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									             Increase your Security Quotient with Compliance Management Solutions

There are a myriad of regulations affecting the healthcare industry regardless of whether your enterprise is a
 public company, private company or federal agency. With the vital need to adhere to the regulations such as
HIPPA/HITECH etc., it is apparent that the regulatory compliance initiatives have become more stringent and
complex. The main purpose of these regulations is to protect personally identifiable information (PII) as it moves
through the healthcare system. As the need to protect the privacy of employees or patients involves access to the
electronic information, healthcare organizations, including providers, payers and clearinghouses, and covered
entities need to firmly comply with the Privacy Rule.

Failure to comply may not only result in regulatory actions, but also direct business loss from lawsuits, damage to
reputation and degradation of the public’s trust. Penalties in the form of expensive fines are imposed on those
found guilty of violating the compliance regulations. Every medical and healthcare organization has to ensure the
establishment of a regularized and compact security policy across verticals leaving no opportunities for any
unauthorized access. As a result, ensuring HIPPA and IT compliance is not only a complex matter, but also one of
the most costly business processes to manage.

Health care companies need an adequate compliance solution that can help them streamline and automate
compliance initiatives. In most cases, small medical healthcare providers are not equipped to meet the expense
of costly solutions nor can they pay the hefty penalties for any non-compliance issues. The best option for such
businesses is to opt for a comprehensive IT healthcare compliance solution that is not only economical and
accurate, but also aids in meeting all the healthcare compliance requirements efficiently.

The compliance management solution needs to be customized by the user to meet the specific security and
compliance assessment levels, and also be capable of conducting an automated scan of your existing assets,
assessing their vulnerability to security attacks, and providing a quick status of the current security and compliance
levels in the form of Security Posture Assessment (SPA). The solution must also quickly diagnose the enterprise
security weaknesses and offer corrective actions before they bring in heavy casualties such as data breaches.

As the onus to meet all the compliance measures still rests with the healthcare providers themselves, they need to
invest in a optimized solution that addresses all healthcare IT security and compliance issues and helps stay
compliant at all times.

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