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   Selection Tips for California Auto Transport

• If you want to move to/from California, or transport a vehicle that you
  purchased, to your home in California, shipping that vehicle or
  vehicles always needs a little preparing.

• Perhaps you'd like to send your vehicle via door to door
  transportation, and an enclosed or open trailer, or perhaps you have
  a piece of heavy equipment transport.

• Whatever company you choose, getting a professionally manned
  company, and competitive prices, will produce you a worry-free
  transport process.
• If you are an auto or other vehicle supplier, then you'll be looking for
  a good rate and a company who can offer you with excellent
  transportation services to and from all fifty states, plus D.C.

• Check around and get a quote, whether you are a dealer or an
  individual, and see what references the company may be able to
  provide. Then you can make a sound decision based on a proven
  customer service track record, plus a good rate as well.

• An experienced company can carry and ship boats, cars of any size,
  as well as heavy equipment, RVs, motorcycles, trucks and non-
  running vehicles perhaps that gorgeous classic VW van you found in
  a garage far, far away from California.
• Shipping your vehicle a long distance by yourself can be very
  expensive. You have to rest somewhere. And you need to avoid
  road risks along the way.

• There are gas, lodging, weather conditions and food expenses to
  consider properly. Everything contributes up. Using a pro car
  shipping company lets you avoid all of these costs and possible

• Make sure that there aren't any hidden fees, and that you have
  talked to a company rep about where, when and what you want to
  ship, and then be assured that there will be no unpleasant surprises.
  Visit California Auto Transport and get your auto shipping rates.

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