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All you need to know to have a healthy cat, • The cat should always have fresh water available at one or more drinking fountains, and should not take for dripping faucets or other sources where you can not control the amount of water you drink per day

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									    All you need to know to have a healthy cat
     The cat should always have fresh water available at one or more drinking fountains, and should
     not take for dripping faucets or other sources where you can not control the amount of water
     you drink per day. This is an important number to monitor your health.

    Cats are animals that normally take little water if regular consumption increases, can be a sign
     of illness, so you should consult your veterinarian.

    The best diet for a cat is a commercial feed good quality, this ensures that you receive all the
     necessary nutrients throughout your life.

    There are a great variability of commercial foods that can be used with respect to the age of the
     cat, to their lives or their health. Consult your veterinarian about which is the most appropriate
     in each case.

    When a cat eat commercial feed is important to follow the package directions for the amount to
     be supplied daily. Giving the right amounts to avoid excessive consumption can lead to
     overweight and obesity.

    Today cats suffer like people an obesity epidemic, when the percentage of overweight exceeds
     30% or 40% the patient is obese, therefore has been taken as the average of all average-sized cat
     that exceeds 6 kg is obese, and put in a weight reduction program urgently.

    To lose weight is not enough to use Light foods, these foods generally hold the weight, but not
     decrease, the foods listed are those used to combat obesity.

    There are many causes that can result in decreased food intake or anorexia total, obviously this
     is a very important clinical sign that may indicate a pathological process, and the cat for its
     metabolism does not agree that this more than 48 hours without eating , because in that case,
     your whole metabolism is complicated.Consult your veterinarian if anorexia spans over two

    All organs and body systems have external manifestations cat when malfunctioning, ie when the
     cat is sick, we call these manifestations clinical signs and as we said before, each system has its
     own, for example the digestive system can have vomiting and diarrhea or constipation, the
     breathing, sneezing, cough, fast breathing or trouble breathing, urinary may urinate more often
     or remove large amounts of urine. Whenever you see a clinical sign is seeing a demonstration
     that something is wrong, so consult your veterinarian immediately.

    Tomer lot of water and urinating too much, are signs that are called polydipsia and polyuria
     respectively, these signs may be indicative of various diseases such as diabetes, renal failure,
     hyperthyroidism, etc.. by which when viewed in the cat, consult your veterinarian immediately.

    Tips and Advice on holding a cat
    General Management
    Drinking water:

    The cat should always have fresh water available at one or more drinking, which must be located
    in a quiet house and separate feeder for when you eat, no water dirty with food. Many cats tend
    to take water from other places like dripping faucets, tanks or other sources where you can not
    control the amount taken per day. This is a bad practice because the amount of water is an
    important factor to monitor the cat's health. While cats usually take little water because it comes
    from a species of desert control is important because whether habitual consumption increases as
    decreases, may indicate a health problem. Cats take a lot of water in various diseases such as
    kidney failure, liver disorders, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, etc.. so if your cat drinks water from a
    leaking tap, you will never notice if increased consumption. This is why you should always take
    a drinker and you must control your daily intake.
    Castration in Cats

    Castration is a surgical maneuver is performed in the cat (both male and female) and aims to
    avoid all the annoying effects arising from the action of sex hormones.Besides avoiding
    reproduction, castration provides a number of benefits such as avoiding vocalizations during
    periods of heat, reduce or eliminate territorial marking and odor of urine, and decrease the prowl
    thereby also decrease all infectious problems and traumatic parasitic acquired during the outputs
    of the house.Moreover, early castration prevents the formation of mammary tumors, and
    infections of the uterus and, in some cases the transmission of hereditary defects.Finally,
    castration is part of the treatment of some diseases such as diabetes, or infections of the uterus.
    Cats of both sexes can be neutered from 3 months of age and older, every veterinarian will see
    which is the best time to do so according to the patient. The surgery is quick and simple and
    solves the problem once and for all.
    The only care to be taken in the cat neutered is not too fattening, so it must be very well
    controlled amounts of food that are delivered daily.

    The commercial feed

    The commercial feed is the best way to feed the cat. They are made with natural raw materials
    such as meat and cereals and balanced so that the proportions of these nutrients are needed by
    our cats. When complete and balanced need not added to other foods, that more, when added to
    other foods homemade cat diet (such as chicken, tuna, etc.), there is an imbalance in the same
    because they alter the proportions of nutrients .
    Another important recommendation is to follow the directions of the quantities to be supplied
    daily, all food containers have a table where indicated according to the weight of the cat, the
    daily amount of food to be supplied, this amount can be given distribute at once or in two or
    three times during the day. Keep in mind that the cat is a hunter of small prey, so used to eating
    small amounts several times a day.
    Since there are a variety of commercial foods, ask your veterinarian what is the best pet food for
    your cat.


  While cats meet several conditions to be a perfect pet, your ability to use the litter tray is perhaps
  one of the most important of all. It's basically the main reason why the cat fits seamlessly into
  live inside houses or apartments, without having to take it out to relieve himself. Because the
  primary role that develops the litter in the cat's life and indirectly on your own, you have to meet
  some minimum recommendations:
 The size of the tray should be large enough to fully contain the cat, its walls should be high
    even prevent sprawl its content and the material it is made, should be easily washable if the type
    is not disposable.

    Content should be pebbles that are absorbent sanitary liquids and odors, and they do not remain
     attached to the hair to not be distributed over the house.

    Cleaning should be daily, eliminating the stool on the day and the rest of the stones when wet
     and 50% of them.

    The location should be in a quiet place in the house, and with easy access to the cat 24 hours a

    If you have more than one cat, you should calculate 1 ½ tray per cat and be distributed in
     different places of the house, if the house has two floors must have trays in each.

    All these points are important and must be taken into account to maintain a good relationship
    between the cat and the tray which also means a good relationship between the cat and us
Preventive health Plan for cats

The best way to maintain a healthy cat is giving a good diet and do a basic preventive health
plan. This plan is based on internal parasite control and vaccinations. As we have discussed in
the latter item immunity, we now turn to control parasites.
Parasites are agents of many diseases that can manifest in different organs or systems that are
parasitized. Thus we find parasites in the digestive system, respiratory, cardiovascular, urinary,
muscular. Etc. Furthermore parasites have different way to enter the body, some do other directly
and through brokers such as mosquitoes, fleas, snails, etc.. Therefore it is important to
understand the life cycle and the shape of each parasite infection to prevent the infection with
Finally, it is essential to make the necessary studies to identify and diagnose parasites in the
cat. Being the most common intestinal must do regularly stool test so your veterinarian can make
the diagnosis and then indicate which is the most effective antiparasitic treat your pet.

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