Letter of Instruction and Responsibilty Agreement (00251026).DOC by 4Z22eGa6



Travel Agency:__________________________________________________________________(the “Agent”).

Address/Phone Number:___________________________________________________/__________________

E-Mail Address:_________________             Facsimile Number:________________ Tax Id No.:_______________

In order to induce Sky Bird Travel & Tours, Inc., (“Sky Bird”), to provide airfare and other travel services and to accept
the credit/debit card information provided by the Agent’s customer(s), the Agent hereby agrees, represents and warrants

(i) the Agent is authorizing and instructing Sky Bird to provide airfare and other travel related services and to charge the
debit/credit card account(s) of Agents customers as provided to Sky Bird by the Agent, (ii) Agent expressly understands
that the amounts charged do not include standard credit/debit card processing fees charged by Sky Bird in connection with
the acceptance of credit card payments, which fees shall be automatically added unless prohibited by law, (iii) the holder
of the debit/credit card account provided to Sky Bird for processing has authorized this transaction, (iv) that Agent shall
indemnify, defend and hold Sky Bird harmless with respect to acting in accordance with these instructions.

Agent is solely responsible for the verification of any payment information entered on the Website or provided to Sky
Bird. Agent agrees to indemnify Sky Bird from any loss or damage we incur due to the failure of any method of payment
for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to fraud, stolen cards, insufficient funds, improper verification, etc.
In the event of any credit card charge-backs or debit memos, Agent shall pay Sky Bird the amount of the charge-back
and/or debit memo, immediately upon your receipt of a copy of the same. If Agent wishes to dispute the charge-back
and/or debit memo with the credit card services, after Agent has paid Sky Bird Travel and Tours, Inc. as required above,
Sky Bird Travel & Tours, Inc. shall cooperate with Customer raising such dispute.

Any legal action against Agent to collect any amounts due Sky Bird shall be filed in Oakland County, Michigan and
Agent voluntarily submits to such jurisdiction. The prevailing party in any legal action shall be entitled to the recovery of
all attorney fees and costs incurred in connection with such action. Sky Bird may verify the credit/debit card holder’s
billing address and may, with notice to Agent, deliver the ticket(s) directly to that billing address. This Letter of
Instruction and Responsibility Agreement shall apply to the Agent, its employees and any other party which Sky Bird
reasonably believes to be affiliated with, or employed by, the Agent.

This Letter of Instruction and Responsibility Agreement can only be terminated by written notice to Sky Bird and shall
not be deemed terminated until received, provided however that any such termination shall not relieve Agent from any
liability with respect to debit/credit card charges provided to Sky Bird prior to the termination.

______________________________________________                     ____________________
(signature of owner or manager **)                                        (Date)

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**By signing this form, I hereby represent that I am authorized to enter into this agreement for and on the behalf
of the Agent.
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