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									                                         Self-Enrolment Guide for

1.   Go to iLearn at: . Click “Login here” using your
     login to the school network

2.   Under [drop-down menu]“Student Use” select “Enrol Me”

3.   In the box “Search courses” enter the phrase “Careers”

4.   Your course should appear so now click on the course name “Careers” and
     a screen like below will appear:

     Enter the phrase “My future” where you see “Enrolment key” and click
     on “Enrol me”

5.   You should now have access to Careers.
     Inside you will find a wealth of information from University scholarships,
     overseas exchanges, tertiary institutions and DreamCatcher – a powerful
     tool for determining what jobs or courses may be suited for you.

6.   If any of these steps do not work try again or check that you have the
     CORRECT enrolment key and that you typed it exactly as stated above.

7.   Save . to your Favourites or Bookmarks for easy
     access at home

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