Gain Control over Compliance Levels with Compliance Management Solution by eGestalt


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									          Gain Control over Compliance Levels with Compliance Management Solution

Today’s business environment is highly competitive and volatile and hence enterprises need to focus on their core
competencies to live up to their reputation and to keep their profits rolling. However, today’s ever present and
pervasive cyber threats coupled with multiple regulations make it necessary that the enterprises look into security,
regulatory and compliance aspects as well.

As per Common Vulnerability Enumeration database, there are 60,000+ common vulnerabilities, 900+ common
weaknesses, 1014+ common configuration errors, over 150,000 security related events, and a large number of
application related errors. And the 11 top level categories of attacks that enterprises face mostly are abuse of
functionality, spoofing, probabilistic techniques, authentication exploitation, resource depletion, privilege / trust
exploitation, injection, data leaks, data structure attacks, resource manipulation and time and state attacks.
However to ensure that their businesses are not attacked, enterprises would require adequate resources to handle
them. Hence, what enterprises need is an effective IT security monitoring and compliance management solution
that allows organizations to gain control and improve compliance levels across more than 400+ regulations. The
following are some of its important features.

Built-in Security Posture Assessment Tool
It provides you with instant vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, effective risk and asset management.

Simple-to-Implement and Easy-to-Use
It enables highly automated, scalable, cost-effective, enterprise-wide compliance management with pre-audit and
post-audit compliance support.

Cloud-Based Service
Being a complete cloud-based service, it requires no hardware or software investments.

Complete Customization
It provides complete customization flexibility specific to business needs.

Do-It-Once Multiple Regulation Harmonization
It offers a simple, menu-driven, framework-based assessment, supporting HIPAA/HITECH regulations including the
privacy and security rules and PCI DSS standard, SOX, ISO, COBIT and others harmonizing multiple regulations–now
and in the future with automatic updates to changes in regulatory requirements.

Customizable Templates
It offers an extensive library of updated ready-to-use, free, pre-packaged, and customizable templates of policies,
best procedural practices, and recommendations supported by extensive online help, and context-sensitive guides.

It auto updates new and revised policies, procedures, and forms as they are released.

Multiple Security and Compliance Roles
Supports multiple security and compliance roles within the enterprise and enables complete delegation of
A Single Centralized Repository
A Single centralized repository for all compliance-related evidence

Thus with this completely automated and integrated IT security and compliance management solution, enterprises
get innovative, unified security assessment and compliance services.

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