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					 Help is just a phone call away                       Our Philosophy
                                                                                               Recovery and Growth
 If you or someone you know would            EmPower CTC will offer a complete                 Becoming all You Can Be
      benefit from our services,             range of treatment options helping individu-
        call EmPower CTC at                  als to become free of self-defeating behav-
                                             iors. We believe that all individuals,
           507-292-1379                      given encouragement and education, are
                                             capable of moving toward a more fulfilling
Our staff will verify your insurance bene-   life free of self defeating behaviors. In
       fits and seek any necessary           view of this, our services will be psychoedu-
    Pre-authorization when you call.         cational in nature; we utilize education,
                                             motivational interviewing, encouragement,
                                             therapeutic intervention and skill building.

   EmPower                                   We strive to demonstrate a clear belief that
                                             each individual can change if they choose

              CTC                            to. We further believe that each individual
                                             we assist has a unique set of issues to address
                                                                                                    Programs and Help
Comprehensive Treatment Center               in their process to be violence free.
                                             We strive to match the array of services we                  With
       (a division of Dunatos, Inc.)

                                             offer to the unique individual needs of each
                                             person we serve.

                                                      What’s In A Name??                         CTC
                                                                                               Comprehensive Treatment Center
                                             EmPower . . .                                         (a division of Dunatos, Inc)
                                             is the translation of our parent corporation,
                                             Dunatos. Dunatos is a Greek word meaning
                                             to give power to, empower, make able.
                                             The professional staff at Empower CTC
                                             are available to help people become
                                             “empowered” to take control of their life
        DeWitz Plaza                                                                                   DeWitz Plaza
 602 11th Avenue NW #300                     CTC                                                 602 11th Avenue NW #300
                                             stands for “Comprehensive Treatment                   Rochester, MN 55901
   Rochester, MN 55901                       Center - you are more than just your disease,         Phone: 507-292-1379
   Phone: 507-292-1379                       your diagnosis, your billing code, but                   1-800-585-6002
                                             a unique individual who can best be helped 
     Fax: 507-289-4524                       by treatment that addresses your uniqueness
 Toll Free: 1-800-582-6002                   in a “comprehensive” way                          Empowering individuals and families to                                                                           effect change and live fulfilled lives.
  When You Need Help!                     Treatment Programming                     We Can Help!
                                           Individual and Group Services            Look at how you can be all you want to
Knowing and recognizing the                                                         Be.
need for help is an important step        Treatment programs at EmPower CTC
                                          are specifically developed to assist in   The treatment programs at EmPower
in healing and recovery. For
                                          increasing skills and maximizing your     CTC work with adults of all ages who
those who may be experiencing                                                       are involved in the legal system or for
                                          effectiveness. Our programs provide a
problems, there is hope and help -        fresh look at alternatives for a safer,   those who recognize the need for help
where caring persons have the             happier and healthier life.               with issues that interfere with their life
ability to help. Our professional                                                   areas.
staff can assist you in:                  Services Available Include:

   A thorough evaluation to decide        Assessments in
   what services would be the most           Alcohol and drug use
   helpful.                                  Mental health assessment
                                             Domestic Violence
   A treatment plan that looks at the
                                             Anger management
   total you.
   A focused and intensive program
   aimed at identified needs.
   Ongoing aftercare to ensure long-
   term effectiveness..                                                             For further information or to
   Making appropriate referrals as                                                  schedule an assessment call:

   Effectively involving family mem-
   bers and loved ones in the treatment   Treatment and Education:
                                             Outpatient and chemical dependency                   CTC
                                             treatment.                                Comprehensive Treatment Center
                                             Relapse Prevention
                                             DUI/DWI Programming
                                             Chemical Health Education               Steve Lansing, PhD, MSW, LICSW
                                             Domestic Violence Treatment                      Clinical Director
                                             Anger Management Treatment
                                                                                            Phone: 507-252-6985
                                             Individual Counseling
                                             Marriage and relationship counseling

                                          We specialize and are licensed in help-
                                          ing those with dual disorders.

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