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									      Cyngor Sir CEREDIGION                                    CEREDIGION County Council

                                               NEWS RELEASE
              Objective 1                    DATE: 24/ 04/ 2007                 Objective 1
 Hwyl Aberteifi – tell us your stories
                                                        The Teifi Estuary is open for business again after
                                                        100 years of neglect and decline of a port that
                                                        two hundred years ago took many people across
                                                        the sea to the New World, so to mark this
                                                        milestone there will be a major celebration in
                                                        Cardigan and along the estuary on July 6th this
                                                        year – and everyone is invited!
                                                        A big party featuring some famous names is
                                                        planned on a live stage at Prince Charles Quay,
                                                        involving local artists and groups, and to
                                                        complete the celebrations of the Teifi
                                                        regeneration, we want members of the public to
                                                        send us your real life stories of escape to the
                                                        other side of the world all those years ago.
 The £2.5 million Objective 1Teifi Estuary Project has now been completed, and the area is set to become
 an ideal location for the nature loving boat owner, balancing the needs of 21 st century boating and nature
 conservation, as the entire estuary is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

 July 6th this year will be marked by Hwyl Aberteifi, a celebration of the estuary regeneration, and a modern
 and exciting way to discover the fascinating story of Cardigan’s proud links with its past. Just as two
 hundred years ago in a sea of emotion small ships sailed down the Teifi on the way to another life in the
 new worlds of America, Canada and Patagonia, a modern flotilla of boats will bring guests up the Teifi from
 Gwbert and St Dogmaels to Prince Charles Quay, where a whole afternoon of free entertainment is planned
 for the people of Cardigan. Lined up so far are Catrin Finch, the former Royal harpist and one of the
 world’s leading musicians, with Can I Gymru winner Ryland Teifi, along with a whole cast of local theatre
 groups, artists and school choirs.

 And in the build up to the big day, we are inviting readers to submit any stories you may have in their
 family about those pioneers who left Cardigan in the 19 th century to find a new life abroad. Perhaps some
 of your ancestors set sail for the New World? Or you may be in touch with family in the US who are
 interesting in tracing their roots back to Cardigan. Would they enjoy Hwyl Aberteifi? We would love to
 know about them.

 Hundreds lined the banks of the Teifi in 1819 to say their prayers and wave goodbye to the migrants on
 board the Albion, bound for New Brunswick in Canada. In the first half of the 19th century many more were
 to spend up to three months in treacherous conditions on small boats like the Active and the Triton bound

Ffôn: (01545) 572 062    Ffacs: 01545 572 029

You can find this release and other Ceredigion material at:
Further Objective 1 information can be found at:
 for New York. Theirs were stories of incredible emotion and adventure.

 Jim Evans, project manager for the Teifi Estuary Environmental Management Initiative said: “Now the
 project is coming to an end we wanted to plan something special for the people of Cardigan and
 surrounding area to mark the occasion. Hwyl Aberteifi launches the future potential of the estuary to
 become a natural attraction for sympathetic visitors, while paying homage to the incredible history of
 migration from Cardigan, migration which unfortunately still continues to this day.”

 At one time, Cardigan outstripped all other British ports except London, Liverpool and Bristol for its
 international trade links, and it became one of the major ports for migration across the Atlantic.

 Jim Evans again: “With Hwyl Abertiefi we want to celebrate the fact that the Teifi is open for business
 again. We want to demonstrate that there is now plenty to keep locals living and working in the area.”

 The term Hwyl has several appropriate meanings, including ‘fun, which is what people will have with this
 celebration, and ‘sail’, as in ‘wind in your sails’ or ‘farewell and good fortune’.

 If you have any emigration facts or stories you wish to share with us, please contact the Objective 1
 publicity officer Natalie Moyce on 01545572062 or email The full
 programme of July 6 entertainments will be announced shortly, along with some interesting surprises!



Ffôn: (01545) 572 062    Ffacs: 01545 572 029

You can find this release and other Ceredigion material at:
Further Objective 1 information can be found at:

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