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					                                             Control your projects,
                                                and advance your career.
The Graduate Diploma of Project Management in           THE PORGRAM
Global Business Administration is a joint program
designed by CISRO Institute of Management and           The CISRO-UQO’s Graduate Diploma of Project
offered in collaboration with Université du Quebec      Management in GBA is designed to address the
en Outaouais (UQO). The program addresses one           learning and training needs of project managers
of the main challenges of the 21st century by           facing new challenges and ambitious individuals
integrating a global vision of business into the core   willing to become project managers in a highly
knowledge of project management. The Graduate           globalized economy.
Diploma of Project Management in Global Business
Administration (GBA) is a non-credit Graduate           The curriculum consists of global business man-
Professional Development program targeting today’s      agement knowledge fields, project management
leaders worldwide.                                      knowledge areas focused on PMI standards, a
                                                        structured experience learning in teams as well as
The CISRO – UQO’s Graduate Diploma of Project           obtaining a proficiency in MS Project. Program
Management in GBA is ideal for every project            requirements can be completed in approximately 10
leader, manager or supervisor who is responsible        months. The total number of courses is 10 with a
for executing new organizational initiatives in all     possibility of getting advanced standings on business
business disciplines be it locally, nationally or in-   management courses.
ternationally. The program will help:

 · Mastering the core knowledge areas of the Project management guide

      · Strengthening leadership and effectiveness in managing projects

            · Equipping individuals to sit for the PMP certification examination

                · Advance a manager’s career to a higher level of responsibilities in a
                   changing environment.

CISRO-UQO’s Graduate Diploma
The Appropriate Focus in the
Contemporary Global Management Environment
                                                                      CISRO-UQO’s Graduate Diploma
                                                                      The Appropriate Focus in the
                                                                      Contemporary Global Management Environment

Study in an
    executive format.
The program is delivered in an executive format on     knowledge are eligible toward the Master’s Degree in
the basis of 2 courses every 2 months for a total of   Project Management of UQO.
10 courses in 10 months. Each course takes place
in class every second weekend. Face to face classes    ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS
are held 2 times a week: Friday, 4:00 – 7:00 PM;
Saturday, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM; and online tutorials     The admission requirements are the following:
on Wednesday, 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM.                      a) Bachelor Degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 from
                                                       a recognized university or a minimum of 5 five year
Upon completion of the Program, participants will      relevant full-time work experience
be awarded the Graduate Diploma of Project Man-        b) Minimum score of 550 on the MCT (Management
agement in Global Business Administration form         comprehensive test)
CISRO and a certificate from UQO acknowledging          c) Minimum TOEFL score of 550 (or equivalent) for
this success.                                          candidates whose first language is not English or a
                                                       certificate of completion of higher level of a recognized
UQO is a PMI Registered Education Provider and         Canadian ESL program.
its Project Management programs are nationally and
internationally highly praised.                        TUITION FEES

MASTERS’ DEGREE / ADVANCED                             $1,500 CAD per course for a total of $15,000 CAD for
STANDINGS                                              the program

Graduates from the CISRO – UQO program can             INTAKES:
foster their knowledge by applying to the UQO’s        September
Master’s Degree in Project Management.                 November
Up to 5 courses of the project management core         March

                                                       Go to for complete details on this
                                                       innovative Professional Development Program.
Graduate Diploma of Project Management in GBA

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