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									EmPOWER MD
Overview of Delmarva Power’s and Pepco’s Plan

Delmarva Power and Pepco are pleased to share our plan for
EmPOWER MD to the stakeholders in the General Awareness
Campaign (GAC) Working Group. This presentation lays out
initial planning for the campaign.

Our company wishes to leverage the opportunity provided by
EmPOWER MD as part of an integrated campaign to ensure
maximum consumer awareness and enrollment in the energy
efficiency and demand response programs scheduled to roll out
in 2009, provide energy management tools for our customers,
especially low-income consumers, and to improve overall
satisfaction levels.

We share the State’s goal for EmPOWER MD and look forward to
working with other GAC stakeholders.

Debbi Jarvis
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Pepco Holdings, Inc.

              Outline of Plan
•   Charter
•   Goals
•   Objectives
•   Audiences
•   The Process
•   Tasks Completed To Date
•   Messaging Platform and Campaign Architecture
•   Creative Direction
•   Potential Innovative Approaches
•   Potential Tactics
•   Road Map
•   Budgets

1.   The GAC’s primary intent is to have consistent message concepts which
     promote awareness of:
      a) The EmPOWER MD Act: a partnership between utilities and the State to
         promote energy efficiency and conservation with messaging around:
           i.    controlling your bill
           ii.   planning for the future (reliability)
           iii. environment
           iv. benefits of ENERGY STAR
      b) The EmPOWER MD Surcharge: a common, consistent approach - the
         charge for a typical customer and the message that savings will more than
         offset the surcharge - will be sought but may vary among utilities.
      c) Call to action to participate in individual utility programs, including
         emphasis on low-income program availability.
2.   The GAC Working Group should establish a common reference to communicate
     savings opportunities without conflict (ex. Plasma TVs use x% more energy than
     LCD TVs, where the x% is the same for all utilities).

NOTE: Charter language taken from summary submitted by Allegheny Power.

            Charter (Continued)
3. Flexibility of specific messaging should be encouraged to ensure messaging
   speaks to each utility’s market (example: Vampire Power vs. Phantom Power
   vs. Plug Power).
4. Each utility will administer the GAC within their service territories using the
   EmPOWER MD messaging concepts developed for item 1 above by the GAC
   WG as well as promoting individual utility programs through utility specific
   market messaging.
5. Measurement and Verification: Utilities will measure general awareness
   effectiveness through existing customer satisfaction surveys or other individual
   utility efforts.
6. The GAC will provide guidance rather than approve communication pieces.
   Utilities will be encouraged to supply the GAC with draft materials and the GAC
   members will be expected to respond within three days if they have
   input/suggestions. However, the utility will have the final determination on final
   ad copy.
7. The GAC will initially meet monthly and move to quarterly meetings after
   awareness programs are launched.

     NOTE: Charter language taken from summary submitted by Allegheny Power.

• Educate Delmarva Power and Pepco Maryland customers
  on the need and benefits of conserving energy

• Build awareness of the availability of energy-efficiency
  programs and tools that Delmarva Power and Pepco offer

• Ensure maximum consumer enrollment in the programs

• Leverage scarce resources effectively as part of an integrated
  communications and marketing campaign

•   Achieve Maryland energy reduction goals by educating Pepco
    electric distribution customers in Maryland about opportunities to
    reduce their electric bills through both energy efficiency and
    demand response programs

•   Motivate customers to participate in one or more of the new

•   Assist customer understanding of the benefits of these programs to
    the environment

•   Provide clear, easily understood information so that customers can
    make informed choices

•   Support objectives of the General Awareness Campaign Working

Building General Awareness
• A coordinated effort under EmPOWER MD should effectively leverage
   resources and collaborative thinking to raise general awareness
   levels of all consumers.

• Delmarva Power and Pepco will complement general awareness
  efforts with a segmented approach to optimize our ability to enroll
  customers quickly and effectively into our demand side programs.

Focus on Low-Income Customers
• In these trying economic times, our company agrees that a special
  focus must be on low-income customers in order to make them aware
  of the full suite of tools, programs and funds available to help them
  better manage their energy consumption and bills.

          The Process

Presentation      Collaboration
of Initial Plan   with Working
           EmPOWER MD
   Make                  Execute

     Tasks Completed To Date
•   Participation in Working Group sessions
•   Internal review of campaign objectives for EmPOWER MD
•   Hiring a marketing agency, EcoAlign, to assist with the campaign
    and serve as a resource for the Working Group
•   Development of initial creative directions and concepts
    connected to PHI’s marketing strategy and programs
•   Identification of alternative and innovative approaches

Customer Data Analysis Filters

Identified Opportunity Segments

   Families with kids in elementary,   People with kids in
      middle and high schools             University
          Age group: 34-50             Age group: 50-65

Creative Direction

Messaging Platform and Campaign
                                     Plugged Into Your Day


                                      Connected        Committed
                                                       Committed           Critical to
                                                                           Critical to
                  Essential to
                  Essential to            to
                                           to             to
                                                          to                 Your
                   Your Day
                   Your Day           Your needs
                                      Your needs        Service
                                                        Service             Future

            How are you connected?    Clean savings   Moments of truth   Community leadership

Potential Innovative Approaches

                  PHI would be open to sharing our (PHI and EcoAlign’s)
                 consumer research and collaborating on further research.
   Research       One area that EcoAIign has been exploring is behavioral
                         (value-based) approaches to messaging.

                        PHI has begun to use social media and would
                  encourage the use of social media tools, sites and practices
  Social Media   to complement traditional campaign initiatives. Social media
                   could form the basis of an Ambassador program directed
                         at leaders in the community and employees.

                    PHI has worked with other utilities to produce the “Day
                   In The Life Of” (DILO) video and would encourage other
    Collateral    such efforts that are aligned with EmPOWER MD and the
                                   individual utility initiatives.

Social Media and Ambassador

                        stimulate and reward
                        people to act


                                                 Advocate &     empower people to
                                                                act and reach out
                                               Promoter of A
              inspire people to act



           Potential Tactics
•   Paid Advertising
•   Social Media
•   Utility Web Sites
•   Utility Micro Sites
•   Special Events
•   Out of Home
•   Earned Media

Joint Collateral Development

•   Partnered with 8-Emmy Award winning
    multimedia production company,
    Part2Pictures, to express the vision
    through the creation of a Day In The Life Of
    a customer (DILO) in 2015
•   Utilities used the video for campaigns,
    regulatory presentations, employee
    communications, walk-in customer centers

Road Map

        Annual Budgets
• Delmarva Power -- $ 950,000
• Pepco          -- $1,300,000


Tom Welle


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