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									Best Layout and Best Ad Sizes

After a long time observing the revenue from adsense for some time, there were fakt unique and
sometimes very different from the theory, this is because the experiments on ikaln placement and
size of the best ads can menghasilakan most clicks. Of the many experiments, the best ad
placements can been said in the Lower Title posting, it was revealed from the thousands of ad
impressions and click your ad impressions were most in the area under the post title, although many
say that the placement is at risk in banned, but if your users the WP blog with Quick Adsense plugin,
all come easy and such a deep well, from about 5000 impressions 10% click on any ads in this area.
and the Ad FIGURE 338 times the size of the 258 occurred in this area click Here


Ternyat under the posts is also a fertile granary of clicks that ranking to second from the number of
clicks from this area, for some reason due to the second largest ad clicks from here with the
assumption of 5000 impressions per day or at least 15:00 monthly visitors. TEXT and ad format is
most appropriate to the size of the 338 times 258 if not mistaken. But I'm sure of all the bloggers in
cyberspace have different guidelines in rank and size of clicks each ad on his blog. Amid the post is
the highest number of ad clicks to 3 with the text ad format with size 250 times 250 to make the ads
appear side by side in harmony with the contents posts. For best results please experiment with
your blog for a week and observe the changes in the data from your adsense account. good luck and

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