-unspoken,
assumptions about candidates because of a group they belong to (age, address, dialect, race,
weight, etc.). You and your candidates work hard to get them in front of hiring employers. Help
them land the job with good answers.

Elisabeth H. Sanders-Park , Author, Speaker, Coach, President WorkNet Solutions, Wilmington,
CWDP Competencies: 2,4,5,10
Track: Successful Strategies in Serving Ex-Offenders or Welfare Recipients

May 9th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Pelican Bay

Unskilled/Unemployed to Skilled and Working in 11 Months
Follow the journey of eight men and three women who were unemployed and unskilled as they
enrolled in a Welding Program, enhanced their English language skills, and ultimately earned a
Basic Vocational Specialist Certificate in Welding in less than a year. Along the way, the eleven
students picked up a Blueprint Reading Certificate, a Forklift Driving Certificate, and developed a
personal bond with their instructors and each other. The Welding/ESL program began as a pilot
and is a precursor to the Illinois Accelerating Opportunity Grant. Its focus is the creation and
development of a cohort/learning community model that presents occupational training, basic
and soft skills development, along with case management. The object is to provide basic skills
deficient adults with concurrent occupational training and academic support to help them earn
an occupational certificate and get a job!

Anne Hauca, Director, Workforce Transitions, Elgin Community College, Eligin, IL

CWDP Competencies: 2,3,4,10
Track: Workforce Development

May 9th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Turtle Bay

Creating a Holistic Approach to Serving Gang-Affiliated Youth
Central States SER, located in Chicago, uses a youth development model with four components
to serve gang-affiliated and at-risk youth that can be replicated. This model incorporates;
building meaningful and positive relationships with youth; providing career exploration training
which exposes youth to potential career and education pathways , while also addressing how to
achieve those goals through short and long-term planning; training youth in employability skills
to provide the confidence needed to find a job, get a job, and keep a job ; and partnering with
other youth service organizations and community councils to provide additional resources, such
as mental health services. This model is used across all SER youth programs and has a
demonstrated success rate shown by exceeding measures established by the City of Chicago,
State of Illinois, and Department of Labor.

Jamie Roth, Director of Education Programs, Central States SER - Jobs for Progress, Inc. ,Chicago,
IL, Greg Martinez, Director of YouthBuild, Central States SER - Jobs for Progress, Inc., Chicago, IL

CWDP Competencies: 2,5,6,9
Track: Youth Services

May 9th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Napa D

Proven Leadership Strategies Driving Homeless Job Seekers and Employers to Action
Proven strategies to motivate customers to find employment while creating a network of
employers resulted in groundbreaking work with the homeless. Driven by the mayor’s decision
to end the homeless population by 2012, Andre Johnson identified and fine-tuned techniques to
move this population beyond the many barriers and find work or enter training. Building a
consortium of 28 employers resulted in the placement of over 500 homeless individuals. This
workshop will teach the strategies used to build community relationships, inspire job seekers
and employers to take action and unite all toward the same purpose—employing the hard-to-
serve. Working in the workforce centers and homeless shelters, Andre created the job search
curriculum and developed the skills to successfully connect job seekers and employers. Designed
for facilitators, case managers, outreach specialist and employer representatives, this workshop
teaches the techniques to build collaboration and motivate to action.

Andre Johnson, Corporate Trainer, Next Level, Fort Worth, TX

CWDP Competencies: 4,5,7,9
Track: Workforce Development

May 9th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Morro Bay

Aligning WIA, TANF, and Housing Commissions to Better Serve Clients
The San Diego Workforce Partnership received a Health Professions Opportunity Grant from the
HHS to provide healthcare training to TANF participants and other low income individuals. In San
Diego, TANF services are contracted out by San Diego County. In addition, the San Diego
Housing Commission, which provides subsidized housing, has a self sufficiency program that
serves housing participants. We have worked to align these programs to maximize the resources
available to serve the common client while reducing duplication and increasing effectiveness.
The challenges we face include: data sharing, alignment of outcomes, communication,
expenditure alignment, and delineation of responsibilities. Participants will learn strategies on
how to develop a service delivery design that moves customers through multiple programs and
funding streams while increasing effectiveness and cost efficiencies. This is where WIBs can align
with other systems to achieve greater outcomes and a higher return on investment.

Reg Javier, Associate Manager, Public Consulting Group, El Cajon, CA, Cindy Perry, Manager of
Special Projects, San Diego Workforce Partnership, San Diego, CA

CWDP Competencies: 6,9,10
Track: Successful Strategies in Serving Ex-Offenders or Welfare Recipients

May 9th, 9:00am - 10:15am
Meeting Room: Half Moon Bay

Collaborative Workforce Development: Lessons from Pre-Apprenticeship Program Models
This panel discusses the role of workforce partnerships in implementing a pre-apprenticeship
model. This session will provide an opportunity for workforce partners to discuss proactive
approaches and solutions that nurture collaboration among service providers. Panelists will
share innovative examples from their work, with a focus on pre-apprenticeship programs that
prepare graduates to be competitive candidates for apprenticeships in the construction industry
and green jobs. Sylvia Casaro will present Building Futures, a pre-apprenticeship construction
program in Washington, DC led by the Community Services Agency of the Metropolitan
Washington Council AFL-CIO in partnership with Wider Opportunities for Women. Lauren
Sugerman of Wider Opportunities for Women will discuss how their partnership with Building
Futures and technical assistance to programs across the country infuses a gender lens into
program design and implementation, leading to improved outcomes for women. Deborah Kobes
of Jobs for the Future will frame the role of a national partner in providing technical assistance
and facilitating peer learning.

Deborah Kobes, Senior Project Manager, Jobs for the Future, Boston, MA, Lauren Sugerman,
Women and Work Project Director, Wider Opportunities for Women, Washington, DC; Sylvia
Casaro Dietert, Client Services Coordinator, Community Services Agency of the Metropolitan
Washington Council, AFL-CIO, Washington, DC

CWDP Competencies: 4,6,9
Track: Workforce Development

May 9th,10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Turtle Bay

Remember…Rebuild…Rejoice: Workforce/ Economic Development in Joplin’s Tornado
May 22nd marks the one-year anniversary of the Joplin Tornado, one of the nation’s deadliest
ever. In the months that followed, Joplin’s integrated workforce and economic development
team rose to the challenge of recovery. Discover the lessons learned and the projects
implemented that may be useful in your community if disaster strikes. Topics covered include
temporary employment (Missouri Disaster Recovery Jobs Program), economic development
partnerships to have in place before a disaster, crisis communications, pitfalls to avoid, tools for
post-disaster regional transformation, and techniques to align disaster-related employment with
your region’s strategic workforce priorities.

Jasen Jones, Executive Director, Workforce Investment Board of Southwest Missouri, Joplin, MO

CWDP Competencies: 10
Track: Economic Development and Business Services Partnerships

May 9th,10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Morro Bay

Using Research to Improve Your Program
Do you know what works in workforce development? The question of effectiveness of
workforce program continues to be raised in national debates. The good news is that there is
evidence that our programs work. This facilitated discussion is designed to discuss the
different uses of research related to workforce development. And, to hear from you, the
practitioner, what type of data will help you now and in the future.

Tina Koehn, Vice President, UMOS, Milwaukee, WI

CWDP Competencies: 5,6
Track: Fiscal and Program Management

May 9th,10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Napa A

Lose the Excuses and Live a "But"-Kickin' Life
This fun and interactive workshop focuses on getting rid of excuses and taking the necessary
steps toward getting where you want to go! In this changing world, we need to rethink
strategies and be on the lookout for opportunities to make change and challenge work for us.
This requires balance in mind, body and spirit and it also calls for a sense of humor and an
attitude of "altitude!" We will disuss topics that are imperative to personal and professional
success, such as dealing with stress, identifying goals and moving from conept to action,
embracing the Five Steps of Enlightenment, utilizing personal but-kickin’ affirmations, taking
responsibility for your own success and choosing to be a victor rather than a victim.

Linda Henley-Smith , Owner, "But"-Kickin' Business Strategies , Phoenix, AZ

CWDP Competencies: 5,7,9
Track: Personal Growth and Leadership Development

May 9th,10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Napa B

The Long-Term Unemployed: Strategies to ReEngage, ReDirect, & ReEmploy
You're more employable when you're employed... we've heard it for years. But, in the current
market, too many talented, well-matched candidates are being passed-over simply because they
have been unemployed for more than 6 months. Some hiring employers have gone so far as to
state that ‘jobless candidates need not apply’. It's frustrating and unfair, but I have to wonder...
How do employer know a job seeker is currently jobless? The answer: The job seeker tells them!
This session offers four strategies to help the long-term unemployed and the currently ‘jobless’
lead with their talent not their ‘jobless’ status. From their mental process and vocabulary, to
their resume and how they tell their story, these practical, hopeful, honest approaches will
immediately make a big, positive difference.

Elisabeth H. Sanders-Park , Author, Speaker, Coach, President WorkNet Solutions, Wilmington,
CWDP Competencies: 4,5,7,10
Track: Effective Practices for Serving the Long Term Unemployed

May 9th,10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Mission Bay

TANF and Workforce Development in an Uncertain Economy
With millions of Americans still out of work and the economy barely growing, workforce
development professionals have not faced a more challenging environment in generations. Even
in the midst of today's extraordinary economic situation, Wisconsin is succeeding in helping
TANF participants compete for jobs. Wisconsin's public-private entities have partnered together
to increase participant success in transitioning from welfare to work through One-Stop Job
Centers. Learn about some of the differences between TANF participants and other traditional
workforce development populations, and how government and private-sector providers have
increased performance through a variety of strategies, including: • understanding participant
demographics, • motivating and engaging participants, • utilizing specialized assessments, •
identifying participant strengths, • coordinating with other workforce development programs, •
varying hours of operation • celebrating participant achievement and resilience.

Kaye Krenzke, Workforce Development Director, UMOS, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, Linda Richardson,
Milwaukee Operations Section Chief, WI Department of Children and Families, Milwaukee, WI

CWDP Competencies: 6,9
Track: Successful Strategies in Serving Ex-Offenders or Welfare Recipients

May 9th,10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Pelican Bay

Industry Sector Specific Workplace ESL - What, How and Why
What are the sectors and how do you create onsite customized ESL for your clients so they are
industry, sector specific ready for employment? In a perfect world, employers will flock to your
organization because they know your foreign born applicants are getting appropriate English
training so they are ready for work now. Teach them enough specific English to be able to get a
job and keep a job in the sectors that are knocking on your door. This workshop will
demonstrate what to teach and how to teach and you'll walk out ready to start your own
program back in your agency.

Ronna Timpa, Founder and Chief Motivator, Workplace ESL Solutions, Henderson, NV

CWDP Competencies: 4,5,7,10
Track: Workforce Development

May 9th,10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Napa C
“Leave Me Alone!” Understanding Traumatized Youth
Turning 18 represents a magical transition for many young people: graduation, college, voting,
jobs, and independence. Unfortunately, it is not so magical for many at-risk youth growing up
exposed to regular drug use, neighborhood violence, and physical or emotional abuse. This
thought-provoking session will offer staff insights and skills for connecting with relationship-
wary youth. Participants will discuss the impact of childhood trauma, then delve into four self-
protective patterns these youth exhibit, often drawing staff into destructive power struggles.
Finally, we will explore effective strategies for connecting with and motivating at-risk youth to
build greater resilience and make good decisions for adult life, including full time work.

Steve Parese, Founder, Workin' It Out Soft Skills, Danbury, NC

CWDP Competencies: 4,5,7,9
Track: Youth Services

May 9th,10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Napa D

Get the Facts: Reentry Mythbusters
Regardless of your workplace setting, you will probably encounter someone with a criminal
record. Workforce development professionals need the facts about strategies and services that
help to reduce the barriers to employment and support services faced by their clients with
criminal records. Reentry Mythbusters were developed by the Federal Interagency Reentry
Council as fact sheets to clarify federal policies that affect individuals with criminal records in
areas such as employment, housing, education, and benefit access. In some policy areas, state
and local governments have broad discretion in determining how policies are applied. In some
cases, statutory barriers do not exist at all or are very limited. Walk away with resources
developed by the National Institute of Corrections’ Community Services Division and other
federal reentry partners.

John Rakis, Conslultant, National Institute of Corrections, Brooklyn, NY

CWDP Competencies: 2,4,7,10
Track: Successful Strategies in Serving Ex-Offenders or Welfare Recipients

May 9th,10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Monterey Bay

Correction Connection
What happens when you combine a WIB,two community colleges, local education agencies,
economic development,four counties, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons? Hear how this
"strange brew" resulted in an astounding local hire rate for a new federal correctional facility in
southern West Virginia and a model of collaboration for other states. The materials and the
process that were developed for the project will be shared.
Robin Asbury, Deputy Director, West Virginia Workplace Education Program, Fairmont, WV, Tina
White, Workplace Education Specialist/Trainer, West Virginia Workplace Education Program,
Princeton, WV; Cathi Litcher, Site Activation Coordinator, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Butner, NC

CWDP Competencies: 2,7,9,10
Track: Workforce Development

May 9th,10:30am - 11:45am
Meeting Room: Half Moon Bay

Cultural Awareness of Serving Asian American Pacific Islander Older Workers
The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is a great place for older job
seekers who want to begin a new career later in life. For Asian American and Pacific Islanders
(AAPIs), SCSEP has a unique role - not only does it provide an opportunity for employment
training, but also an opportunity to learn about the U.S. and its work environment. SCSEP
providers and participants are encouraged to use WIA resources and trainings, however, WIA
resources are not always easily accessible for AAPI older job seekers. This session will highlight:
1) The unique qualities of AAPI older job seekers compared to other ethnic groups, 2) Challenges
for AAPI job seekers when using WIA resources, 3) What should workforce professionals know
when serving the AAPI population?

Eun Jeong Lee, SCSEP National Director, National Asian Pacific Center on Aging, Seattle, WA,
Miriam Suen, LA SCSEP Project Director, National Asian Pacific Center on Aging

CWDP Competencies: 4,9
Track: Workforce Development

May 9th,1:45pm - 3:00pm
Meeting Room: Napa A

Tri-C Soft Skills Program: Reduces Turnover of Frontline Hospital Workers
Cuyahoga Community College's Workforce and Economic Development Division (WEDD)
partnered with a major hospital system in Cleveland, Ohio to develop a unique soft skills
program for frontline hospital workers. This training, was designed for employees in
Environmental Services, but has since expanded to include workers from Nutrition Services,
Patient Transport Services, Client and Lab Support Services, and other support service
departments within the hospital system. The program has resulted in employees with improved
attitudes towards supervisors and peers, reduced turnover, a stronger commitment to the
customer experience, increased employee engagement and has created a greater sense of pride
in the work product. Tri-C’s Corporate College and Job Link Services Department worked
collaboratively with hospital leadership to design curriculum based on the needs of the
employer and expressed interest of frontline workers. The program is managed and delivered by
a unique team of facilitators from the Job Link Services Department. Come and learn how Tri-C
developed an effective workforce solution for a major hospital by utilizing its sales team and Job
Link Services group. The program has proven to be so successful that other industries have
requested the same training program to improve job performance of frontline workers.
Linda Woodard, Executive Director, Cuyahoga Community College Workforce and Economic
Development Division, Cleveland, OH, Trellis Goode, Training Specialist, Cuyahoga Community
College, Cleveland, OH; La Tina Johnson, District Director III, Cuyahoga Community College,
Cleveland, OH; Gregory Surtman, Director of Business Development, Corporate College,
Cleveland, OH

CWDP Competencies: 4,5,9,10
Track: Economic Development and Business Services Partnerships

May 9th,1:45pm - 3:00pm
Meeting Room: Pelican Bay

Workforce Development is the cornerstone of this country’s ability to build a strong and
competitive economy. By becoming advocates and making the case for Workforce
Development at the local, State and national levels, we will ensure that our voices are heard and
our impact is recognized. Advocacy is the key to the success of any major initiative, especially in
the highly politicized atmosphere, in which we currently reside. It is, therefore, imperative that
we take advantage of every platform and tell our story. Our story, however, is more than
percentage points and dollar signs; it is a story of lives changed, hope regained and most
importantly, reemployment success. This session provides a high-level practical review of three
key components of successful advocacy: Defining the “why” of Workforce Development
Advocacy; Knowing Our Audience; and Managing our Message. Attendees will leave this session
with a better understanding and renewed passion for advocating for workforce development
and its initiatives that impact our community and customers; as well as a virtual toolbox of
resources to support their advocacy efforts at the local, State and national levels.

Kimberly Staley, CTWorks Program Director, KRA Corporation, Hartford, CT, Lita Kleger, Director
of Communications and Outreach, Experience Works, Arlington, VA: Don Scott, Vice President,
KRA Corporation, Norfolk, VA; Kent Kahn, Business and Community Liaison, Experience Works,
Lima, Ohio

CWDP Competencies: 7
Track: Personal Growth and Leadership Development

May 9th,1:45pm - 3:00pm
Meeting Room: Mission Bay

Finding the Right Fit: How Alternative Staffing Affects Worker Outcomes Perspectives from
the Field and Research
Alternative staffing organizations (ASOs) are fee-for-service staffing operations started by
nonprofits which help job seekers access jobs, build up their work experience and take a next
step in the labor market. Recent research by the Center for Social Policy has documented how
job seekers get hired through ASOs. The Center has analyzed the activities of four well
established ASOs around the country and examined relationships with customer businesses,
what kind of work experience workers get, and what happens to their employment situation 6
to 8 months after they leave their ASO job assignment. Directors of two ASOs who participated
in the study will discuss how the organization handles serving customer businesses as well as job
seekers and how an ASO fits with other workforce development programs of their home
organization as well as with the broader workforce development system. The workshop will
present very recent findings, relevant to the recent high unemployment period (2009-2011).

Françoise Carré, Research Director, Center for Social Policy, University of Massachusetts Boston,
Boston, MA, Mike Wynne, Executive Director, EMERGE Community Development, Minneapolis,
MN; Rudy Herrera, Director, Goodwill Staffing Services, Austin, TX

CWDP Competencies: 2, 3, 4, 9, 10
Track: Effective Practices for Serving the Long Term Unemployed

May 9th,1:45pm - 3:00pm
Meeting Room: Napa C

From “Jails to Jobs” Helping Formerly Incarcerated Succeed at Work
Formerly incarcerated individuals face unique challenges when transitioning from corrections to
work. Already significant barriers (criminal records, substance abuse, homelessness, work
history) are often overshadowed by antisocial thinking and behaviors. These patterns may have
helped them succeed in the chaotic world of criminality -- but they sabotage attempts to gain
employment. This interactive workshop explores some of the cognitive- behavioral (CB) patterns
keeping former offenders from finding success in today's world of work. Participants gain new
insights into these dynamics, and explore employers’ unspoken expectations. Finally, we discuss
CB strategies for helping formerly incarcerated individuals make the mental and behavioral
switch from corrections to employment.

Steve Parese, Founder, Workin' It Out Soft Skills, Danbury, NC

CWDP Competencies: 4,5,7,9
Track: Successful Strategies in Serving Ex-Offenders or Welfare Recipients

May 9th,1:45pm - 3:00pm
Meeting Room: Napa B

Graduate a Diverse and Dislocated Population through Successful Community Partnerships
Job Training Partners (WIA Agency), a department of Western Iowa Tech Community College in
Sioux City Iowa, responded to a business closure of over 1,500 employees, 81% lacking English
skills and 73% lacking a high school diploma or GED. To overcome these barriers multiple levels
of English Language Learner modules were developed using Rosetta Stone, CASAS testing, GED
components, and integrated occupational skills. Industrial skills training in welding, truck driving,
industrial maintenance, health care, and automotive maintenance were used as a means to
teach English and math. Successful completion of these integrated modules allowed students to
enter and successfully complete college occupational programs. Success was measured by
improved CASAS scores, attainment of a GED, successful completion of a training program, and
reemployment at a good wage.

Shawn Fick, Co-Director, Iowa Works of Greater Siouxland Job Training Partners/Western Iowa
Tech Community College, Sioux City, IA, Pamela Woolridge, Administrative ABE/GED Program
Coordinator, Western Iowa Tech Community College, Sioux City, IA ; Lily Bonilla, Administrative
ABE/GED Program Coordinator, Western Iowa Tech Community College, Sioux City, IA

CWDP Competencies: 4,5,6,9
Track: Workforce Development

May 9th,1:45pm - 3:00pm
Meeting Room: Napa D

Measuring Soft Skills – the What and How
Everyone agrees with employers that soft skills (work-related behaviors) are important for
clients to have to be successful on the job. But what exactly are they – is there a common
definition? How do we know what soft skills a person has? Can a person develop their soft skills?
If so, how? Come and learn how national certification systems define and measure/assess soft

Jane Eguez, Director of Program Development, CASAS, San Diego, CA, Dan Griffith, Senior Vice
President, General Manager, Steck-Vaughn, Austin, TX; Tobin Kyte, Senior Research Associate,
ACT, Iowa City, IA

CWDP Competencies: 2, 10
Track: Workforce Development

May 9th,1:45pm - 3:00pm
Meeting Room: Half Moon Bay

Hospitality & Tourism: Leading a Recovery Focused on Job Creation & High-Growth Career
The hospitality industry is one of dynamic career growth potential, with over 200 industry
careers available in a number of different pathways. The industry continues to grow both
nationally and internationally, and with it, the need for qualified employees at all levels.
Acknowledging the prominent role of the travel and tourism sector in creating jobs and
powering the economy, in January the White House announced an Executive Order aimed at
boosting travel and tourism. Lodging serves as a top ten industry in 48 out of 50 states, with
approximately 600,000 new jobs set to be created for America's workforce in 2012. As the
industry expands, it offers significant stability and security, as well as the flexibility for workers
to learn new roles and choose from various career disciplines. This session will provide an
industry profile and will showcase the career pathways available to job seekers interested in a
long-term career in hospitality. Career pathways start with over 19 front-line positions and
continue all the way up through General Management. Long term careers with high-wage
potential are waiting for the right people with the skills and knowledge to lead effectively.

Shelly Weir, Senior Director, State Relations & Educational Programs , American Hotel & Lodging
Educational Institute, Orlando, FL

CWDP Competencies: 2, 3, 10
Track: Workforce Development

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