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									                                    Sew Many Blessings
                                    West Virginia’s newest
                                    Baby Lock Dealer                         Teacher’s Open House
                                                                                Friday January 7th
Dear Friends,                                                                     10:00-6:00 and
                                                                               Saturday January 8th
    It has been busy around here the last few months. We had our
Practice Sale in November and our Christmas Open House mini shop                    10:00-3:00
hop in December. But the most important event was our Baby Lock            Come meet your teachers
Franchise. We now carry the full line of Baby Lock products. Sandy
Sheffield and Winona went to St Louis the last week of October and
                                                                            and see all the new class
trained on all the Baby Lock machines. They are now both are certified               samples.
Baby Lock teachers. Heidi and her husband Phillip went to St. Louis the    All fabrics and patterns will
next week and they are certified Baby Lock technicians. This is a big
step for Sew Many Blessings but an exciting step. We hope everyone                  be 25% off.
will come in a test drive a machine.                                      Refreshments will be served.
We have several events scheduled for 2011. Our teachers Open House
     th      th
the 7 and 8 of January. Of course there is that “football” game in
February. We are also sponsoring an event for two hearts pregnancy
center. We are making plans for more events and will send out notices
as soon as possible.                                                      Due to the increased cost of postage and
                                                                          printing we have posted our newsletter on
We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy 2011.        the website. If you would like to receive
                                                                          your newsletter by regular mail please let us
   Take Time to Quilt,
Winona and Heidi
                                                                           You can call (304-453-5650/866-317-5100)
                                                                          or email:
                                                                 or just
                                                                          come by and let us know.

               Ceredo Plaza                                                                    Store Hours
               P.O. Box 549                                                          Monday 10:00 – 5:00
               Ceredo, WV 25507                                                      Tuesday 10:00 – 8:00
               304-453-5650                                                       Wednesday 10:00 – 5:00
               866-317-5100                                                        Thursday 10:00 – 8:00
                                                   Friday 10:00 – 6:00
                                                                                    Saturday 10:00 – 3:00
                                                                                           Closed Sundays
                                                EXCITING NEW CLASSES
                                                                       We are happy to be offering several exciting new
INSTRUCTOR: WINONA BAYS                                                classes.     Many classes require a sewing or
Get Hooked:                                                            embroidery machine; please let us know if you
Make this useful and practical rug for your home or as a gift.
                                                                       would like to use one of ours. Class fee is due when
Made from your scraps. Crochet Hook is included in pattern.
Class Fee: $15.00 Class Limit: 4                                       you register. You can sign up at the store, by phone
One Sessions:                                                          or e-mail. If registering over the phone or e-mail,
Thursday January 20th 5:30-8:00                                        you must have a valid credit card. Receipts and class
Tuesday February 15th 10:00-1:00                                       supply lists will be mailed to you. Full refunds on
Wednesday March 16th 10:00-1:00                                        class fee will be given if you cancel seven days in
                                                                       advance. After that, a 50% refund will be given
Pin Cushion/Thread Catcher:
Learn how to make the thread catchers we have in the store.            provided you give us 24 hours notice. Classes will be
Everyone needs one for the sewing room. Come make one for              cancelled if Wayne county schools are closed for
yourself and one for a friend.                                         snow or ice (please use your own judgment in
Class fee: $15.00 Class Limit: 4                                       inclement weather). If we cancel classes, they will
One session
                                                                       be rescheduled or class fee refunded. Stop by the
Monday March 16th 10:00-1:00
                                                                       store to register for your class.          Please be
                                                                       considerate of your teacher and fellow classmates
                                                                       who may have allergies – refrain from wearing
Night Crossing Bed Runner
Bed Runners are becoming very popular. Make this great                 scented lotions and perfumes.
bedrunner as a gift or to highlight an existing quilt on your own   INSTRUCTOR: Beverly Beldon
bed.                                                                Personalized Red Work:
 Class Fee: $20.00 Class Limit: 4                                   Take one of your favorite pictures, copy and enlarge it in black and
One Session                                                         white, transfer it to fabric and then use red work (hand embroidery) to
Tuesday January 18th 10:00-3:00                                     make a beautiful block to be used in a quilt or pillow. These make
Thursday February 17th 5:00-8:00                                    great gifts for family and friends.
                                                                    Class Fee: $20.00 Class Limit: 4
FROM COMPUTER TO MACHINE: Learn to take your                        One Session
embroidery designs from your computer/CD to your embroidery         Saturday January 29th 10:00-1:00
sewing machine. A Laptop Computer is required for hands on          Wednesday March 9th 10:00-1:00
Class Fee: $20.00 Class Limit 6
                                                                    INSTRUCTOR: TAMMY BARNETT
One Session
                                                                    HAND QUILTING: Great way to learn to quilt that special project.
Tuesday December 7th 6:00-8:00
                                                                    You will be bringing your own project or you can use one of our
                                                                    “cheater” panels. Nothing larger than twin size please.
Point to Point
                                                                    Class Fee: $25.00 Class Limit: 6
This is the newest Quilt-as-you-go Table runner pattern.
                                                                    One session
Fast and easy.
                                                                    Saturday February 19th 10:00-2:00
Class fee: $20.00 Class Limit: 4
                                                                    Tuesday April 5th 5:00-8:00
One Session:
Wednesday February 9th 10:00-3:00
                                                                    BEGINNING HAND APPLIQUE: Beginning or advanced appliquer
Monday March 15th 5:00-8:00
                                                                    will love this cut wallhanging called “Mama’s Toilette”
                                                                    Class Fee: $20.00 Class Limit: 5
                                                                    One Session
                                                                    Monday Janaury 24th 10:00-2:00
                                                                    Thursday March 17th 10:00-2:00
INSTRUCTOR: LORETTA STEELE                                             INSTRUCTOR: EILEEN FARREN
FINISHING/BINDING: Learn to cut, sew, miter corners, start and end     BEGINNING QUILTING: Always wanted to learn to quilt? Know
your binding for your quilt. We will also be teaching bias binding.    someone who wants to quilt or just needs some refresher on
                                                                       techniques this class is for you.
Class Fee: $15.00 Class Limit: 4
                                                                       Class Fee: $30.00 Class Limit: 4
Wednesday April 6th 10:00-1:00                                         Three sessions
                                                                       Saturdays January 22nd, February 5th and 12th
Double Wedding Ring                                                    10:00-3:00
Make a beautiful traditional double wedding ring quilt.
Class Fee: $25.00 Class Limit: 4                                       BEGINNING QUILTING – PART 2: This class goes above and
Two Sessions                                                           beyond the beginning quilt class. You will learn four new quilting
                                                                       blocks and techniques. Curved, paper piecing, flying geese and
Thursdays March 24th and 31st 10:00-2:00
                                                                       mitered corners. This is a techniques class, not a finished quilt.
Saturdays March 5th and 12th 10:00-2:00                                Class Fee: $20.00 Class Limit: 4
                                                                       One Session
Repairing Old Quilts: Have a special quilt that has had a little too   Saturday March 26th 10:00-2:00
much use? Bring it to this class and Loretta will show you how to
                                                                       BEGINNING MACHINE APPLIQUE:
repair it for years more use.
                                                                       Everyone will love the the Eggs”actly” wallhanging or pillow.
Class Fee: $20.00 Class Limit: 4
                                                                       Class Fee: $20.00 Class Limit: 4
One Session: Friday February 18th 10:00-2:00
                                                                       One Session:
                 Thursday April 21st 5:00-8:00
                                                                       Wednesday February 23rd 10:00-2:00
                                                                       Tuesday March 29th 5:00-8:00

                                             Machine Embroidery Class
                                              Instructor: Sandy Sheffield
The Embroidery Club meets once a month to learn new techniques and ideas on machine embroidery. Since the classes
have become large, registration is now required to hold your spot since classes will be limited. Be sure to sign up early
so we will have ample time to provide enough kits for some of the projects. The club is held the fourth Tuesday of each
month from 10:00-12:30, 1:00 – 3:30 p.m. or from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. Cost is $10.00 per each class session. Class limit is 7
per session.

                                        MACHINE EMBROIDERY CLASSES
January 25 Sassy Ladies by Dalco
February 22nd and March 22nd Easter Banner
April 26th Multiple hooping project.

Instructor: Sandy Sheffield                                            Seeing Double Machine Embroidery
                                                                       Make this reversible table runner all in the hoop. Sandy and Winona
Divine Diamonds Purse                                                  were excited to meet the designer of this project in St. Louis. You
Make this great purse using the diamond ruler.                         have to come in and see the model to see what a great project this
Class Fee $25.00 Class Limit: 5                                        is.
2 sessions                                                             Class Fee: $30.00 4 sessions
Fridays February 4th and 11th 10:00-2:00                               Three class times available: 10:00/1:00/5:30
Thursdays April 7th and 14th 5:00-8:00                                 Classes January 11th, February 8th, March 8th and April 12th
One session:
Saturday April 2nd 10:00-3:00
Instructor: Rhonda Ray                                                 Two Hearts Week
Mini Vive La Toe
Versatile tote or purse.
Class Fee: $20.00 Class Limit: 4                            We are designating the week of
Two Sessions
Wednesdays January 19th and 26th 10:00-2:00                 February 14th to 19th Two Hearts
Thursdays March 3rd and 10th 5:00-8:00
                                                                Pregnancy Center week.
Heart Song Bargello Table Runner
If you have ever wanted to try Bargello this is
a great way to start.                                         Bring in any baby item to
Class Fee: $2.00 Class Limit: 4
Two Sessions                                             donate…food, diapers, bottles, baby
Fridays January 21st and 28th 10:00-2:00
Mondays February 14th and 21st. 10:00-2:00                 beds, baby carriers, blankets, etc
                                                          and receive 20% off your purchase
                                                            of fabric, notions or patterns.
                SCRAP THERAPY
Do you have boxes/bags/drawers of scraps that               Receive 10% off any Baby Lock
are calling to be made into a special project? We
have the answer for you . . . “Scrap Therapy”. There                   purchase.
are some beautiful patterns only available to those in
Scrap Therapy.
 The first step is controlling your scraps. To do that
you must attend a cutting workshop. Our ladies are
having a great time in these classes.
                                                                        2011 Embroidery Retreat
Saturday January 15th 10:00-12:00
Tuesday January 18th 6:00-8:00                           Our annual embroidery retreat will be February 25th,
Monday January 31st 10:00-12:00                          26th and 27th at Carter Caves State Park, Olive Hill KY.
Cost of cutting workshop is $10.00 and includes a
free storage bin.                                        Friday February 25th from 10:00-4:00 Sandy will be
Workshops will have several sessions per month.          having a special class silhouette black and white tote
Classes are $20.00 and include the pattern.              bag class.
February- Flower Ballet Table Runner
Tuesday February 1st 10:00-2:00                          Retreat begins at 5:00 p.m. on Friday and ends of
Tuesday February 15th 5:00-8:00
March – Stained Glass Quilt
                                                         Sunday at 2:00
Tuesday March 1st 5:00-8:00
Saturday March 19th 10:00-2:00                           On Friday evening we will be embroidered purse
April – Make Up Month                                    accessory to go.
Make up Month. Come and make any previous scrap
therapy pattern.                                         We will then begin the main project. We will be doing
Thursday April 19th 10:00-2:00 or 5:00-8:00
Saturday April 30th 10:00-200                            a Celebrate Spring multi hooping wall hanging by
                                                         HollyBerry Designs. We will continue working on this
              Sip & Stitch
       Every Thursday from 10:00-2:00                    Sunday we will do an in the hoop project and a mylar
  This is open time for anyone to come stitch, talk      embroidery towel.
 and EAT. We have an enjoyable time working on
           UFO’s or starting new projects.
   Have problems with a pattern? There is always
someone here to help. Great time to see old friends
     and make new ones. Best of all it is FREE!
 If you have not attended one of our Sip & Stitches,
       you do not know what you are missing.
                                        Rent a “Wench” Day
Come and enjoy your quilting and let our “wenches” do your ironing, your ripping of stitches and make your
lunch. Our last two classes the participants and the wenches had a great time.

Bring your friends and make this a mini-retreat.

Choose from three quilt patterns available. Buy your fabric at Sew Many Blessings. Our “wenches” will cut
out your quilt and have it ready for you’re the day of class. All you have to do is come and quilt.

Saturday April 16th 10:00-3:00

Class limit: 4
Class Fee: $20.00 includes lunch.
                                                          Mountain Quilt Quest Shop Hop
Mark your Calendar:                                       Start marking your calendars for the
                                                          WV Shop Hop June 8th through the
  January 7th & 8th: Sew Many Blessings Open
  February 6th: That “football game”                      We have even better things planned
  February 14th –19th – Two Hearts Week                   for this years hop.
  February 25th –27th- Embroidery Retreat
  Carter Caves.
  March 11th – 13th – Quilt retreat at Jacksons
  Mill. Call Linda Schmidt 304-269-5755. We
  will be vending on the 11th.

Blocks of the Month for 2011.

January 8th we will begin our Civil War Chronicles Block of the Month by Marcus
Brothers. Additional blocks will be available the 2 nd Saturday of each month.

January 17th the Baltimore Christmas appliqué block of the month will begin.
Instruction on the blocks is available from 5:00-7:00 the third Monday of each month.
Class is structured for beginners to advanced. Come see this beautiful Quilt.

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