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									How to treat skin problems baby

Infants, especially infants, are highly sensitive to skin problems. Skin problems are typical for
babies rashes, dermatitis, dry skin, scabs and even baby acne. Most of them can be treated
successfully at home with few easy remedies.

   1. Keep baby's diaper as loose as possible. Because many eruptions in the diaper area occur
      because the diaper is too tight or the area is wet, try to keep the diaper loose to allow the
      skin to breathe.

   2. Applying a zinc oxide cream in the diaper area after the area has washing. This will
      soothe the skin and prevent an eruption larger developing countries.

   3. Wash affected areas with a rash dry, flaky or red with warm water and mild soap for
      sensitive skin baby. This type of rash is usually a sign of atopic dermatitis or eczema and
       commonly occurs in babies who have a family history of these diseases and allergies. No
       skin overmoisturize using only a small amount of moisturizer or eczema that is
       recommended by your baby's doctor.

   4. Wash your baby's head with a special shampoo or the oil recommended by your baby's
      doctor if your baby shows signs of scab. Scab is caused by an accumulation of oil on the
      skin. Symptoms of scab, according to, include a "rash scaly, waxy, red on
      the scalp, eyebrows, eyelids, sides of the nose or behind the ears."

   5. Dress your baby in layers. Babies can develop red bumps (called sudamen) if they have
      moist skin, sweating is not able to dry. If this is the case with your baby, you dress in
      layers so you can remove certain elements as they warm up.

   6. Wash your baby's clothes in a mild detergent, made especially for babies. Normal laundry
      detergents can be too harsh for delicate baby skin, therefore a detergent that is specially
      designed for baby clothing.

   7. Protect your baby's skin from the sun by using sunscreens specifically designed for
      babies (you can even use something as strong as zinc oxide for the nose and
      cheeks). Remember that your baby's skin is extremely delicate, so it is important to
      protect the skin from harmful UV rays of the sun.

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